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Last night I was told by a sweet friend that lives far far away, across an ocean and 3 hours in the future (that’s how I like to imagine time zones), that updates without words or explanations or big life events are needed. “Just pictures will do. Even if they’re straight from your phone.” So I am going to start doing that, because I love her and when someone I care about asks to see pictures of our life I provide. 

To my Uruguay family.

        Christmas with the Wells: 2015   


3 & 4

It simultaneously blows my mind while also making total sense that Stephen and I have 3 and 4 year old daughters. 

It feels like a flash but is also hard to remember a time when they weren’t in our lives. I’m so excited to celebrate Christmas and the surrounding seasons with these two  smart, beautiful, goofy little jokesters. 


A rainy day

After running a couple errands we got home just in time to beat the rain. Having a garage is a great change these past few months. No more unloading kids and groceries while getting drenched. 

On this particukar afternoon we stayed outside to watch the storm  and then the girls had a blast singing, running and dancing in the rain.


Produce Bandit

I hope you had a fabulous weekend. The weather was gorgeous here on the Panhandle and we were able to hangout with a good friend and some family.

On Friday I made a big batch of spaghetti and our friend Kim came over so we could help her setup her own website. It’s always a fun time when we see Kim, and because we both knew her before Stephen and I were dating we always have tons of stories that come up. After dinner we helped Kim make a video for her website. This was the first video we’ve helped someone make, and it was a lot of fun. I pooped out at 12:30 (which is like a new record for me) and Stephen helped her finish the recording. The next morning she left to a women’s conference in town and Stephen got to work on editing the video while I went and met my friend Brett for some brunch. When we were leaving the lady at the register asked me if I was expecting, and I excitedly told her yes. That was my first “stranger” pregnancy question, which means it isn’t just me noticing this bump from my belly, it’s becoming much more obvious!

So when I got home after brunch I went to water our tomato plant and noticed that we had our first juicy mater turning from green to red. I am so excited to see that they are actually going to make the change before the season changes and it’s too cold. With this unexpected cooler weather I wasn’t sure if they would make it, but it seems we will get to enjoy them after all. Here is what I found when I went to pick the red guy today:

Happy Red Tomato:


Then, upon inspection:

Our backyard friends got to it first!

I love the birds in our yard, but I had no idea they were so hungry.

This wasn’t a one-taste visit either, they really enjoyed our homegrown veggie:
that’s multiple beak marks…

Thankfully we have a good group of green ones left. I’m just gonna have to be a lot quicker the next instant I see a ripe tomato outside. I don’t know how they spotted the one red one inside there so fast, but it’s as if the birds were waiting for it. I may need to put a net around this plant to make sure we can enjoy them too.


Thankfully they only attacked 1/2 the tomato, so I brought it inside and put it by the window to show Stephen what happened.



Maybe Stephen won’t be too weirded out and can enjoy his first tomato sandwich of the bunch ;)

Wedding tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the day!

My little sister is getting married tomorrow! Expect pictures to go up soon after!

For those of you who can’t be there, you’ll notice that there is a new page on the site. Click the link that says, “Valerie’s Wedding” to be taken to the page with the video feed. The wedding starts at 4:00PM Central Standard Time. So be sure to get there a little early so you don’t miss anything! Also, you may want to check the page now to assure that you can see the videos!

Also, here is a little guide on how to use the player: (click to enlarge!)

Weekend Assembly

Last night while watching some episodes of  “The X Files”  I got a big grin on my face when I looked across the den to this:

Aren’t they wonderful!!!  I know, they look amazing. Can you be in love with furniture?!  I hope so…

Over the weekend Stephen and I made a trip to Target and he happily obliged with my idea of getting the bookshelves I’ve been drooling over for a year now.   I still want to make some bookshelves, we have 2 other rooms that are in need of some lovely shelving!

You know the most exciting part when I put the bookshelves together?  The hardware package.  I know, I know, usually the hardware is the worst part of home furniture assembly, but not these beauties.  They came with individually wrapped, numbered boxes that are detailed to follow each instruction page.  It was beautiful!

See these individual boxes – they were my best friend on Saturday.  I enjoyed boxed furniture assembly!  Thank you Target bookshelf packagers, you kept me from mumbling some unfriendly 4-letter words.  You know like darn or poot   ;)

While ogling our glorious new den items I was floored when Agent Mulder mentioned the year that season 1 of The X-Files was done.  1994 people – what the heck?!?!  I watched that show when I was 10! No wonder I have weird dreams…