Birthday Celebratin’

On Monday night we got together with our friends the McKenzies. It was an extra special night for two reasons. First, it was Brandon’s birthday, so yummy cake was involved. Second, we had 2 extra McKenzies in attendance. Rebekah and sweet Adelaide were able to join us, which made it that much more fun! You can never go wrong when you have not 1, but 2 cute babies to play with :)

This first picture cracks me up because Adelaide was totally fascinated while watching Man vs Wild. She is so sweet and fun and chill. I’ve loved getting to spend time with these 2 ladies.



Here’s Nicole with Sarah. Sarah loves spending time with Nicole. I love it :)


Sarah has really loved hanging out with Adelaide. She specifically loves her feet, haha. I have to keep her from grabbing and eating her feet and trying to play with her face. She is definitely a hands-on player. That’s probably because we let her play with our nose and mouth when we make funny faces. The things you do to make your kiddo laugh!


Stephen smooching on his baby girl


This is my only picture I got of the Birthday Boy :)
Sarah was having a blast


After a delicious dinner of pulled pork we played some cards, which was a blast. I didn’t think the night could get any better and then Nicole pulled out the Oreo ice cream cake. Oh yes, it was as good as it sounds!

We had a lot of fun celebrating with Brandon on his birthday. We made sure to surprise him with some Red Vines…


Yes, we went with the 4 lb bucket. Go big or go home folks ;)

Before the night ended I made sure to get a photo of all us girls
(Sadly, Sarah was already asleep at this point)


I made it a priority to grab the picture since (sadly) Rebekah and Adelaide leave to go home tomorrow. I was excited to hear that they will be back for Christmas, which means more play dates, craft days, and fun card games!

The night ended with us packing up the babies and heading home. I just wish every Monday night could be as fun as this one was :)



Post BDay Post

Yesterday was Stephens 26th Birthday. The church youth had a special cake for him, which was a sweet surprise. Two of the youth actually got him a gift, both were nerf guns! We don’t have a pet, and I doubt he will be shooting Sarah, so it looks like I’ll need to be extra cautious when I enter/exit rooms and turn corners!

The internet isn’t working at home, so this is all I can give you for the moment… Enjoy!










Notice a trend in Sarah’s favorite activity?! Eating, chewing, licking… It’s all about her gums (I think someone is teething…)

Hopefully the Internet will get back to working so I can give you some more updates. Until then, Happy September 1st!




She is just so darn sweet! Love that beautiful smile!!

Cool Weather Fun

Last night we had the joy of attending our first bonfire of the season. It was warm, delicious, and relaxing, which in my opinion is a great way to end a Monday! We went over to our friends Brandon & Krista’s house and got to enjoy the fire-pit they recently built. We started the night with some grilled hotdogs, which I haven’t had in forever! There’s something about hotdogs next to a fire that makes the world seem right, ya know what I mean? Plus, living out in the “country” means we get to see when the stars are beaming when the sky is clear, like last night. We also got to listen to an owl that has moved into the Henry’s neighborhood. He was a hooter too, it’s as if he was carrying on a conversation with us – probably telling us to be quiet because we were scaring away his food.

Stephen has been talking about building a good sized fire-pit in our backyard, so it was nice to see one that someone has made (cost free!!)

One for me & one for Sarah ;)


When I was at the store this week I picked up a bag of marshmallows “just in case”, and I’m glad I did so. They came in handy after those hotdogs!

Toasty & Delicious

The guys picked out some sticks for us to use. I can only eat so many marshmallows without a s’more involved. I definitely added graham crackers & chocolate to the grocery list, you know, just in case :)

finger-licking good


Just thinking about those hotdogs & the smell of that cool night air makes me ready for round 2. I love fall and winter!



Wednesday Bass

On a fun turn to a Wednesday night I got to watch Stephen play his bass guitar tonight. After work on Tuesdays he meets a group of men at the church and plays bluegrass and southern gospel music. It’s been fun listening to him talk about the group dynamics and learning the new style of music. Tonight was the first time he played in front of the church with the guys and I’m so glad I was there to watch.

The night started off strong with a church dinner of chicken & dumplings. It was delicious! Not as good as my grandma’s, but it was up there on the list. After dinner I headed into the sanctuary and got a seat up close. I think one of the first things I noticed was that Stephen was the only man on stage not wearing a pair of boots. I guess I should get used to this, since we go to a small church in the country now. Watching Stephen pick the strings and being able to hear his deep bass notes was pretty cool. What was even more awesome was when our little girl started moving around during the service. It was so precious feeling her squirm about to the sound of her daddy playing guitar on stage. She didn’t stop after the first song either, she kept it up during the whole set. I guess our baby girl is going to take after her dad in the music area (thank goodness for that!  haha).

Here’s a quick snapshot I took after the service ended. Stephen was up there on the left side.


Here’s his equipment he totes back and forth


It was a really enjoyable and relaxing night. We joined the church in the first of July and due to pregnancy nausea I wasn’t there for probably 2 months right after that. Thankfully that changed when I entered into the 2nd trimester, so people recognize me now, and since I’ve started to “show” it’s so sweet when people ask me how the baby and I are doing. It was weird when we switched churches after we moved last winter, especially since I had been there since middle school. I guess that’s all part of growing up, and switching to a church in our new community was something we both felt led to do. It’s always been wonderful being part of a church family, and God really blessed us with finding a new place where the people care for us and our baby and are actively praying for our growing family.

…While writing this I had the image come to mind of Stephen sitting on the couch, or laying on the floor, while he strums and sings to our daughter. I can’t wait for March!