Day 66 | 365 Project

sarah's party (3 of 3)

We have had a beautiful addition to local family. Stephen’s grandparents were relocated from Arizona to Florida last fall and my in-laws have been caring for them in their home. My mother in law is rather amazing. You know how you hope beyond all hopes that when you meet the man you want to marry that you will like his family? Well I won the in-law jackpot with my husband. His family is amazing.

My mother-in-law not only works from home, but she also watches our twin nephews a few days a week and cares for her mother and father in law as their caretaker. My father-in-law knows he won the mother load with a woman that has a heart bigger than this world, and I know I won as well with a woman that loves me like I am her own. This is G-Ma, as our little ones call her. I’ve never seen her smile as much as she did while watching all our kiddos running around being chased by her youngest child, their grandpa.I hope watching her son play and laugh with her great grandchildren brought her as much joy as it did me.


A zombie-themed short story told through haiku:

The dead are rising!
Lock your doors! Board up windows!
Wait for the Army…

Ten days without help.
Open a window to search:
Shouldn’t have done that…

The house is under seige
To the basement, or the roof?
This place reeks of death.

Stoke a hot fire
Now quick! Up to the rooftop!
And hope someone sees.

Okay…. that was weird…

A note: I’m feeling that this is not the usual content that is posted to, but if you’re interested in crazy writing experiments like this, let me know. I can never schedule when things like this crop up in my mind, but I’m more than willing to share!