The Gushy Love Story

After moving away from home Cassie moved back to Florida to finish school at the start of her 3rd year of college. Sometime while she was gone her little brother grew up and made some good looking friends. During her first year back one of those guys starting hanging out with Cassie and one night, while driving home from Relay for Life at 4 am, the boy stated “We should go out sometime.” Not sure if it was a question, or he was just delirious from the time of night, Cassie went for it and said “Sure, that could be fun.”  Stephen fell head over heels for Cassie and she got swept up onto Cloud 9 soon after.

For the next few months their relationship grew as they played video games together. Their friendship grew into a relationship in the blink of an eye.

After dating for about 2 1/2 years Stephen got a job and moved to Orlando. He decided he did not enjoy a long-distance relationship, 8 hours away from Cassie, and things needed to change…


Cassie was going out to dinner with some friends at her favorite place, La Hacienda, and when she was going to their table and turned a corner Stephen was standing there! He had driven 8 hours that day and snuck into town, so she wasn’t expecting it at all, he completely surprised her. After hugging him for a minute Stephen told me her he had a question to ask, dropped down to one knee, and pulled out a box. Next he asked the big question, “Will you marry me”? Oh course she said “Yes” and was thrilled. To celebrate they sat down and ate some delicious mexican food. What made it even better was that Stephen had a lot of people in on the surprise so he got the whole thing on video, as well as a ton of pictures snapped throughout the whole night.



Three months later they were married and are enjoying the perks of spending life with your best friend.

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