Sweet Seasons

Happy weekend, all. While I’m sitting outside on the front porch watching the girls play I figured I’d make a little update while my hands are somewhat free.

The other week my sister came up with a fun plan for all of us to go visit one of the local pumpkin patch farms.

When I saw that it was $8 a person I was kinda not looking forward to it, but when we arrived I understood and was totally on board.
These people make bank, and they deserve every penny because this place is a kid haven.

Here are some pictures my sister took while we were there (thank you for snapping these, Ri!)








The girls had a blast. Literally played until they were about to drop.

A bonus on top of it all, I had a prospective client going with her family so we were able to meet there. I got a new home birth mom on the schedule and that truly made my morning complete!

Daddy Day

Stephen has been traveling a lot recently. It’s been a weird adjustment, but I think we have figured ourselves out.

After one especially long training trip we made plans to celebrate his being home. A day of fun with just the 4 of us.

When Sarah saw him the morning after he returned she came running down the hall yelling to me “Mommy, mommy, daddy’s home!” She was so excited. It was the ideal response.

To celebrate we decided to get out of the house and hit up some silly and relaxing places to enjoy that quiet day.
Here are some of our festivities.








Date Night

Stephen and I had a date night this past weekend. One of my great friends from church has a sister that does Painting Parties. She does them for birthday parties and the like, and offered to do one to raise money for our church mission trip. 2/3 of the money went to the fundraiser, so basically she gave everything she made, I doubt her cut even covered all the supplies. I say that because people, we went through a lot of paint. That’s a large canvas, and mixing paint colors is fun. I get why Sarah likes to make such big messes now.

The event was held at a local coffee shop, so not only did we get to paint, but we drank delicious drinks and got to support the small local business man. That’s a win-win-win folks.

It wouldn’t be a post, especially an art-based one, without some pictures, so here we go. Remember – this is our first painting experience, so don’t get those expectations high. Also, if you don’t wanna see my oh-so-exciting step by step you should just scroll all the way down.


Check out those mad circle skills!



Let there be sky!


and grass…


what’s a space of grass without an initial-etched tree


I snapped some photos of Stephen doing his artsy thing


Check out that concentration


My candy colored tree. Apparently I’m craving Valentines candy…


The right side felt too open so I added an extra tree…


Our finished products


Our Painting Party Group Shot

painting party

We both had a lot of fun. It was cool to see how we were all painting generally the same thing but they all came out so different.

The experience makes me more excited about continuing art with the girls. It’s so expressive and individualistic. I also think it would be a wise move to start investing in buying paint in bulk. It’s also time to make Sarah an art smock. I made one for my niece for Christmas and I’ve been slacking since then. Once the sewing machine gets put away the projects seem to stop. I should make a dedicated craft space… Yep, I’m adding that to my to-do list. Gees, I need to end this, I keep giving myself more things to do.

Here’s to a craft-filled, to-do list accomplishing, art-filled week ahead!

Family Time

While sitting around the house today Stephen came up with a great idea. The man knows me, so when he mentioned going on a walk I was sold!
When we were talking about the idea Sarah got really excited and immediately headed for the front door.
Thankfully we have those [frustrating] white child-proof door things, so she had to wait for us first.

We got the baby loaded up in the stroller, packed on some warm clothes (because it was unusually cold today), and headed outside.

Here are some photos from our little adventure.








Living in the country has its perks. Sarah moo’ed at the cows and actually pet the horse that came up to us.
We had a great time. I’m so glad phones have decent cameras so we can easily capture moments like today when we don’t have our actual cameras on hand.

Now I’m laying on the couch with Elanor asleep on my chest, Stephen playing a video game with some friends in TX, and Sarah sleeping soundly just down the hall.

2013 sure is looking good!


Yard Sale Fun

This past weekend we all got to spend some time outside and Sarah had a blast. We are loving this spring weather!

Also, Sarah is officially done crawling. It’s walk, run, or… well there is no other, it’s those 2 or she’s sleeping. There is no in-between with her.

Here are some cute pictures I snapped last Saturday while at our church’s youth yard sale.












I know you love that onesie-boot combo. She was wearing jeans but it got pretty warm so we let her run wild in her cute boots. Literally, the girl gets some momentum going and gets to running. There were a lot of offers to buy our little girl, but obviously she isn’t for sale :)



Babies & Birthdays

This past weekend we were able to celebrate another little birthday with some awesome friends. One of Sarah’s best buds, Rory, was born a week after she was so the girls share the same birthday month. They threw a fun party that the kids had a blast at. With all the running around and goofing off they wore each other all out and took some great afternoon naps (which is always a bonus in my book)!

We had a wonderful and fun time watching the kids celebrate Year 1 with balloons, cupcakes, presents, and even a piñata! I’m especially excited that Jill, Scott, and Rory are moving right down the street from my sister in law! Talk about play date central!

Our friend Ashley with Sarah


Jill & Rory going at the piñata


A Proud Mom



Sarah got her first battle wound Saturday
(before the party, not at the party)



Singing Happy Birthday



Birthday Girl with her Cupcake



Mmm, icing!



Sportin’ a Birthday Cap





Balloons were a BIG hit!



The Birthday Girl



Stephen lowering Sarah into the piñata stash



Some of the girls with their girls



a cute photo collage :)



It was a fantastic party watching all the kids run around and chase balloons while knocking each other over. The weather was absolutely beautiful, and that always makes me extra cheery.

I honestly cannot tell you how incredible and helpful it has been having a friend with a baby the same age as Sarah. Jill has been such an encouragement to me when I have questions or am having a rough day. We texted each other at all hours asking one another’s opinions and advice. She was probably my biggest encouragement when it came to nursing and not giving up during the hardest points. I can never thank her enough for that!

On another note, Sarah is still adjusting to the time change and has been sleeping in until 7-8’ish, which I’m 1000% okay with! Of course seeing that she is our alarm in the morning it maaaaaay mean we slept in Monday morning. Oops. Live and Learn.



Pricey Upkeep

This weekend my laptop battery died. Actually that isn’t entirely accurate, let me be more specific. My laptop charger died, therefore my battery ran all the way down and is currently out of [apple] juice.

Here is what happened to it:


Ya, those 2 pieces are supposed to be connected.
So, while we search/save for the $79.99 price of a new Macbook Pro charger, posts will be a bit spread out. I’m making this post from my phone. What would have taken 2 minutes (top) on my laptop has taken me almost 10 minutes on here (what?!? I’m still getting used to touch screen typing (auto correct is NOT my friend) ).

Hope everyone is having a great week!


The Return of Double Dating

Last weekend Stephen and I went on our first double date since having Sarah. We went to lunch and then to a movie with our awesome friends Brandon and Nicole. We didn’t go to just any movie either, we got to go see the last (and best in my opinion) Harry Potter movie. I wasn’t sure how it would be, being away from Sarah for 4+ hours, but we had an absolutely fabulous time. At first I felt kind of guilty for having such a good time without our little girl, but I know it’s healthy and needed to have “grown-up time” with friends and each other.

In order to go out my parents offered to come over to our house to watch Sarah for the afternoon. They also had a great time :)


Nicole & Brandon


Stephen & I


We met Brandon and Nicole at La Hacienda and filled up on some yummy mexican. I definitely ate my fair share of chips and salsa! After lunch the guys dropped us at the theatre so they could go get some snacks. I actually baked chocolate chip cookies the day before and *might* have brought a ziploc baggy for each of us :)   We got there over an hour early and it’s a good thing we did. Nicole and I picked out some great seats and we watched the theatre fill up every seat. Before it started filling up we snapped a picture of us while we excitedly awaited the movie to start.



We had such a wonderful return to the double-dating world. It is so great to know that we have great friends and family nearby to help us laugh and relax.

I know we will have many more fun outings to report about, some with Sarah, and some without. We are enjoying this new adventure so very much. The Lord is good!


A Weekend Update

Whenever I hear or read ‘Weekend Update’ I think of the SNL skit. Not the new ones, but the classics where Chevy Chase and Norm McDonald were the anchors. Oh the good old days… [kidding kidding, this is where Stephen would call me old and ask when he can use my AARP benefits].

I truly am here to write a post about our weekend though, so the title to this post does actually have meaning.

On Saturday morning our friends Sara, Jordan, and Baby Jairus came over. We were going to the Blackwater Farmers Market and they met us at our house. It turned out to be more like the Blackwater FarmeR Market because there was only 1 stand, and his prices were not so good: $1 per tomato?!? Yikes! But I did get some yummy peaches, eggplant and squash. There’s something more exciting about fresh and local produce, other than the bonus that it’s hormone-free and pesticide-free. It somehow makes me like vegetables more. Weird, I know. Next time we are going to hit up the downtown farmers market on Palafox St. There are a lot more vendors, which means more options and price negotiating! After we got our goods we parked the cars and got out the jogging strollers to walk around downtown. Turns out downtown Milton is a lot like downtown Pensacola, there isn’t much to do, especially things that are kid/baby-friendly. We ended up going to an Antique Store/Restaurant. Jordan scored some books on sale and we decided to stay to eat some lunch. It was a nice excuse to stay in the air conditioning! After lunch we headed back to the cars to get home before our veggies and fruit melted in the car.

It was a lot of fun hanging out with the Bush family, it always is. While I’m sure the guys would have preferred staying home and playing video games they were sweet husbands and came with. It was especially great for Sara and I since it involved being outdoors and in the sun, with our cute hubbies and adorable babies to top it all off. Our favorite people and favorite activities, definitely a good start to the weekend!

The weekend was also a fun-filled time for our family. My grandma came down to visit for a few days, so we had a lot of great family time (which also involved a nice amount of delicious food!!) On Saturday my dad BBQ’d chicken and Judy and Uncle Tommy came over from Fort Walton Beach. After dinner, and some delicious cheesecake, we watched “The Green Hornet”.

Our Sunday morning started with our little girl giving Stephen a funny card and new woot shirt. Sarah loves it when her dad picks out her outfits, he always does a great job!

A lot of our church has been in Brazil on a mission trip so our pastor asked Stephen to preach on Sunday. It was his first Fathers Day as a new dad and he was able to share a wonderful message about our Heavenly Father. He did a wonderful job. Sarah was actually content (while awake) through the entire service. Afterwards I realized that I think it’s because she was able to hear her daddy’s voice the whole time, so she was relaxed and calm. My parents, grandma, and mom-in-law came out to FBC Bagdad to hear Stephen speak, it was so nice having them all there.

After church we went to my parents for lunch and then to Stephen’s parents for dinner. In between meals we got to sneak a nap in while my sis-in-law Kelley played with Sarah. It was soooo nice!!!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend:

Saturday lunch at the Antique Store:


The Bush family at lunch


Me and our growing-like-a-weed little girl


Sara and I with the kids


Grandma and Sarah


Fathers Day after church


It was such a great weekend. Although hot, it didn’t rain. I wish every weekend could be rain-free and family/friend/nap filled throughout the entire summer. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, you should too!