We All Scream for …

Now that it’s getting cooler outside there is one thing I will miss. Ice Cream visits!  Now of course ice cream is still available, and can still be eaten, but there’s nothing like some ice cream on a hot summer night!

Once upon a time, many many years ago, I discovered the joy of McFlurry’s!  Ice cream mixed with either M&M’s, Oreo, or Butterfinger.  Delicious and brilliant!
To save on some $dough$ we’ve tried making these at home a few times.  Get yourself some vanilla ice cream, toppings, and if your a big spender add some milk for a more ‘milkshake’ texture!   Wha-la, you have yourself a delicious at-home treat :)



This picture is from a visit to Marble Slab with our friends Jon and Ashley. My suggestion:  Birthday Cake Icecream + M&M’s, oooh so good!  And don’t forget the waffle cone, it’s totally worth it :D

I think it’s time we re-visit Sundae’s on Sunday.  Who cares what the season is, we  can throw in some hot chocolate to balance it all out!


This past week has been full of crazy surprises for Stephen and myself. As previously mentioned, we had an offer accepted on a house and were set to close on October 15th.  We got everything done from inspections, the survey, and signing papers upon papers upon papers!  Well on Tuesday we got a call from our realtor telling us that closing may need to be pushed back a few days so the sellers could finish up some things.  Long story short, Thursday we were looking at new houses and still are!
We have been through a crazy week, but feel completely confident that we were not supposed to be the owners of that home.
We have an amazing realtor that has worked her tail off, and we are now just waiting to see what God has in store for the us.

We wanted to update all of you out there so you know what’s going on. Obviously I won’t be posting any pictures of our “new home” yet, since that has yet to be decided. We aren’t worried about ‘what if’ or ‘when’ for our first home, but instead confident and calm that our God is going to show us exactly what He wants for us.

Right now Stephen and I  are staying at my parents.  We had everything coordinated to be out of our townhouse the weekend before closing, we already had all our furniture in storage for our “renovation of floors” we were planning. So what was going to be ‘a few days at my parents’, has turned into the Ringls being homeless, but homeless in a warm and loving home where my mom has made me breakfast on several occasions!  It’s kind of like an elongated holiday visit, only with no return home date set.

So there ya have it, the Ringls are (in a way) homeless, but feeling confident that God is about to show us some great things.  I think my parents are really enjoying this turn of events :)   I get to watch HGTV with my dad, and go to bed when I’m tired without having to drive home first!

Introducing: Ava

Recently I have had the pleasure of watching our friends Steve and Amanda’s little girl Ava.  She just had her 2nd birthday last week and she is a hoot to play with. We always have a ton of fun playing games, especially since she does NOT like to sit still  :)  I count her as a part of my workout scheme!  Other than jumping around and going on walks to discover new things she loves to watch Fish swim around in his tank. It’s like when you go to the zoo and you tap on the glass so the animals will actually do something cool, or at the very least acknowledge you standing there.  She is such a cutie, and I think she has helped me BIG TIME with becoming more comfortable around children, which will be great for those future Ringl-babies Stephen likes to talk about.
Here are a few snapshots we took while I was showing her pictures of her mom and dad on the computer.

Photo on 2009-09-10 at 12.20

Photo on 2009-09-10 at 12.28 #2

Photo on 2009-09-10 at 12.22

She really liked seeing herself on the PhotoBooth camera on our computer!
Ava has a little sister, Charlie, that I don’t have any pictures of yet – but she’s super easy to watch because she LOVES to sleep!  Of course that is usually the case in little ones, especially since Charlie is just under 4 months old.

That is all i have for now.  We are pretty exhausted after moving all day yesterday!  The old townhouse is officially empty and now we just have to finish cleaning it up with a good amount of vacuuming and mopping. Have I mentioned how excited I am about NOT having any carpet in our new house?!?!  I won’t even have to own a vacuum, which I am SO SO excited about!!  I will get some pictures of the old empty place up soon, it looks so different empty.

Well I just voted and the decision was unanimous – time for a nap :)   Happy Sunday !

Top Story

What was awesome about our vacation you ask?!?!  Let me show you in a series of fun and exciting pictures…


Yes, Sea World was AMAZING !!!  Shamu was so awesome, loved it!

Yes, that’s Shamu ice cream!!


Sitting in front of the Shamu Stadium (obviously).  The weather was gorgeous ALL week too!!

So that’s the first post of our Orlando vacation. Sorry for the lack of picture posts before now, I was unable to upload any photo’s for some reason and it just got fixed today (thanks Shaw!)
We are now in the process of packing up the house and moving out, so we are having some super busy days, but don’t worry I won’t neglect you, more pictures will be a comin!

A Christmas Surprise

So those of you who have already read Cassie’s most recent post, this should be a bit of a treat. If you haven’t, go read it now.

The past month I’ve had a lot of fun teasing Cassie about Christmas decorations. I’ve told her how bad I just want a Charlie Brown tree, and that I’d even let her get a string of lights! For some reason Cass didn’t like this idea. So while we were visiting Matt and Helena I had my friend Shaw go into our place and put up lots of Christmas lights and turn them on so that they were all on and ready for her when we got home.

On our way home I had to engage in a little less than safe driving (I passed her at a speed bump) so that I could get to the house ahead of her. She was stomping mad when I was running to the door but as I swung the door open and she saw inside I saw her expression change quite a bit.

So she got her Christmas lights a day earlier than I originally said and tonight we got our tree. But I’ll let her tell you more about that.



Well, we’re over in St. Augustine with Cassie’s older brother, Matt, and his wife Helena for this Thanksgiving weekend. It was a long-ish drive, so as soon as I got off of work we started the 6 hour trip, but it was absolutely worth it for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.

Matt and Jason got up early this morning to go to Walmart and returned around 7 o’clock with a brand new TV! So when Cassie and I got up, Jason and Matt had gone back to bed and we’ve hooked up the Wii and are now playing Mario Kart Wii on the 50″ screen.

Well l’m about to give up the laptop to Cassie (her laptop actually! but I’ll let her tell you all about that a little later), and Matt is up and about now so we’ll play some wii while waiting for Jason’s girl, Kelly, to get here.

Anyhow, hope everyone’s having a fantastic Thanksgiving!
If you check out the pictures page, you can see some of ours!


1st post!

Welcome to our humble website! We are the Ringl’s. I’m Stephen and I’m sure my lovely wife Cassie will be popping in too.

We created this site so that all of our family and friends could see what we’re up to. Sometimes we’ll tell you about events we’ve been a part of. Other times we’ll tell about what we’ve been reading or have recently watched.

So here it goes! Hope you all enjoy the site!