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Those sweet quiet moments where she follows me into a room and falls asleep somewhere. It rarely happens, and on this day it was while my mom and I were hanging curtains in our room and she wanted in her daddy’s spot on the bed. A few moments later we looked over and she was like this, quietly dreaming.

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Nana came by for a visit and the girls love to tell her stories about their day. Elanor talks like me, with some crazy hand motions and body language. Then again, looking at this picture I suppose she gets it from her Nana, which is quite likely where I got it from as well…

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Good morning kisses.

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The girls started and finished swim refreshers last week. They LOVE the water, especially with Mrs. Carrie, their swim teacher. Sarah and Elanor both light up when they jump in to her. It only took them 6 lessons to be good to go for this next swim season. Sarah picked up her float the first day, and Elanor followed a few days later. It is so wonderful to know that if anything crazy, unexpected or horrible were to ever happen around water they can rescue themselves and call out until they are found. Flip off the back of a boat? They know how to recover and float and call out, even in waves. Fall off a dock or a pool ledge? Flip over and either 1) Call out til someone comes, or 2) Find the side of a pool or shore and swim-float-swim until you are safe. Guys, seriously, ISR is just amazing. Teaching someone as young as 6months old to self-rescue is absolutely amazing. Drowning is the #1 cause of death among children ages 4 and below. Something I, as a parent and aunt, can’t even let my brain think about. Please check it out if you know anyone with little ones: https://www.infantswim.com/


Last week I had an amazing and much-needed day with my friend Nicole. Between work, family and kids I don’t remember the last time just the two of us hung out and it was absolutely perfect. It happened so sporadically and I can’t thank the Lord enough for making our open schedules and phone call happen the day before.

On Friday I dropped the girls at their Grandmas and headed to Nicole’s house. We loaded up Brandon’s truck and headed out to the beach. I am usually not a big beach person these days, having kids has made me super aware about a) Cancer and b) Sharks. Not sure why b is such a big thing but boy are they prevalent in my brain when there.

Nicole definitely pushed my comfort zone with the water and it was so worth it! We had so much fun and the day was exactly what my brain and soul needed.



I am definitely ready for round2. I saw stingy rays and a few families of dolphins came by the sandbar and put on a little show with jumps and splashing all around. It was a totally different view being farther out in the ocean on the SUP (Stand Up Paddle) YOLO board above the waterline. I could even see 2 baby dolphins just barely getting their tail above water to flap. I brought my goggles and swam in the water looking for shells while Nicole was out, and we would swap. We even went out on the board together which was fun and definitely tested our balancing skills. A beach trip has never passed so quickly. I think the only time we were out of the water was for a snack or grabbing a phone for photos. I actually got a water proof case for my phone but it’s gonna take a bit more practice learning to focus under the water.

I would love to take the girls out soon to watch from the beach. They are great sand castle builders and shell searchers :)

Pancake Mix

I was sitting at my desk yesterday helping my sis with some photos when something unexpected happened.

I looked over at the kitchen because I heard a banging noise. I didn’t see anyone but my eyes looked down and I saw some white powder and random crackers from underneath the pantry door. Time slowed. My eyes grew 5x larger and I slowly walked towards the pantry door. I opened it and saw the horror inside. I called Stephen over to the area and Sarah ran over with him. We opened the door to a site that was funny to Stephen, HILARIOUS to Sarah and sigh-inducing to myself.

She was so proud. Of course it also happened about 20 minutes before we needed to leave for churh, so in the tub for a quick bath and we were good to go. 

After a lot of sweeping, wiping and moping my pantry is now the cleanest it’s ever been. So in that respect, thank you Elanor?!?

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This past Christmas the girls got some awesome gifts from my sister and brother-in-law. Jeff made them some tents that I pinned on pinterest. Their room in the new house is much larger than our previous home and so they get to keep them setup 24/7. They play in them all the time and most recently Elanor took her first nap in hers. You can see her cuddling with her sisters GiGi doll and her stay pillow on in the second photo. She went on a nap strike for a good 8 or 9 months, so I am welcoming these sweet re-additions.

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Now that our kids are a bit older I totally get why cereal is so awesome. I know as an adult I love me some breakfast for dinner, but oh how the occasional mornings are easier when my girls make themselves a bowl of cereal and get the first meal of the day underway without me having to do it all. Her smile and the milk dripping down and off the chin pretty much sum up her feelings on the tasty freedom as well!

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Stephen was made to be a father. While so many things seem hard and unnatural in this world being a caretaker to children comes so naturally to him. I still remember right after having Sarah it was like a switch flipped in him. It took me months to feel natural with the parent-thing. While having Addison over one night she got sick. The poor girl was vomiting off and on for a few hours. Every time our girls get sick Stephen is endlessly compassionate and sympathetic. He is so patient with them. I was able to be on cleanup crew and tend to our girls and make my sister some dinner so she didn’t have to do anything but love and hold her little girl. There is something different about sick cuddles, and Addison is not one to sit still and hug on you, there is too much playing to do, so when she does it’s a moment to treasure.

I love this man and I love that this photo captures just one reason why.

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We went to visit our sweet friends and old neighbors. They girls had a blast, as always.