Girls Trip

My mom, sister, and I (with the 2 little ones) decided to take a road trip to go visit my brother and his family. They live about 6 hours away, on the east coast of Florida. We left Thursday morning and I was incredibly impressed by how wonderfully Sarah and Elanor traveled. 6 hours in the car sounds daunting with a toddler, but she did great, especially considering we were driving straight through a tropical storm!

I should pay more attention to the weather, I had no clue there was a storm in the gulf.

Upon arriving I got a tour of the new house my brother and his family built, and the girls have been playing non stop since we arrived.

Here’s a glimpse of our first 24hrs here…

the “Bounce”


Aunt Ri with my girls


A good nap during the drive to St. Augustine


Little girl loves to stick her tongue out


Baby PJ’s are so cute


She wanted to give me a hug at dinner
( I LOVE this sweet age )


Mom & E after our mexican dinner


At one of the pools in Matt & Helena’s neighborhood


We are having a great time. Sarah and Graycie are having a blast. It’s gonna be hard to leave on Sunday.

This is my current view as I lay in bed…


Our little rooming buddy.
Night, all!

Texas Road Trip

This past weekend Stephen and I loaded up the car, dropped the kiddo off at my parents house, and headed to Houston for a quick weekend to visit some friends and see my friend Brett get married.

Driving across the Mississippi.



Here we are driving to the wedding, before the torrential rain and getting lost for 45 minutes. Did you know it rains as much in Houston as it does in Florida, only their highways make me a nervous wreck. Thank the Lord for my patient husband!


It’s here people, the bump has made its appearance. It seems our little one is growing perfectly and it’s becoming more and more real that we are really having another baby!



Waiting for the reception to begin. It was at a beautiful resort in The Woodlands. Kelly and Brett looked amazing and it was so wonderful getting to celebrate with them!



Kelly and I sending our friend Melissa a picture to let her know we miss her. We all went to high school with Brett. There were many college road trips, and post-graduation hangouts. We are all married now. It’s crazy to think that we’ve known each other for well over 10 years. Heck, I’ve known Brett since 7th grade… and now we’re all grown ups!



We decided to make Melissa a place at the table so she could be there with us :)


Here’s Kelly and I with Brett, the groom.


Kelly and her hubby Brian. They moved to Houston a few years ago, and Brett moved there last November. It seems Houston has become a popular place these days.


Stephen and I, and new baby :)



Our friends, the Shaws. Stephen and Sarah housed us for the weekend and it was great getting to have some downtime with them, as well as a few tasty meals that Sarah made for us.



We got to see JD Saturday and Sunday. I love that we have so many friends that we are able to pick up with as if no time has passed.



Grabbing lunch on Sunday before we headed out.



On the way home we stopped in New Orleans and had a great visit with our friends Matt and Elise. We grabbed dinner at a local burger joint and hung out at their place while we enjoyed some delicious cookies and got to hear about their recent trip to Paris.



It was a wonderful weekend and I am so glad we were able to see so many wonderful people that we love, but we were definitely happy to get home to our little girl. I doubt she even noticed we were gone with all the attention she got, but I’m glad that we are getting our share of the hugs and kisses.

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend. I can’t believe it’s already the middle of July! It’s going to be fall before we know it, which I’m certainly not complaining about, I would love a break from this heat!


Yes, We’re Alive

I know, I know, I disappeared for a few days since my last update. All I can really say is that we’ve been crazy busy, and a busy/tired mamma = lack of posts.

The past few days I’ve been visiting family in St. Augustine, which made for some cute picture opportunities with Sarah and her cousin Graycie.

Yep, you guessed it, that is exactly what this post will be filled with. Enjoy!

A Few Days with Uncle Matt, Aunt Helena & Cousin Graycie













It was such a nice trip and it was great getting to love on my sweet niece for a few days, I just wish I could see her everyday! While hanging out at the pool on Tuesday I was asked by a few different people if the girls were twins. Silly girls loved playing together. Can’t wait until they get to see each other again :)



Touring a New Town

This past Saturday I visited a new place. I mentioned in my last post that Sarah & I went with my parents to St. Augustine to visit my brother, sis-in-law, and niece. The weather was so incredible that on Saturday we were able to pack up the babies and go stroll around Old St. Augustine. We had a fantastic time touring the area, and my brother Matt even filled in as our own personal tour guide. Of course his historical “facts” were more on the side of tales, since I don’t believe we actually saw the oldest window in the world that was sporting the oldest vase that was holding the contents of the oldest man… but it was definitely a fun tour filled with ridiculous and random tidbits. I can always count on my brothers for some good laughs.

We had lunch at Acapulco Mexican Restauraunt, which was across the street from the water and next to the fort Castillo De San Marcos. We had a great time visiting and walking around. It was really nice to get out for a while and enjoy the beautiful weather. Sarah loves going on walks, so she just chilled in the stroller the entire time. Next time we are able to go visit I think I’d like to go inside the fort and look around and read all the facts about it’s history. Speaking of forts… now I wanna go visit Fort Pickens. I haven’t been there since middle school.

Here are a few pictures we got throughout the trip.

A stroll around Old St. Augustine
(we got to avoid traffic and park at Helenas brothers house because he lives downtown)


The 2 that started it all

(without them we 4 kids wouldn’t be here, so our spouses would have married someone else (or be CRAZY lonely), and our current and future children would never have come to exist… Yikes, I’m sure glad that didn’t happen. Thanks Mom & Dad!)


Matt, Helena, & Graycie


Gotta love photo hoppers


Sarah was busy watching the boats


We got to walk around the Lightner Museum


We left Wednesday and didn’t get home until Sunday so Stephen was really happy to have Sarah and I back home. It was actually the perfect week for us to take a trip because the youth had their Disciple Now so Stephen was hardly home except to sleep Wed night until Sunday afternoon.

It was a wonderful trip getting to love on my brothers family. It’s crazy how much Graycie has grown since they were here for Christmas. She & Sarah were very entertaining (and exhausting), but when are babies not!?

We also celebrated Helena’s birthday while we were there. Saturday night my dad taught Matt how to make the family grilled chicken recipe that my Papa taught my dad, and for dessert we all chowed down on oreo ice cream cake. Thanks for the reason to celebrate in style Helena, it was a delicious 29th bash ;)


Florida Travels

I haven’t been on my computer much the past 2 days because I’ve been busy playing with these two gals…

Sarah telling Graycie to wake up and come play

I traveled with my parents to St. Augustine on Wednesday to visit my brother, sis-in-law, and precious niece Graycie (yes, you guys are precious too, Matt & Helena).

The girls have been giving us a run for our money with 3am wake ups, crazy short naps, and Sarah deciding every toy Graycie plays with is suddenly the toy she wants (we’ve been learning about sharing this week… ).

We’ve been enjoying all of this gorgeous weather we’re getting here in Florida. Mid 70’s in January is definitely a welcomed change.

Being able to go on walks with the girls has been a lot of fun.
Speaking of walking, I need to step it up a notch because I’ve been chowing down on these babies all day…


I don’t think I’ve had a butterfinger since the 90’s, yes as in the 1990’s. I have found a new favorite candy bar. They are soooo good! Everytime I eat one I hear Bart Simpson in my head, “Nobody better lay a finger on my butterfinger.” That’s some solid truth folks.

Alright people, its time for some Wipeout. Have a fantastic weekend!


Celebrating the 19th

I dedicate todays post to this handsome man:



Today is a very special day. January 19th 2012 marks 4 years that Stephen and I have been married. It was this day, 4 years ago, that we exchanged vows and were presented at Mr. & Mrs. Ringl . To make it even more memorable, just after that moment the Star Wars theme filled the church as we exited the room. What a fun and hilarious surprise that was (thanks babe!)  ;)

Last weekend we celebrated our nuptials by heading to the beach and staying at the hotel where we spent our first night as husband and wife. Stephen took Friday off work and we stayed Thurs night to Saturday morning. It was a spectacular trip!

It was also our first overnight trip without baby Ringl in tow. She stayed with grandma and papa Wells and they had a great (and tiring) baby-filled Friday. Sarah did fantastic, and even took a BOTTLE, which she hasn’t done since she was 4 months old! We are so excited to feel okay about & confident for Sarah to have overnight visits with her grandparents! Hope you guys are ready because I sure enjoyed sleeping until 8am on Saturday!!  ;)

We started our mini-vaca by dropping off our cutie pie


After dropping off our luggage we headed to dinner
(luggage being our baggage, not our daughter)



Friday was beautiful. We snapped a photo outside our room


and then headed to the movies to see the 2nd Sherlock Holmes movie
(which was really good!)


after the movie we went back to the hotel and took an afternoon NAP!!! It. Was. Awesome!!! I guess that’s a sign of parenthood. Your free time is used to do what you dream about… napping in the middle of the day :)

Saturday morning we slept in, packed up, snapped a picture on the beach and headed to pick up our girl.

I may have rushed Stephen when we stopped for brunch and when we finally did show up to get our girl she was taking a nap… I was so looking forward to seeing her ‘YAY’ face. Oh well, I guess we’ll have to try another weekend soon ;)

Have you ever looked up the Wedding Anniversary Gift lists? It’s quite interesting. Interesting and also kinda strange… Apparently year 1 is Paper, and year 4 is Linen (I’ll settle for a bag of hershey kisses, sound good babe?!!).
I’m looking forward to year 6 which is Sugar (and wood?!?). It’s a pretty humorous list, but I suppose if you are creative and think ahead you can come up with some good and thoughtful ideas.

I hope you all have a wonderful January 19th! Tonight we will continue our streak of buying a movie and cuddling on the couch, a tradition we started on our honeymoon :)  Stephen requested we get ‘Galaxy Quest‘. Now all we gotta do is find a place that sells it…

Thanks for marrying me, hubs!  I love you with all my heart and can’t thank you enough for being such a strong and wonderful leader and challenging me to grow in my personal relationship with the Lord, and our relationship together in Him!




Currently: Coupon-Searching

At this moment I am sitting on the couch searching the [endless] internet for some coupons. It’s past time for a shopping trip and while I search for money-saving deals online I am beginning to fear that my head is going to explode!

I have a few websites I visit that have been recommended to me:


So far I’ve printed 1 coupon that I actually got from a google search. How do people do this each week?! My only chance to search and print these things is during Sarah’s morning nap (which varies from 45 minutes – 2 1/2 hours, I never know how long I’ll get).

Unless she sleeps ALL day AND time comes to a complete pause for me, I won’t get any of this junk figured out. It seems like every time I try I give up from feeling overwhelmed and confused… even the “how to coupon” explanations these sites provide make my eyes burn and my brain hurt.

This is how I feel right now

Looks like I’ll stick with my 1 coupon I already have, unless the coupon fairy pays me a visit and deposits them in my lap in the next half hour. Is there a coupon fairy, because there really should be!?!



A Trip full of Travels

The Ringl ladies have been some busy travelers over the past week and a half. Last Monday Stephen took our church youth group to Centrifuge. After they loaded the van and headed out Sarah and I packed up the car and headed over to my parents for the week. Have you packed for a week long trip for a baby!? You pack A LOT, you know, for all those 400,000 ‘just in case’ scenarios that play through your head.

While we were missing Stephen like CRAZY, my parents did a great job of helping me relax and have a good time. Heck, minus the fact that I was missing my hubby I had a great time. It was like a vacation where I didn’t have to pay for my room and the chef was my dad. I had steak one night, and grilled chicken with pineapple sandwiches another time. Did I mention that my mom took care of Sarah when she woke up and I got to sleep until 8!! That made for 5 straight hours (Sarah wakes up to eat around 2-3 right now)! Totally spoiled me.

After a few days of hanging around the house mom and I decided to take a last minute trip to Biloxi to visit family. Wednesday to Friday we had a blast relaxing and catching up while they all got to love on Sarah.

On our drive home Friday mom and I stopped off at the University of Mobile to visit Stephen and Miriah at Centrifuge. Miriah went with them as a counselor and was also in charge of video/photos. When we arrived Stephen gravitated to Sarah and pulled her in for some hugs and kisses. She is one loved little girl, especially since Stephen had 5 days to make up for!

Enough talking, here are some pictures to show you how it all went down.

Fun in the Kitchen


Hanging out in the guest room at ‘Casa de Wells’


Grandma kissing on our girl


My cousin Angie meeting Sarah for the first time :)


Sending dad pictures of our little cutie


Shopping with Grandma


Aunt Debbie entertaining Sarah during lunch


On our way to go see daddy :)


My sweet family of 3
(matching unintentional)


a GREAT visit


There ya have it, that’s 5 of our 8 days away from home. I’ve got more fun pictures of our traveling adventures to share, but for now I’m gonna watch an episode of ‘Next Generation’ while I cuddle on the couch with my hubby. Have a great night!



First things First

I’m an AUNT !!!!

This was my brother and sister last night…


This was them this morning…


Then, just before they wheeled Helena away…

(I told her no one should look that good just before having a baby)


Not 30 minutes later this cutie pie joined the world…

Meet Grayciella Faith Wells, born August 1, 2011 at 12:30 pm, weighing 6lbs & 10oz

She is absolutely beautiful and healthy as can be. Such a sweet answer to so many prayers :)

Just a guess, but I think he’s in love…


More pictures to come, I just wanted to post some for friends and family to see ASAP!! :)

We will be visiting the Wells, familiy of 3, before we head home tomorrow. I can’t wait for Sarah to meet her sweet little cousin!!

Goodnight everyone!


Better Late than Never

It seems I totally forgot to post pictures from our 4th of July trip to Lake Martin. I guess after my mom posted pictures on facebook and my sister made a post about the trip I simply didn’t think about it…

Here are some of the goodies from our trip.


Sarah loves cuddling with Aunt Vicci. She has special napping-powers!


Love those eyes :)


We love hanging out on the porch!!


My brother Jeff turtle hunting…

It was our first time with Sarah down by the water and she had a blast  :)


Stephen testing out Sarah’s float
(for safety’s sake of course)


He loves his little girl


Mom can always get a smile out of her!


Did anyone else travel for the 4th of July?! Maybe you shot off fireworks, or went to a show? I wish I had played with sparklers, they’re my favorite! I’ve always wanted a picture where I have my name written out with a sparkler. My mom has one and I love it. Can anyone teach me how to do that?! If so drop me a note so I can take some lessons from you. I can offer you about $3.00, or maybe we can trade? Alright people, it’s time to start bartering again. I want a goat! Who has one and what can I trade ya for it?!

Wow, that got off subject real fast…