Group Projects

This week 2 of my oldest friends came into town (oldest in length of time I’ve known them of course, not age  ). My friends Melissa and Kelly, who I went to high school with, have both moved away and it’s always like a mini-vacation when they come home to visit! 

While at dinner one night we had one of those moments where we were all thinking the same thing. Melissa and I had previously been talking about a project we were wanting to try to decorate our walls with. While sitting at Applebees for dinner (our old high school hot spot) Kelly pulled a magazine article out and asked us what we thought of this project she wanted to try. The article was of the exact same project Melissa and I had both seen!  It was totally bizarre and awesome. 3 friends, living in 3 different states wanting to do the same DIY Project!  Melissa and I saw the idea on a blog we frequent and Kelly found the same design in a magazine. This is the project …

click here for step-by-step instructions

The difference in this design and what we are doing makes it Easy, Affordable, and Fun for anyone.
Here are a the differences:
-We are using decorative scrapbook paper instead of painting (which is a must unless you want to see stick figures and clouds decorating my panels)  (less than $3 at Hobby Lobby)
-We got Lowe’s to cut 9, 1′ x 1′, MDB (MediumDensityBoard) pieces for us (free of charge)
-Instead of wood trim, we painted the edges a wood brown color (free if you have craft paint)
-Use Spray Adhesive to attach the scrapbook paper (less than $3.00)
-We are making them ourselves instead of paying over $89.00 PER PIECE! Yes, you read that correctly, that design costs per piece, not as a set.

Kelly, Lissa, and I started the project yesterday and they are looking so great! It was such a blast standing in the aisles of Hobby Lobby and lying the scrapbook paper out on the floor to make sure the colors/designs meshed, and then going to paint the boards in Melissa’s parents driveway. This has been the most fun I’ve had with a DIY yet (thanks girls!)  :)
Be sure to check back this weekend for our own personalized versions of this DIY project!

Frames Galore

In case you haven’t noticed I have a great fascination for frames. Goodwill and I have an agreement that if they provide me with cheap frames I will make them over into something nice. So far this pact has treated me well.
Here are 2, $1 specials, that I fixed up recently. I haven’t found a spot for them yet, but hopefully they will find a good wall soon!


After a year and a half of marrige I am finally just getting wedding pictures up. Now is better than never I suppose!
Now, a question for all you out there: What is different about these 2 frames?
It’s something I didn’t even notice until after I was finished, so I’m wondering if it’s obvious to other’s as well …

Open House, 24/7

I dedicate this post to my cousin, Lindsey Kornman, who has been requesting a post w/ pictures of our home for months upon months upon months. Here ya go girl, just for you :)

For the first-time ever (via the internet) I would like to introduce you to our humble abode. We have now lived here for a total of 18 months, and I am going to take you on a tour, from entrance to exit. Starting with …

The driveway:
DIY Project_1 036

This is our ‘front porch’ (a.k.a. slab):
DIY Project_1 037

Front entrance, or ‘foyer’ ?! hah
DIY Project_1 040

Guest Bath, to the left:
DIY Project_1 042

Hallway to kitchen and living room:
DIY Project_1 045

Our big and spacious kitchen:
DIY Project_1 047

Laundry area. Yes, it’s as small as it looks:
DIY Project_1 048

Living room, with pocket-window to kitchen:
DIY Project_1 059

Next to couch: tv, fireplace, desk, bike:
DIY Project_1 054

Desk Nook:
DIY Project_1 055

Dining Table in corner:
DIY Project_1 057

Couch on wall w/ piled laundry :)
DIY Project_1 058

Hallway back to front door:
House Tou

Well there you have it, our first online home tour! Next time I will take you on a fun adventure into the world of the 2nd floor … where 2 bedrooms, a hallcloset, and bathroom await your viewing.
Also, as a side note: I realize from viewing the pictures that I probably should have cleaned up before I decided to take pictures, but now you get to see our home in it’s normal living conditions.  People who visit don’t get to see it messy like this, since I like to clean up before we have company. So this makes you lucky. Congratulations, you are some of the first to see our house in it’s natural state!

Sad news

There’s never an easy way to share bad news. Though this is something I was aware of, it has never been as true for Cassie and I as it has been over the past few days.

So for those of you who have not heard, Cassie had to go to the doctor on Thursday because of pains she was having and we found out that we’ve lost our baby.

As I said, bad news is not easy to share. Cassie and I were so excited about having this child that this news has devastated us. Yet even though we are somewhat broken at the moment, we are doing well.

A miscarriage is a hard thing to deal with. I can’t count the number of times I’ve felt sick to my stomach just thinking about it. However, we’ve been making it through this time thanks to the wonderful support we have in our families and friends. Although talking about it is hard, being able to just let out what’s going on and hear the experiences of those who have been through this is some of the best comfort that we could ever receive.

Cassie and I will still try to have a child. This doesn’t mean that when we are expecting again we’re going to wait until we reach a certain point to tell everyone. The support group that we built up has been invaluable and should we ever have to go through this again I don’t think we could mentally handle it without our friends and family coming alongside us.

So in short, to each and every one of you who have been there for us: your prayers have been well received, your kind words have been invaluable, and your love has been more than we could ever hope for.

Thank you so much,
Stephen and Cassie

Doc Visit, take 1

This past week Stephen and I made our first trip to see the doctor about Baby Ringl. After a nice time hanging out in the waiting room, since that’s what the majority of a doctors visit is, we were happy to find out that I am in fact pregnant! (thank goodnesss and) HOORAY, they confirmed the truth of the 4 pregnancy tests I took the week prior. How ackward would it have been for them to report that we were not pregnant?! I wonder if that ever happens?!?!  I think I’d be writing quite a few letters to the makers of First Response P.T. company and asking for a very hefty refund! However, that is not what happened.  After my initial exam we got to see the doctor and had our first ultrasound. We were so excited to be able to see our baby for the first time.  Now, for the first time, I’d like to introduce Baby Ringl:

Shaw & Baby Pic 005

Pregnancy Progress 002

Okay, as you can tell from those ‘photos’ that is definitely not actual pictures of our baby.  It turns out the doctor couldn’t see anything quite yet, since I was just under 6 weeks. We do have another appointment in 2 weeks, on July 31st, so we are hoping to have better luck then. The first picture is my (Cassie’s) interpretation of what Baby Ringl looks like at this stage, smiling and happy in his/her peanut sized body. The 2nd picture is Stephen’s interpretation, quite different than what most would think, but I suppose the idea of a top hat and cane is nice, and as long as no tap shoes are involved I’m okay with it!

We are really looking forward to our baby’s first picture. With our next appointment scheduled the baby has 2 more weeks to grow and become the size of an almond, so hopefully he/she will become a nice big almond that shows up on an ultrasound screen :)

Dinner & Surprise

I love Saturdays. You could say they are, by far, my favorite day of the week! Today was one of those great Saturdays that you wish you could slow down time for. Let me explain…  It started with sleeping in til 9, hanging out with Stephen and just chatting while in bed. We then had some great leftover enchaladas for brunch and he played on the computer while I played mario kart. It was great, and what’s even more amazing is that it got better as the day went on!
In the afternoon we went over to my parents to visit my Papa and Grandma that were visiting. They worked on hanging a swing in the backyard and I helped my dad pick some gripe weed and locate ant piles that he could drowned out of their homes. That probably sounds boring or like work to most people, but for some reason I really enjoy pulling weeds and just working outside. It’s therapeutic to me, hearing the root tear from the ground and shaking the excess dirt – I just really enjoy it, strange I guess.  After hanging outside for a bit Stephen and I went inside and snuck in a 30 minute nap. Nothing better than a nap on a hot weekend day. We later went home to get ready for dinner with Stephen’s  2nd parents, Harry and Debra Shaw (Stephen’s best friends parents). Stephen and Harry actually work together in the same office, they get a long amazingly and it’s pretty funny when they are together.  We didn’t know where we were going for dinner, just that they were picking us up at 5:00 at our place. Just a bit before 5 our doorbell rang and Stephen went to answer the door. After a few moments of talking I realized that the voice at the door did not sound like Mr. Harry.  I walked to the hallway and saw this guy:

Shaw & Baby Pic 003

Shaw, Stephen’s best friend that moved to Texas, standing at the door!  It was a total shocker.  Mr. Harry’s birthday is Monday and so his parents flew him in for a few days to celebrate. After hanging out for a bit we all headed to dinner at Tokyo, a local hibachi place. Hibachi is so much fun, you get dinner and a show all in one! After a very satisfying meal we headed home and made plans to see Shaw while he is in town. When he and JD moved to Texas it was really weird for us, Shaw hung out at our place probably 3-4 times a week. We went from an awesome amount of quality time to zero. Thankfully we live in a world of cell phones, email, googlechat, and texting so communication hasn’t been difficult.
After the Shaw’s left we hung out for a bit and then headed up to Walmart to get some icecream to take to my parents. Blue Bell cookies and cream, probably my favorite ice cream in the world! We got there, made up some dessert and chilled out with family. It was, as usual, a good and relaxing time.
Well there you have it, our Saturday in a very detailed explanation :)   I hope all you out there had a wonderful day as well and that your Sunday is the same or even better!
Now, for a picture of our first Congratulatory Baby Balloons !!  oh, and awesome friends too!

Shaw & Baby Pic 004

THE Card

For those of you who have seen the video of Stephen and I telling my parents we’re pregnant, here are some of the details.  I have had many people ask me what the card said and what the gift was that we ‘gave them the news’ with, so I am going to show you! Aren’t I the best?! :)

Baby News 009



There ya have it, one of my favorite movies combined with some of the best news of our lives! Tomorrow is our first baby-doctor appointment. Stephen took the day off so he can go with me, and we are so very excited!  Keep us in your prayers!