There are few things I am truly passionate about. My husband, our children, my Jesus, and if I’m really honest, delicious hot french fries. Then, there is Birth Photography.

There are few occasions in life that change us. Events that transform us into someone new. One of those instances happens to be when our families grow. When new life enters our world. I have been blessed enough to experience this twice, with the birth of my two daughters. Since the moment that I held each of them, I discovered a new passion. A passion that allows me to capture moments in our lives that bring such deep joy. Joy that brings smiles and tears to not only myself, but also to those whom I can share my passion with.

A few years ago I didn’t even know that birth photography existed. But, after my daughters were born, I discovered this beautiful form of art. I dove in with full force. New life. A baby’s first breath. A mother’s first glimpse of her child. A father’s tears. Each of these moments will never be repeated. They are gone in a second. Capturing these moments is a beautiful gift. Each image holds more emotion than I knew possible. Specks of time that happen so quickly that the people involved may not have even seen them occur, that is, until they have a chance to look back.

That chance is what I want to offer you. If these moments sound like something you would like to have captured, then you have come to the right place.

My name is Cassie, and I am a birth photographer.


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