This past week Stephen and I were housesitting for a family from our church.  Well to be more precise we were more so dog-sitting, since I’m sure the house would have been fine on it’s own for a few days. The Sunday before they left the Ward family had us over for some delicious spaghetti so we could get to know Abbott, their family protecting, house guarding, fun loving dog. When we first pulled up I was totally thrilled, the Ward’s house is surrounded by a lot with trees, like a tree-fortress, it made me feel like I was in Swiss Family Robinson (minus living IN the trees of course). The house is a big 2 story with tons of windows. After getting out of the car and going to the door we were met by 2 of their awesome kids; Tucker and Michelle, as well as a dog like none I have met before. Abbott is absolutely adorable with his shaggy black coat and huge personality.  However, when we first arrived he was not a happy puppy. If I hadn’t grown up with pets I might have been a bit taken back by his big bark, but with a family like his I knew he had to be a sweetheart, which he was. We hung out with the Ward Family; Kelly, LeeAnn, Michelle, Tucker, and Abbott for most of the afternoon. Michelle gave me a tour of the house and it was really cool. The 2nd floor is just 1 giant bedroom with a huge closet turned-office and bathroom.  It has a HUGE wall-window and sky lights, which I love (I’m a HUGE natural light person). The bottom floor is even more fun, but I’ll spare you my room-by-room explanations. After some great spaghetti and Publx ice cream for dessert we hung out for a bit and let Abbott get used to us.
So that following Thursday I headed over for the first night of our week visit. When arriving I don’t think Abbott remembered me, but after taking him out for a walk and giving him dinner he was pretty happy with me. Without doing a day-by-day tell of what went down I’m going to highlight on the best parts:

Event/Day 1:  Friday after work I headed to the house. Upon arriving I headed inside where Abbott happiily greeted me.  We went on a walk and I let Abbott ‘take care of business’ and then when we headed to go back inside I realized something, we were locked out. Yea, you read that right, my 1st day on the job I locked myself and the dog outside.  My carkeys, cell phone and house key were laying inside on the kitchen table where I sat them down just 15 minutes prior.  While on my way to the neighbors house to use the phone I remembered Mrs. Ward telling us what to do “in case” we were to get locked out. Go figure, it took me less than 1 day to have that happen.  So after a bit Abbott and I were happily back inside escaping the blood-thirsty mosquitos. 
Event 2/Day 1, 2, 3 & 4:  We found out, pretty fast, that Abbott was not a big fan of Stephen.  Stephen had a super busy week at work, so he wasn’t getting off until after 10 most nights. With the dog seeing him so little he had to be “re-introduced” each time he came over.  What was funniest was that anytime Stephen would give me a hug or kiss Abbott would start barking at him.  We couldn’t figure out if Abbott was being protective or just goofy so after a few days of that happening Stephen decided to do an experiment ( I think he just wanted to kiss and hug me a lot, but either way I was okay with it ).  We still aren’t sure which it was, but after Stephen played with Abbott and took him out a few times the ‘hug barking’ stopped (If you ask me I think Stephen slipped him some treats when I wasn’t looking cause they bonded super fast during his “supposed experiment”).

Okay, that about sums up the funny moments that I can think of right now.  To make up for my lack of story-telling I will provide some pictures. Enjoy!

img_2557       img_2561




Pensacola at it's finest

Florida is known by most as the Sunshine State. Full of beaches, palm trees and fruity drinks with umbrellas. I’m sure tv, brochures, postcards and spring break vacations have a lot to do with this common misconception.  Sadly, this is not completely accurate. Where there are beaches there is humidity. Where there are palm trees there are beaches, therefore there is humidity. Where there are fruity drinks with umbrellas there are usually palm trees, on the beach, surrounded by massive amounts of obnoxious humidity! 
I am telling you these facts so you can understand just how joyously wonderful it is when Florida has a rain/humid-free day, or if I’m lucky, week.  This past weekend we had such a day!  On Saturday my friend Sara and I went out to the beach and it was AMAZING. It was slightly overcast with low wind, so it was a humid and sweat-free visit to the beach.   Here are some pictures to show you the wonderful trip we had on a humid-free saturday at the beach. 





Thank the Lord for a much-needed beach visit !!


When people ask me about my interests or hobbies I can never think of anything to say.  In recent years my schedule and activities have changed. For example, I used to play volleyball in high school, I used to play softball at my church, I used to sew purses/bags and sell them, I used to scrapbook. Nowadays my activities are a bit different.  2 weeks ago if you had asked me that same question I would have answered with ‘uuhhh, laundry. ooh ooh, and I like to read!’  However, I am happy to report that I found a new hobby! You read that correctly people, I, Cassie Ringl, found a new hobby that I thoroughly enjoy :)
Here are some pictures of my recent work:


what to do next ...

my 1st garden

the finished product


My Mentor ;)

Long-distance Family

Living in Pensacola, like most cities, has it’s pros and cons. For example-
Pro: Beach                              Pro: Family                           Pro: Small town feel
Con: Massive Humidity        Con: Only some family      Con: Entertainment of a small town

Now this list could go on and on, but I am only going to focus on just one of those mentioned.  One thing Stephen and I LOVE about being in Pensacola is the fact that both of our parents live here. Even more of a plus is that our sibilings are here too!  Stephen’s sister Valerie is here, my brother Jason, and my sister Miriah and her hubby Jeff.  However, we are missing quite a large piece of the family tree.


My older brother Matt and wife Helena are on the East Coast of Florida in St. Augustine. While that doesn’t seem like a big deal since it is in the same state, let me show you a little math.
From Pensacola to St. Augustine is about 400 miles from our front door. That equals to over 6 hours driving (or shorter, depending on how much you like to speed). 
To go on a weekend visit, leaving after work on Friday, we would arrive around 12:00 in the morning (this number is derived from experience).
We would hangout and visit on Saturday, the same Sunday morning and then would need to leave by around 2:00-3:00 if we want to be back before 9pm Sunday night. 
So, technically that is:
-16 hours of driving
-around 20 hours of visiting (w/ 8 hours of sleep both nights).
All of that around a 48 hour/2-day time period!     
It doesn’t seem like a long trip when it’s put into numbers like that, but It is definitely worth it since we rarely get to see them. The time always flies by everytime we are together!

While I do get to talk to Matt on the phone quite a bit, the most common communication is from random text messages stating things like:  “you are a big nerd”,    “how many inches are in a yard”, followed by  “are you absolutely sure”,  “how do you fend off a bear that is attacking your car”  and other ordinary conversations.  He gets pretty bored driving around the southeast for work, so random phone conversations are a fun part of our relationship.  Thinking about it just makes me realize how much I miss having them around.  With that note, since I don’t like to get sappy on here, I’m gonna go ahead and end this thing.  So to all of our long-distance family, in Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and Arizona, we miss you all !!

The Girls

With this being a website about Stephen and myself I usually share things about ‘us’ and what we are doing as a couple. Today I feel like posting some pictures about the life of Cassie.  Growing up I was a bit of a tomboy, I didn’t mind getting dirty and I prefered playing mock-Power Rangers with my brothers over Barbies any day. I mention this to show that I didn’t have a lot of ‘girlfriends’ when I was younger, or in general over the years. I got along with boys easier, and still do for the most part (with a few wonderful exceptions). I think it has to do with a combination of having an older and younger brother to hangout with (since Miriah is almost 5 years younger) and my tendency to be anti-girly. My favorite color is blue, I don’t do make-up (except mascara on occassion), and I don’t really enjoy shopping. These are a few things that are a bit different than your average girl, but heck, that’s how I’ve always been. 

So, without further ado I would like to introduce you to a few wonderful people in my life!

Melissa and Myself


This is Melissa, we have been friends since 9th grade when we rode the bus together. She is pretty much wonderful and probably the oldest girl friend I have that I still hangout with :) 



Me and Elise


I met Elise a few years ago and we totally clicked. Elise went to FSU while I was at UWF, so roadtrips to Tallahassee we’re planned often.  Our husbands are great friends and we try to visit them as often as we can in New Orleans (where they know all the good spots)!




I met Sara this past year and she is totally rad. We are alike in so many crazy laid back ways, and Stephnen LOVES her because she likes to go running so he gets off the hook everytime! Sara is an awesome spriritual encourager, and God was so good in answering my prayers for a friend like her!



Kelly and Me

This is Kelly. I have known her since high school and we lived in the same dorm at FSU (for the semester that I was there!). She and her hubby moved to Houston almost a year ago and Melissa and I are seriously wanting them to move back to Pensacola!




Ri & Mom


Lastly I am putting my sister and mom. It’s so awesome to know that I can talk to them about anything and receive good advice. My mom is seriously the best mom anyone could hope and ask for, we are a lucky family! My sister is easy going, fun, competitive, kick-butt at charades, and still my little Indian Princess :)



So there ya have it people. A sappy’ish post about special women in my life that I wish I could be with all the time.  On another note, we have joyfully added internet back in our lives at home, so posts should continue to be frequent and picture/story-filled !!

a new addition

This past week we picked up a new addition to the ‘electronic side’ of the family.  Upon Stephen’s request, and a helpful trade-in value, we dropped by a GameStop to ‘look at’ the new Nintendo DSi and left with this …

sleek in black

sleek in black


thin & pocket size

thin & pocket size

so there ya have it. with this new addition we now own a total of 6 Nintendo products:
– The newest, DSi
– 1 (old school) NES
– 1 original DS
– 1 GBA (Gameboy Advance)
– 1 Wii
– 1 Super Nintendo

To have 6 systems that are Nintendo brand alone seems like a bit much (which I agree with and Stephen contests), but I have come to accept the idea that there is no such thing as “too many game systems” to a man. Now, for time sake I won’t begin to go into the number of games we have, as well as other game systems (Xbox, Xbox360, Playstation, etc….), but I’m sure you can imagine that it’s a crazy long list!

playing catch-up

So I have been going through my computer to organize all my pictures in month-by-month folders and found these awesome shots that have not made it on here yet.

I hope you enjoy them, which you should because they are full of awesome people!

My bro's and sis!

My bro's and sis!

the 3 original, and 2 new

the 3 original, and 2 new




Mom & Dad Wells

Mom & Dad Wells

little sister, mom and me :)

sister, mom and me :)

Jeff & I

Jeff & I


 So these are just a few newbies involving fun times of life in Pensacola. We’re pretty excited because we have some friends coming into town these next few weekends. I’ve discovered the positive side of Pensacola is that although our friends are all moving away, their parents live here, so they are destined to visit eventually :)


On our way to being bumper-sticker people (or at least one of us...)

On our way to being bumper-sticker people (or at least one of us...)


matt & angel chatting

matt & angel chatting


wanting more quarters

it feels like their eyes are saying 'awww, mom, 1 more game'


Sara and I @ Goat Lips

Sara and I @ Goat Lips


Matt & Elise in town for Jenna's wedding

Matt & Elise in town for Jenna's wedding

Samuel L Jackson

I am discovering more and more just how endless the internet is for strange and unusual things you can find.  For example: If you saw the ‘hit flick’ (or box office bust, whichever you prefer to call it) “Snakes on a Plane” you were probably surprised by the whole thing. Featuring Samuel L. Jackson it was bound to be an awesome butt-kicking film, or at least that’s what they wanted you to think. This guy thought  of something that would have made it even better, or good at all…

Snakes on a Plane! 2

We all know that snakes on 1 plane is bad, but snakes on every plane ?!  well, that’s just a lose-lose situation for everybody.  Except for those of us on the ground of course…