Color Splash

I’m proud to announce that we have successfully completed Task #2 for the nursery: Painting. After color deliberation, and  a few samples, we decided to paint the nursery a light purple.

We started our paint color decision making one Sunday when we went and looked at all the color strips. I’m pretty sure Stephen’s “decision making” was more of a ‘go with what Cassie says’ process. Clever guy.

While I was deciding between all the different greens, yellows, tans, I finally ended on the good in-between: purple. It’s a girl color, but not too too girly (since I’m not a girly girl myself, and I’ll probably be the main adult in that room between 8pm – 6am, that mattered).We decided on a few samples and took them home to try ’em out. We painted each wall with a big stripe and let it sit for a few days. While at first I wasn’t a fan of the ‘lets wait a few days before deciding’, I’m SO glad we did. Seeing the colors in the different lighting between dawn and dusk & bright and overcast, made a HUGE difference in the color we chose. One day we were laying on the nursery floor talking, and when looking at the walls and we both stated that we liked the same color. That made things real easy! We actually went with the sample color that Stephen chose: Twilight Pearl. Even the name is sweet and soft.

With our decision made we bought the paint and watched the color transform the space from a room to our little girls nursery. It’s amazing what paint can do!

One Saturday when Stephen was out with our church youth group I finished it off by painting the inside of the closet. Yes, I painted the closet and it actually made a big difference in the feel of the room. Since we took the closet door off the different colors broke up the flow of the walls.

Let me show you the Closet Makeover.

Closet Before:


(see what I mean)


The Color-Splashed After
(it’s the same color, it was still drying at this point)


What do you think? It actually was the perfect space to finish off the gallon of paint we had. Awesome Bonus: now I don’t have to store an ‘almost empty’ paint can in our house!

Now we just have to put up the closet organizer and start hanging clothes! Is it March yet??  :)



Belated Celebrations

This past weekend we had a fun time celebrating my mom’s birthday. She turned the big 35!  Okay okay that’s not true, if it were she would have had me when she was 9, which is weird.

We were lucky enough that my brother Jason and his wife Kelley were in town, so I didn’t have to sing extra loud when we brought the cake out (and trust me, you don’t want me singing loud!) We all met at my parents house Sunday night, the 31st, and had a delicious chili dinner (thanks for cooking Kelley!) I made the cake using my mixer I got for Christmas last year and it seriously made the cake extra soft and fluffy! I have never had a cake turn out that good, it was delicious. We had the extra bonus of getting to hear all the trick-or-treaters come to the door. I can’t wait to take our little Sarah out next year!

After dinner we played some Uno Attack, which is a lot more fun with a big crowd! I think we all went into a sugar-coma after a few games, so we went home to get ready for the week.

And since a post isn’t complete without pictures…

Kelley dressed Angel up to answer the door with her.


Miriah & Mom

Mom & Me
(and Sarah showing how much she’s grown)


I think this is the only picture I’ve gotten with Stephen in weeks!
The color is weird, but at least he’s smiling  ;)


I think I’m an early-popper, my belly looks huge in this picture!  Apparently 21 weeks was a big growth spurt!



A Wedding Weekend

We had a wonderful time the past 3 days with a wedding weekend! My cousin Lindsey married a great guy and became Mrs. Jacob Fannin. The weather was absolutely perfect, and it was a beautiful ceremony and reception. The wedding was up in Troy, AL so on Friday Stephen and I rode with my parents to my grandparents lake house for an easy drive on Saturday.

Lindsey and I are the same age, so we always hung out together growing up. In fact we lived together our Sophomore year of college when I went to Troy State. Sadly I was only there 1 year (I was kind of a college hopper). She is such a sweetheart and it was so exciting to see her get married to someone that makes her smile shine so big and I know will make her so incredibly happy!

It was also the first time I had seen my Aunt Vicci and Uncle Steve since we found out we were pregnant, and my belly is starting to show a little, so it was a lot of fun to show them the small baby bump.

Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Couple’s First Dance

Father Daughter Dance

The Surprise Cake Topper

Kim, Lindsey & Aunt Vicci

Miriah, Mom & I

A bubble filled send-off

then they got on the bike and rode away

“Just Married”

Congratulations Lindsey & Jacob, I know you are having a fabulous time on your cruise!

Labor Day Weekend

I love a good 3-day weekend. Although I’m not working I still live for the weekends and the time it provides with family and friends. This past weekend I went up to my Grandparents lake house on Lake Martin. Stephen had to stay behind for some work he had scheduled, so I hitched a ride with my parents on Friday afternoon.

Growing up we spent our holidays and vacations visiting family. I can’t imagine how expensive family vacations would have cost with 4 kids, 2 of which were boys with bottomless stomachs. We were always excited to take a trip up to Lake  Martin and spend the entire trip swimming, fishing, and hanging out on the pier until dinner. My older brother Matt always had a knack at catching turtles for us to play with, and even in the winter when the water was low we would build forts and make up adventures to go on with our cousins Kim and Lindsey. In the summer my parents would let us pick a few friends and we would go to the lake for a week with my Grandparents. We had the best bonfires up there in the cold months! I’m hoping we get to do that again this year, I could go for some good fireside smores!!

This weekend was a lot like the previous Labor Day Weekends we’ve spent up at the Lake. My brother Matt and I were spouseless, both of which had to work, and there were my parents and my sister and her hubby Jeff who all came up on Friday. This was my first trip since my pregnancy symptoms had really kicked in, so I was glad that the car trip went well.


Relaxing Friday night

One of the wonderful things that we experienced was some cooler weather. In the morning and evenings it would chill off to around 60 outside and it was sooo nice! I am really looking forward to fall (not that we even have one until late November here in Florida…)

One thing I have discovered is that you never know what kind of fishing there will be at the lake. Last time we were up there I caught several catfish. This trip was a bit different. Matt caught the biggest fish:


(Which I hope to re-catch next time)

and then Miriah caught the tiniest:

she didn’t even know it was on her hook until she reeled it in to re-cast. The little cutie


Matt brought Noel with him and she swam more than I’ve ever seen a dog swim!  She even found a way to rest while still in the water:

There she is, just resting on the crossbeams under the pier in the shade. Smart puppy!

Sunday night we went on a Sunset boat ride. It was gorgeous. It’s always fun to see what new houses have been built since our last trip. It always amazes me to see what kind of “lake homes” people have. Some are some incredible I can’t imagine what their real homes must look like.

That pretty much wraps up my holiday weekend. I hope you were able to do some relaxing and enjoy some good BBQ’ing. I know I ate my fair share of ribs and corn-on-the-cob!

Pancakes & Friends

Hello all. Surprise, I’m alive. I know you must be thrilled after my sudden disappearance, which I’m calling a temporary sabbatical.

Well I am back, and I have an update for you to read and enjoy.

This past weekend we had a friend come and visit us. Her name is Kim, Stephen and I met her at UWF. We have some great memories from our “college years”, and it’s always a blast when we get together. Yes, I just referred to my college years in the past tense, since, well, that was a few years ago now… ya, time flies.

We arranged for Kim to come by Saturday morning just around time for brunch. I may have had ulterior motives in setting up the time frame because some of our most delicious memories are hanging out with Kim and her making her amazing from-scratch pancakes. She uses all fresh ingredients, even the eggs come straight from her parents chickens!  I had never had real syrup until having pancakes with Kim, and Stephen and I have been hooked ever since. It’s amazing and delicious when your syrup has only 1 ingredient: Maple Syrup.

Here’s Kim making up a batch on our griddle.



here’s a better look at the goods:


imagine those stacked & covered in butter and syrup… sooo good!


Before she left we grabbed a group shot. What did we do before camera’s with timers?!?!



There ya have it. There’s a brief peek into our weekend. We also celebrated my little brother’s 25th Birthday with some delicious BBQ wings and cookie cake. I don’t know about you, but we had a delicious stomach-filling weekend here on the coast.

Family Photo

This past weekend we were in Biloxi for a family reunion. We had an amazing time and I was able to  see some family that I haven’t seen in 20 years, since the last reunion on the coast!

One wonderful occurrence was that my immediate family was all together in one city at the same time! That is a rare occasion for us these days so I couldn’t help but share the special moment with you:



We started as 6 and now we are a family of 10!  Gotta love it :)

I’ve been swamped since we got back, so hopefully I’ll have more  for you soon!

I can say that I am counting down to the 3-day weekend ahead!!  I love the  4th of July! For our family  it’s a time to eat some delicious bbq and relax in the sun with friends and family. That, and a reason to  high-five my brother Jeff and thank him for serving our country and protecting my everyday freedoms.

How do you celebrate?!?

Where There’s Thunder

Over the weekend a nasty storm came through and one of these landed outside and fried our modem and router.


I was kind of mad at first because we were fixing to watch “Dexter” on Netflix and the last thing I wanted to buy was a new router.

Thankfully on Sunday, when we went to visit our dad’s for Father’s Day, Stephen’s dad had a spare router laying around and gifted it to us. That’s $50 we didn’t have to spend. Thanks dad!

We also spent our weekend doing this:

We somehow went through a time-freezing wormhole and stayed up til around 5am Sunday morning trying to complete it. Ya… I still don’t know how that happened.

Thankfully ‘lightning killed our modem’ is covered with our cable company, so we’ll be getting that fixed soon.

This Is For You, Legs

I have been wanting to start cycling for quite some time. With our zero access to a pool and the fact that it is WAY too hot to run, I figured a bike was a good compromise. After a bit of convincing, Stephen now agrees with me =)

After a few weeks of looking around at the different options (and Stephen researching the quality) we went ahead and got ourselves some this weekend. I was beyond excited!  There are several trails in our area, and I can’t wait to visit them. Until we have the chance to go, we have been exploring the streets around us on these:


A Hybrid bike for each of us!

To be honest, I don’t know exactly why it’s called a ‘Hybrid’ bike. Stephen could tell you in 2 seconds.

This is what the internet told me, “A hybrid bike is one that blends the best characteristics of both road and mountain bikes into a bike that is sturdy, comfortable and fast, and ideal for riding on streets and bike paths.”

Alright, sounds good to me!

The one above is the exact one Stephen got, and mine is the same, but maroon.

Searching for bikes was kinda funny. I was the “that ones cute” shopper, and Stephen was the “What are we buying them for? What type of riding will we be doing? We need to find out the pros and cons of the different types.”  He is a good balance for me.

I know it’s only Tuesday, but I can’t wait until this weekend so we can go into town and ride. There are so many great buildings and houses in the historic area we drive through. I plan on bringing the camera to capture the images and them find a place for them in our home. I love that we moved into an area that is surrounded with history, and has kept the buildings and homes untouched. I’m sure I’ll have a lot of pictures to share next week (rain, please stay away!)

Until then, here is something Stephen brought up on our drive home after work yesterday. He thinks this would be a great addition down the road:



Ya, I laughed at him too.


Stephen started playing Half Life 2 this weekend and I’m pretty sure my blood pressure has gone up because of it.

These were a few of our one-sided conversations:

Me: What the heck. That gun is not living up to my expectations.

Me: Those HeadCrabs are ridiculous.

Me: Use the Crowbar, no quicker, kill it, KILL IT!

Me: There’s a ladder, go up there.

Me: Their behind you, turn around, TURN AROUND!

Me: You really need to find some health!

Me: AHH, he has multiple head crabs. Who thinks of that?

Me: Use the other gun, it reloads quicker!

Me: What kind of zombie throws a chair? That is crazy.

Me: Use your flashlight, it’s too dark.

Me: Hurry and swim to the top for some air, you’re almost out of breath!

-end of day 1-


After Stephen finished for the day he told me “I don’t think I can play this without you. You’re as entertaining as the game.”

I haven’t figured out if that’s a good thing yet…

Weekend Recap

I can’t believe it friends, but June is actually here. The winter and spring have come and gone and summer is definitely here. I can’t believe how quickly it has come. Stephen and I have been in our house for 5 1/2 months now! We have accomplished so much, and still have many fun projects ahead!

With today being the 1st day of June that means Memorial Weekend has come to an end. We had an amazing time up at my grandparents cabin on Lake Martin. Here are some pictures to make ya jealous ;)


A Warm Welcome meets you at the door


I bought some new floats to enjoy. These comfortable green beauties were a great purchase!


My sister Miriah, and bro Jeff really enjoyed them


Amanda and I enjoyed a paddle boat ride, and had a tagalong giving us a good workout.


Those green floats did come in handy


It was a weekend full of sun, laughter and catching up with friends and family


Amanda, Charlie & I


Our friends Steve & Amanda came up to the lake on Sunday to relax and hangout with us. We had such a great time getting to relax with them since they moved this past January. I can’t wait until they move back so we can continue some awesome games of Dominoes. Perhaps with Steve’s delicious chicken tacos and Amanda’s brownies and ice cream (hint hint)! hehe

While a few of us decided to head up to the porch and enjoy some shade for a bit, Steve and Stephen spent some time fishing.



While the boys fished I gave Ava, Steve and Amanda’s eldest daughter, a bottle of bubbles I picked up. I think she enjoyed them…


Isn’t she adorable?!

The boys enjoyed themselves too…


My brother Matt and Stephen


This is the view of the cabin from the dock.



I love these views…



The weather was spotty with some occasional rain, but rain doesn’t hurt when you are in the water. Plus, it made for some great pre-dinner napping!  Grilled ribs and chocolate pie made for a great last night at the lake.

I think the lake is the perfect getaway for Stephen and I because he can take naps and read while I hangout in the water and chat the day away. On the way up to the lake we made that stop at Walmart where I got the new floats and bubbles, and while we were there we also picked up a fishing rod for me and this helpful device:

The new GPS

I always gripe to Stephen that we don’t need electronics to get from Point A to Point B because we can look at a map if we get lost. Well let’s just say that I’m not the best navigator, and with us using Stephen’s iPhone for our ‘mapping’ we had a few stressful moments when we had no signal on our trip. For some reason AT&T doesn’t know about Alabama – someone should really let them know…

that is how the GPS came to be. I finally gave in after we travled the new route we take from our new town. It was the first time we have gone into Alabama since the move, and it was so enjoyable. Next time we know of some awesome flea markets and coffee shops we want to visit.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We hung out and fished on Monday until leaving after lunch. We got home just in time to grab some Gordita’s for dinner :D