So life has been pretty busy lately.  With going out of town, having friends visit, and keeping up with my nap schedule I have lost track of time and slacked on my updates!  I have always been a pro at slacking. With school, homework, studying, projects, etc.; however I have vowed (to myself) that I would not become a website-slacker, so I’m fixing that now :)   Sorry to all you (3 or 4) readers out there for my brief absence ;)   Because it is now 11:15pm (and I am tired) I am going to lay off the creativity for a night and share some quick snapshots of our July 4th weekend. Don’t worry, more will follow soon :)

My Parents
My Parents

Peeps in the Water
Peeps in the Water

the "kids table"
the “kids table”

watermelon !!!
watermelon !!!

me and the hubbs
me and the hubbs

pure relaxation
pure relaxation

Well there ya have it, a slideshow of pictures of what it’s like to be at Lake Martin with my family. It’s always a fun, relaxing, and delicious-food filled time. We are hoping that we can get everyone  back up there for Labor Day Weekend. My brother Matt, wife Helena, and their dog Noel, are trying to plan a trip so hopefully that will fall into place.
Pivotal lesson from this trip: I need to get a hat, sun protection without the drama of sunscreen!

Projects to $ Prizes $

For those of you who know me pretty well you know that I have fallen in love with DIY Projects!  Whether it be rearranging a room, painting and decorating cheap picture frames/household items to look “not quite as cheap”, or (my current project) updating an old and cheap piece of craigslist furniture into a great looking piece. If it’s thrown at me, or hand chosen, I love the challenge! 

We are currently renting a townhouse and I really look forward to having our own home one day so that I can get down and dirty with some real gritty projects. Wether it be re-vamping a kitchen, bathroom, or backyard, I can’t wait for the opportunity. I found a real encouraging post today on a blog I read, click here to see really cool blog.  The blog is about a couple that purchased their first home and truly made it into their own. It was a bit of a fixer-upper, but with teamwork and DIY skills they made the place look great!  It’s a real encouragement to see what can be done for as little $$ as possible, and they provide a lot of great tips for people like me and you. 
If you clicked on the link you can see that they posted about a contest for all those DIY Project’ees out there!  While my projects are still small and not quite contest-worthy, I figured I’d post it for all you out there to enter. If you have done any home renovations, outdoor landscaping or just awesome paint jobs it’s worth a shot to enter, you could win a friendly gift card (and props for your awesome skill). 
This link here is what the couple I mentioned did to their home, which I love. I am such a HUGE fan of the 1950’s, red brick, off-grade, w/ front porch potential homes (that’s not too specific is it). Stephen and I have been looking around with our realtor and they have definitely found out what I like (and dislike).

So with this post a I sending encouragement to all of you via-blogging. Get out there and paint that porch, rip out that nasty carpet and re-do those outdated kitchen cabinets! Not only will you be increasing your home value, but you could also be the winner of this awesome contest!

If you do have a project let me know and I’d love to post about it, and be sure you take before pictures, it’s so fun seeing the change with side-by-side pictures.
Have fun!!

Dad Day

This past Sunday was a great Father’s Day. We started with a spaghetti lunch at my parents, followed by dad opening cards and eating delicious blue bell ice cream. After we went to Stephen’s parents and spent some time hanging out (playing with puppies) and showing our love through a fun (and totally hilarious) present.

I hope all you dad’s out there had a great Father’s Day. Obviously there is no way to ever express our love and respect to you in one day, or with a card/gift, but it’s nice to know that a day is dedicated to letting dad’s know how much they are needed and appreciated.  I love you dad. Thank you for being the man you are, and for raising me to be the woman, and now wife, I have become.

Now for some digital imagery:

cassie-ri-dad cassie-ri-matt-jason

all-kids-and-dad dad-rocks-card

This is dad w/ his 2 daughters, then all 4 kids, then all 6 kids (minus Helena who couldn’t make it). Also, that is the card I made my dad – he loves his rocking chair (and love doesn’t even begin to express how much). Excuse my lack of ability to draw correct lines at an angle (i’m far from being a decent artist).

fathers-day-005 fathers-day-007

fathers-day-0081 fathers-day-009

That was the gift for my dad-in-law’s “mans room” (which he converted after Stephen moved out). It is a very “manly” flexing light switch cover. It’s certainly the most insane and out-there light switch I’ve ever seen. He loved it, so it was a great find, thanks Goodwill !!

aunts, uncles, cousins, and the like

Between my dad and mom we have a pretty awesomely large family!  I’m talking 35 people, prior to counting additions from marriage & 2nd cousins (aka – cousins babies)
Here’s a breakdown, just for funsies:
Total People:  35
Aunts/Uncles: 15
1st Cousins: 16
Grandparents: 4

Now, if I continue and count additions from marriages and cousins having babies, here are the totals:
Total People:  49
2nd Cousins/Babies: 4  (so far…I’m sure this number will grow a lot over time)
New Cousins from marriage: 7

So there ya have it, a bunch of numbers depicting the wonderful people we have in our family (between my mom and dad). Now instead of putting names and confusing everyone that isn’t directly related, I am just gonna post a bunch of pictures I have acquired (which took a surprising amount of time, but a lot less thanks to facebook, lol).  Happy Viewing :)



Debbie and Christy

John, Paige, Kaley, Angie
Christy, Michael, Kaitlyn
Paige, Kaley, Patty & Kenny
George, April & Baby Bryce

Diane, Grandma, Michael, Christy, Angela


Hayden, Uncle Jim
Dani, George

Hayden, Aunt Toni

Jim, Toni, April, George, Hayde, Dani
Diane, Angie, Toni, George, April

Papa & Matt
Uncle Steve & Aunt Vicci
Vicci & Kim
Uncle Steve & Kim

Lindsey & Kim
Me, Uncle Steve, Stephen      

Kim, Me, Miriah

The 1st half is mom’s side, and the 2nd half is dad’s.  I am actually short a few people because I couldn’t find any pictures on easy-access sites (facebook, flickr, kodak, parents computer…etc).
So if you see this post and you are not shown please send me some photos and I’ll add ya in a follow-up post: :)   Later!

the sniffer

I don’t know about you folks out there, but I myself have a very good sense of smell. Of all my senses I would say it’s probably my strongest. Now while this can be a good thing, in context to food, fires, and such it can also be used against me (thanks to a husband that likes tto generate smells for me to “enjoy”)
As a wedding present I was asked what my favorite cologne on Stephen was. While he isn’t really much of a cologne guy I immediately answered with ‘John Wilson’.  No that is not a brand, John Wilson is my cousin, he married Angie (my mom’s sister’s daughter). Everytime I’m around John he smells Amazing!!  So  as a wedding present from my mom’s family they got me a gift basket and a certain cologne was in the package…which I get to enjoy to this day thanks to them!

So now I would like to present a brief advertisement (and advice to all your guys out there):


There ya have it, Gio Armani “Gio”.  All you ladies out there, if you want a special someone smelling oh-so-good, buy it!  For all you guys out there, if you need help finding that special ‘someone’ go grab a bottle and spritz yourself – women will come like crazy ;)

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement. I am not an actor. Results vary, and may not actually be typical.

$2 Decor

This past Thursday I had some free time between errands so I was able to visit some of my favorite stores. I went by Goodwill, Waterfront Mission, and a new Habitat for Humanity store. After browsing and searching  through items I was able to find a few frames that I saw potential in.
After a trip to walmart for some spraypaint, and digging up my old scrapbooking cardstock I was able to begin my next project: Ringl Wall Decor.  Because I am a huge fan of the color blue my mom helped me decide on a tone that wasn’t screaming “the beach” or “baby boy’s first room”.  Half an hour later I was throwing down newspaper and trying out Global Blue.  Thankfully Florida has let up on the humidity this week so they dried within 20 minutes and I was able to move indoors for step 2: matting the frame.  Around this time Stephen got home, finding all my supplies spread across the living room floor :)   He got comfy on the couch and let me bug him with my ‘should I use this light cream color or white’ questions (which he loooves, hah).  A few hours later, and several online episodes of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ for Stephen, I completed DIY Project #2.  
Now, here is a step-by-step visual of how it went down:

Step 1:  Purchase Frames (you can see they aren’t all the same color, but size is pretty accurate)

Step 2:  Spray Paint (or paint) the frames w/ a protective barrier underneath to prevent damage

Step 3:  Begin matting frames w/ color(s) of choice, and securing photos into place
(the grin, as shown, can occur when things are going well. however, frustration can happen so just think of something funny or go grab a snack and that’ll cheer ya right up!)

Step 4: One-by-One you will complete your frames and joy will overflow your body (as well as a possible backache, posture is important!)

…keep going until you have completed all your frames, so you can say something like ‘dang, I’m awesome’ or ‘look important persons name, after a year and a half of marriage I finally have some of our wedding pictures framed’

Step 5: Observe your work

Finally, Step 6: Hang frames and enjoy!
(I put both pictures so you can see they are going ‘up the staircase’ … I’m still deciding if I like it)

Well there ya have it, completed DIY Project #2.  If you have any ideas on what I should do next drop me a comment, I’m looking for ideas to keep me busy and hobby-focused :)

To finish I will provide a tip for anyone out there that wants to try something like this for themself. I was a lucky lady that Stephen let me spring for the good stuff instead of double-sided tape:  
This stuff is great!!

DIY Project 1

With graduating this past December I have had a lot more free time than I am used to. With the lack of usual papers to write and studying to do I have been trying to find things I enjoy doing. Is it weird that at age 25 I am just finding out what I enjoy doing…?
With this schedule change I have recently had a lot of creative juices flowing with no outlet. In recent posts I have been talking about my excitement for finding hobbies, and wanting to tackle new projects, such as my garden and wand-making (hmm, that is kinda nerdy sounding).  Well, a little over a month ago I sold our bedroom dresser and have been searching for a new one.  After weeks of searching I finally found one on Monday :)  This is absolutely wonderful news to me, going a month with no dresser has been rather interesting, with clothing piles building all over the place!
On Wednesday Stephen was sweet enough to pick up the dresser on his way home from work. Moving it upstairs was interesting (the sucker is solid wood which is a bit on the heavy side).  After positioning it into it’s perfect spot I told Stephen we had to wait before filling it.  The liners in it were a bit… how should I say, “not my style”.  Since Thursday is my day off it was perfect timing for me to find a fun project.  And now, ladies and gentlemen, here is what went down:
Dresser Before

+ a great pattern


= Great looking dresser drawers


& A Very Pleased Dresser Owner


Well there ya have it, my first DIY Project.  I mentioned earlier that Thursdays are my day off so I was able to hit up some thrift stores. I got a few good finds and had a very productive Thursday, so be looking for a DIY Project 2 post this weekend!

puppies puppies everywhere

This past week I was excited to learn that 4 newbies joined the Ringl family. On Sunday Stephen’s parents brought home a brother and sister, and let me tell ya, they are just loving their new place. Presenting to you, Beauty and Beast:

puppies-guitar-hero-hubby-001       beast2       bro-sis

So there ya have it, Beauty and Beast!  Now believe it or not even more fun continues. I know who would have thought it could get better…. Valerie, my sis-in-law, and her bf Kyle got 2 puppies also!!!  Who would think it, 4 brothers and sisters staying together?!  It’s GREAT (plus major fun for me, I get to play with them but don’t have to do the ‘dirty work’)  ;)

So presenting:  Chloe and Harvey (a.k.a. two face)

puppies-guitar-hero-hubby-011       puppies-guitar-hero-hubby-015       puppies-guitar-hero-hubby-020

aren’t they just adorable??  Now last we have me, loving on Beauty (in lap) and Beast:


I’m sure fun stories will come about from these new family members. Until then, it’s time to go find that Klondike Bar I hear calling me from the freezer !!

Beach Day

A few weeks back we got a call from our friends Matt and Elise letting us know that they would be coming close to town for a beach weekend w/ some friends from New Orleans. So that day I marked the date on my calendar and have been counting down the days until June 6th … which was a FABULOUS day. We met Matt, Elise and a group of friends Friday night for dinner in Perdido. Then on Saturday morning we headed over to Perdido to spend the day at Johnson Beach.
We had a wonderful time! The beach was absolutely perfect, and we got to meet some really cool people and make some new friends :)   After hanging at the beach for the day we went to Matt’s mom’s place to get ready for dinner. While we got cleaned up the guys went to the docks and bought some fresh fish, so for dinner we had some grilled & sauteed grouper with some snapper, broccoli, and garlic mashed potatoes. It was a delicious meal, and my first real salt-water fish experience.  Simply stated, we had an amazing weekend and it was so great to see Matt & Elise. Now here are some visual images of “Beach Day” …

img_2716 img_2721 img_2725

img_2743 img_2729 img_2731

img_2739 img_2750 img_2758

Yep, you see that correctly…Stephen and Dan (one of the guys from N.O) built a couch and tv in the sand, it was sturdy and had a great ocean view!
Oh, and I forgot to mention, after dinner we all went up to Hershey’s Ice Cream Parlor and got some dessert. Nothing better than some ice cream after a day on the beach and a good fish dinner. Strawberry Cheesecake Ice cream in a waffle bowl may be my new favorite, right next to birthday cake ice cream :)  yumm, just thinking about it makes me want some!  Alright folks, there ya have it – now go eat some ice cream and make your night that much tastier ;)