152 | 365


152 | 365

This. These are the silly quiet moments that I have LOVED about being off-call from doing birth photography. I am not just home physically, but my mind and brain can be focused on these two girls. I’m not busy editing or checking my phone to make sure I didn’t miss “the call”, I’m here, with them. Getting to see them eat bananas while one is wearing a winter beanie and the other is sporting a swimsuit. This is the life.

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Another version of yesterdays photo. I wanted to share it because I love how you can see how close Sarah is cuddling up to Stephen. When we sit or lay together after the girls are in bed I do the same thing, I lay my legs across the top of his from the side like that. I claim it’s because he steals all the ottoman, but apparently it’s just in my blood ;)

Also – that is one HAPPY Elanor after getting a good nap on her dad. That smile and the PB sandwich are just perfect!

149 | 365


149 | 365

It’s swimsuit season. In our house that means we wear them at the pool, the beach and sometimes just while hanging around the house.

Sarah found this hat in a box and loves it. It has a propeller on top, which means it’s the absolute best thing in the world to wear in the car with the windows down!

Elanors face in this is a pretty classic Elanor face. She was upset about a lizard escaping into a tree. I’ve noticed fewer frogs and lizards  around here lately, I think they’re learning our house and yard isn’t the safest place – especially with how good Sarah is at catching them!

Aaaaand because swimsuits, chalk and playing outside were part of this day, I eventually persuaded them to move things inside by bribing them with bath paint. It sounded like a good idea, and then I came back and found their artistic scene, which may or may not look like a scene from psycho, minus the adorable little girls…


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This is silly, but the girls wouldn’t leave me alone one day while I was showering so I decided to let them in. It was the first time Elanor has ever been in a shower, and the first time for Sarah since she screamed bloody murder at me as a baby when I tried it. They stayed in there for almost 30 minutes, laughing and giggling. Definitely worth the tiny rise in our water bill ;)



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I’ve mentioned before that we have discovered the beautiful ways of morning cereal for the kids. It’s easy, quick, and when Sarah finishes hers Elanor is always willing to share her bowl. I’m sure that last part won’t last too much longer, but with how much Elanor loves Sarah it’s possible she will always let her. Time will tell :)

At one point in the afternoon I was going outside to put some tools away and when I stepped into the garage there was a big box turtle hanging out. It actually scared the who out of me. He continued to just slowly walk in my direction, probably because turning would take some time, and hide next to that bag. He stayed there until we went inside. I came back later to check and he was hiding/stuck(?!) under our jogging stroller. My parents came by that evening and my dad took him across the street to an empty house. My guess is he lived in all the over brush I cleared out the day before and was trying to find some shade or a new home. The girls had a fun time watching him from afar. I didn’t know what kind of turtle it was so we kept our distance.