Memorial Weekend, cont'd…

I said I’d provide more pictures of our Memorial Weekend trip, so here ya go:







The brown thing that you see ‘loving’ me is Papa and Grandma’s new dog, Choco. She’s really cute and looooves to give kisses!  So if you ever visit, beware and expect to receive tons of lovin from her!
Well there ya have it, a few more examples of awesome Wells-Kornman-Ringl-Brown fun :)

science class

One thing I remember from science classes (which is a very small list) is Newton’s 3rd law: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  This of course tells us that forces come in pairs, in order to have a reaction we must first have an action.  I have always wondered why this is solely taught in science class in school. 
I was not much of a science-expert in school, actually it would be more accurate to say me and science did not get along at all. From earth science, to biology, to chemistry and then into physics I was a C student (if that). I did what I could to get by with a passing grade, and to expect anymore was just asking for disappointment. 
So, with that out there I feel that science should be approached from a different angle. I remember in 7th grade when we made rockets out of coke bottles, that was cool!  We also made microwave ovens out of shoe boxes and tinfoil, which we later made smores with, also very cool! Now aside from those cool experiences I don’t remember much from science, other than the fact that the books were huge and no matter how close I sat to the teacher I never understood what he or she was trying to teach me.  

One thing that really attracted me to Stephen was his excitement for teaching and learning. Stephen is way smart and has a great way of teaching that is unlike what I remember from grade school (or college for that matter).  Knowing that our kids are gonna love spending time with their dad in the future is a great feeling.
When we go to the mall we always go into the hobby store. It’s always fun for me because Stephen gets uber excited! Who would have thought that chemistry sets, model planes/cars, ant farms, building sets and all other sorts of things would be fun ?!?!  If I let him I think Stephen could help that store fill their monthly quota in one trip!

I guess I am sharing all this to point out that school and teachers are not solely responsible for teaching the children in this world. Parents play a HUGE role, and It makes me proud and excited to know that I married a man that is going to help our kids be anything they desire, even if it means blowing up things in the garage with a chemistry set (with a parent present and safety gear on of course).

I will end with a fun activity that I’m sure most of you have aleady experimented with…combine these 2 objects, step back, and Enjoy!


the lake

This past weekend we got to visit my grandparents at their LakeHouse for Memorial Weekend. We had an awesome time, and although it did rain the entire trip, it was great getting to see my grandparents, cousin Lindsey, Aunt Vicci, and Uncle Steve.  I was completely floored when I discovered that we hadn’t been up to the cabin since last memorial weekend (a whole stinking year)!  Because of the rain our outdoor activity was slightly limited. We didn’t get to do the ususal boating, skiing, swimming, and getting nice and tan while lying on a raft floating in the water (my personal favorite). However, rain did not prevent us from one thing we love at the lake, some good solid time with slimy-worm on hooks fishing! I always forget how much I enjoy fishing until I visit the lake. We aren’t the usual “quiet” fishers, we all just hang on the dock and catch up on life, it’s so relaxing. I got to hear about my cousin Lindsey’s new job, and heck, I even caught up my sister while we were there (and we live less than a 1/2 mile from eachother)!
Basically what I’m saying is that the lakehouse is awesome! While hanging inside (away from the rain) I got to happily eat my share of some scrumpteous cheesedip and we had a hilarious time playing Taboo.  I’m so glad my Papa decided to build the lakehouse, and even more glad that it’s been ‘updated’ so that us kids don’t all have to sleep in the same room on a bunkbed ;)  My overall lakehouse report:  As usual the food was AMAZing and the relaxation of just hanging out with family made it a fantastic trip.  Now I will do the awesome treat of providing some pictures of our trip:






don’t fret, there are more pictures coming soon… (gotta get them from mom’s camera)  Happy Friday :D

Wand-Making Galore

I know you must be wondering what in the world this post is about, with a title that intriguing!! Well let me show you:

That picture is exactly what it looks like, super cool looking wands!
For those of you who don’t know, the new Harry Potter movie, “The Half-Blood Prince”, is coming out this summer (July 15th to be exact). I am a bit of a fan of the Harry Potter series, it was the first book series I read, and led to me falling in love with fiction.  Reading an entire set of 7 books was new to me, especially since just 1 of the books has an upward of almost 800 pages. Reading those books led me into reading other great series, such as ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’,  which were fabulous; ‘The Lord of the Rings’, which I’m still working on; and most currently I am waiting to finish ‘The Kingkiller Chronicle’ series, which starts with a book titled ‘The Name of the Wind’, I highly recommend this series, it’s fantastic (if you enjoy fiction that is)!  
So back to the post topic – wands. In a recent post I talked about a new hobby, wood working. A friend, Jon, helped teach me how to shape and carve a stick into a wand.  That’s right, Stephen and I had a double date so I could learn how to make a wand!! At first Stephen thought I was joking when I told him what we were doing on our double date, but he soon learned I was definitely NOT joking, haha. My wand is just now completed and I hope the pictures do it some justice, a lot of fun work went into it :)  The picture of wands above are pretty darn good, and there are endless options of how-to’s online.  Now while mine doesn’t come in a cool box like this … 


…I also didn’t pay $35.00 plus shipping for mine. So as you can probalby tell I’m ultra excited about this. Jon and Ashley came up with the brilliant idea to go to the midnight premier of the movie, and we are making the wands to go with dressing up! It will be my first midnight premier and although Stephen says he isn’t go to dressup I have a feeling he will change his mind once he sees our super-cool costumes :)   Exciting, right?!?!? 

It’s so funny and awesome to me that I am having more fun at 25 than I ever have before in my life. God has been so good to me. 5 years ago I never would have imagined where I am now, which just shows that God’s plans can be totally unexpected and lead to more joy than I ever knew possible. I’m so glad I serve such a loving and personal God!

So now, ladies and gentleman, without further ado, I present:

~ The famous wandmaking of Cassie Ringl~


wand-making-and-such-005               wand-making-and-such-008              wand-making-and-such-007

wand2           wand1           wand


nothing like a good tee

I have always been a big fan of t-shirts. In middle school my mom and I frequented thrift shops and goodwilll stores so I could get some good finds. With 4 teenagers in the house thrift stores were a good way to get more for your dollar.  There is a website I check,, that sells t-shirts that are often followed with a good laugh and somtimes purchase (they tend to be rather hilarious).  I thought I would share some of these, and in case you haven’t been to the website you should check it out. Sometimes a $10 tee can really brighten a day, even if it’s just viewing it

shirt1  shirt2


shirt3 shirt4

shirt5  shirt6

shirt7 paper8
shirt9 shirt10

That is just a peek at what you can find in t-shirt world. My brother Jason has a few of these, and it’s great to know there is a website where I can always find a good gift at a good price!






             arrow  See there, t-shirts bring joy :) 




the andrews

this past weekend Stephen and I had the pleasure of hanging out with our friends Jon and Ashley. Jon and Ashley moved back to Pensacola in January, and I feel that was the best idea they could have had :)  I am a bit biased of course, but only a little.

We met up with the Andrew’s for dinner on Friday night, and as expected fun-times followed. We started the night by getting some grub from a place called Guthrie’s, and it was pretty darn good. Apparently they have a special secret sauce, which was rather delicious, so the word ‘special’ does fit it quite well.  After dinner I had some ice cream called ‘tirimasu’ which was delicious, I definitely recommend it. It was a cross between coffee, toffee, and vanilla – oooh how I love ice cream! Now moving on; what is great about hanging out with Jon and Ashley is we always do really fun stuff.  After turning on some ‘Arrested Development’ (which is our new show while we wait for the next season of LOST) and coming up with a FANtastic t-shirt idea, Jon gave me a stick he had picked out for me so that I could begin my first wood-working project. Yes, once again I have picked up a new hobby. Hooray for hobby #2 
So, I’m sure you are wondering what in the world I would make with a stick but I’m afraid I can not reveal that just yet because my project is not yet complete. I will post some pictures of ‘in the process’, but I feel it would be unfair to you to tell you what I am making without wonderful pictures to show the completed project. However, I can tell you that it is ultra exciting.  Soooo, follow-up post w/ pictures coming soon…

Also, I got my birthday present from my brother Matt on Friday (it was one good Friday!)  The first picture is me w/ the gift and the 2nd picture is so you can click on it and see what the poster looks like. It’s totally GREAT!!!


Curious, does anyone know what book or movie this hilarious sketch is inspired by??!!?? 


Ocassionally Stephen and I discuss what we could do If I were to work full-time. Right now I am working a part-time job and am pretty content, however I think that the ‘extra money’ talk is rather common in a marriage, so we sometimes discuss the possibilities.  Now while the talk may arise we both realize that we are in an economy where jobs are scarce and finding a good job is anyting but easy right now. Since neither of us want me working 2 part-time jobs, especially since McDonalds seems like the only place that is continually hiring, the discussion doesn’t go too far past ‘hey, what do you think of me working full-time?’. 

                                             Beach w/ Mom

My schedule is made that I have 1 day off during the week, my day is Thursday. For me Thursdays are a wonderful blessing! Whether I spend them catching up on chores and grocery shopping or hanging out with friends, i have yet to encounter a Thursday I did not enjoy. This past Thursday held that statement to be true. My mom and I went out to Pensacola Beach and enjoyed some time in the sun. The weather was amazing and we had a blast. It was probably the most humorous beach visit I have had yet. Apparently mom LOVES to go body-surfing. I usually don’t get in the water (this has come from multiple experiences of accidently consuming mouth fulls of salt water + jellyfish + sand-filled swimsuits), however upon mom’s insistence I decided to go for it. I don’t remember the last time I went body surfing, I was probably 10, but this experience was a lot of fun. When i was watching mom I felt like i was 10 years in the future and I was at the beach with my future-child. She was laughing like crazy and hilarious to watch.  Because of her child-like laughter I did the adult thing and busted out a camera to snap her in action! These pictures don’t quite do our visit justice, but they should get the idea across :)  From henceforth I’m sure I will enjoy many future in-water beach visits, thanks mom!

img_2481 img_2483

img_2484 img_2485

Putting it simple: Words can not do these pictures justice!