Projects to $ Prizes $

For those of you who know me pretty well you know that I have fallen in love with DIY Projects!  Whether it be rearranging a room, painting and decorating cheap picture frames/household items to look “not quite as cheap”, or (my current project) updating an old and cheap piece of craigslist furniture into a great looking piece. If it’s thrown at me, or hand chosen, I love the challenge! 

We are currently renting a townhouse and I really look forward to having our own home one day so that I can get down and dirty with some real gritty projects. Wether it be re-vamping a kitchen, bathroom, or backyard, I can’t wait for the opportunity. I found a real encouraging post today on a blog I read, click here to see really cool blog.  The blog is about a couple that purchased their first home and truly made it into their own. It was a bit of a fixer-upper, but with teamwork and DIY skills they made the place look great!  It’s a real encouragement to see what can be done for as little $$ as possible, and they provide a lot of great tips for people like me and you. 
If you clicked on the link you can see that they posted about a contest for all those DIY Project’ees out there!  While my projects are still small and not quite contest-worthy, I figured I’d post it for all you out there to enter. If you have done any home renovations, outdoor landscaping or just awesome paint jobs it’s worth a shot to enter, you could win a friendly gift card (and props for your awesome skill). 
This link here is what the couple I mentioned did to their home, which I love. I am such a HUGE fan of the 1950’s, red brick, off-grade, w/ front porch potential homes (that’s not too specific is it). Stephen and I have been looking around with our realtor and they have definitely found out what I like (and dislike).

So with this post a I sending encouragement to all of you via-blogging. Get out there and paint that porch, rip out that nasty carpet and re-do those outdated kitchen cabinets! Not only will you be increasing your home value, but you could also be the winner of this awesome contest!

If you do have a project let me know and I’d love to post about it, and be sure you take before pictures, it’s so fun seeing the change with side-by-side pictures.
Have fun!!