Traveling for Treasures

I was reading through some blogs today and found a listing for a 3-story flea market that isn’t too too far from our trusty home in the Panhandle.  It’s called Eastbrook Flea Market and Antique Mall, and the reviews online were really positive.   I usually would never consider leaving our own town to visit a shop, that’s gas money that could cut into my awesome-shop-finds budget.  However, this isn’t just a shopping trip I’m hoping for. 

I have been wanting to visit my friend Melissa since she moved in August.  She actually moved to go  BACK to school, law school to be exact. I told her she was crazy, going back to school after we escaped it’s pointless term papers and pop quizzes.  But she has a dream and is going for it, which happens to be one of the things I admire most about her.  I know she’s gonna continue to kick butt in school, and if I ever get into trouble one day I’m calling her.  First,  for friendly advice and second, for legal advice!  Hopefully she won’t charge me for both phone calls ;)

Google maps made my day when I checked the location of the antique shop to the area I visit.  It’s under 7 miles from couch to crafts!  I think I can handle that.


Now I just have to plan a trip that way.  It would definitely have to be an entire weekend, which is A-Okay with me!!  

Plus, everytime we get together me and Lissa go all out and treat oursleves to delicious mexican food!!  Ohhh, I’m dreaming of the endless chips and salsa as I type…

I have family that lives out that way, so it could be a wonderful jam-packed weekend.  I’m pretty sure I could spend an entire week up there and not get enough time in to visit with everyone.  My Aunt Vicci and cousin Lindsey like to shop, so maybe they would like to go too.  That means multiple visits would be in order!  Maybe I should start planning a few trips…