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Elanor has definitely added naps back into her schedule. I am 100% on board with this addition, and I love when we find her sleeping in different spaces, other than in her bed. On this day my friend Kelly, who now lives in Houston with her hubby and sweet daughter, came over to hangout while they were in town visiting family. A definite bonus to living close to the same area you graduated high school – people return to visit family, and we are already here happily awaiting their trips.

The girls were laughing up a storm when we went to find them. They were all 3 bouncing around on our bed singing “5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed”. It was as cute as it sounds, actually more adorable. I love seeing my children play with some of my dearest friends kiddos, especially friends that go back as far as Kel and I do. It only could have been topped if our other HS gal, Melissa, and her little man could have joined us. Next time!

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We have been having a ton of fun with playdoh recently. I found some on clearance at TJMaxx and bought a few packs, so we haven’t made our own in a few weeks. It’s always funny to watch them go to their room and return with a box of toys to extend their playtime.

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My parents pool finished getting installed this past July. I know they agree with me that this addition was the best decision ever! I don’t even live there and I love knowing that it’s there waiting for us to play. In the midst of this crazy hot summer too. This was the first time we got to swim in it and my niece Graycie was there to join in on the fun! I love watching my parents play with the girls, and those smiles speak their own joy with one another.


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Sarah heard Uncle Jeff mowing the lawn next door and wanted to say Hi. She used her noggin and made her own ‘step stool’. It worked and she got to give him some waves and hello’s. Addison was there to watch and listen to her cousin give some shout outs to her uncle.


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After visiting my sisters house we have discovered the amazing beauty of Pandora. More specifically, the disney station on their site. We have been playing it like crazy and the girls just love having the music throughout the house.

More often than not when the music starts the dress-up clothes and capes come out. I love these silly girls. I really love how you can see Elanor using their classic “Frozen” pose with ‘freezing’ whatever it is that she’s aiming at. And Sarah’s twirl above that is just the picturesque of a 4 year old little girl.

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http://www.thehandmadehome.net/2015/06/simple-outdoor-candles/My sister planned a night to take the girls so Stephen and I could go out for dinner. It was a fun evening and before leaving I told Stephen we needed a picture together because, well, it had been forever since we had one that wasn’t from the back of our phone. He  of course was being goofy and made me laugh. He always knows how :)

Aaaaand, I’m including a portrait version so you can see that he is tickling me and nothing more, due to the funny hand placement in the picture above. Now if you weren’t thinking anything about it you are, so oops and your welcome ;)


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For Christmas my parents got the girls a train set. It’s a pretty cool track with Thomas the engine pulling two cars behind it. The girls love it. Stephen was kind and helped put it together after I botched my attempt and broke their excited little hearts.
Obviously that excitement ended after Stephen saved the day!