A Grey, Yellow & Chevron Baby Shower

This past Saturday we threw my sister, and future niece, a baby shower. It was the first time I’ve done something with a theme and it was a wonderful success.

Miriah and Jeff are decorating baby Addison’s room grey and yellow with chevron print. We decided to follow their lead and do the same with the shower. Miriah is a high school english and debate teacher so I thought it would be fun to use chalkboards as the writing backdrops. I was beyond thrilled (and crazy relieved) that Miriah liked the combination.

This was the shower invitation (with a few details removed).

I got the invite off etsy & got them printed & mailed through winkflash.com

We arrived at the shower location early that morning to setup all the little details and prepare the food on sight.

Instead of doing games I decided to go the craft route. Miriah is crazy excited about dressing her little girl up in bows, so I decided to run with that knowledge. We had a bow making station and also a onesie decorating table. We made a few examples to place on the tables and everyone did a fantastic job letting their creative juices take over.

Here are the pictures I grabbed before and after the shower. I got a tad busy and didn’t get any pictures during the event, but thankfully my mom had a friend snap a few with my camera during the gift opening and of people at the crafting tables.

This was the first table when you walked in. My friend Sara did this at her wedding and I love seeing it on her wall every time I visit her home. I have been waiting for an occasion to use it and I loved how it turned out.

I got this tree off a google image search and then personalized it a bit
It says “Jeff loves Miriah” on the tree

One of the tables we setup.
Instead of giving advice (which is usually silly) I asked the fellow moms to give their favorite mothering tradition

For door prizes I made these Herb Jars with Starbucks gift cards
We had 4 in all & I really loved how they turned out.

Instead of people winning a prize for a game I would ask a Miriah-related question to get a winner:
1- Who shared the same birthday as Miriah’s due date?
2-Shared the same middle name as Addison & Miriah?

We set this up for the two little ones that were attending
(we printed letter sheets to color that spelled Addison’s name)

The onesie station.
We had directions written out with stencils that I cut beforehand.

when people finished a onesie they hung them on the mantle to display them

I want to quickly note that I am a wife and mom of two little ones on a single income, and hosting a shower like this is quite possible, it just takes planning and bragain searching. I found the blank onesies for a great price at Ross & TJMaxx (cheaper than Target & Walmart). For the bow station we got felt pieces and bought flowers from the ribbon rolls, but only got 4-5 of each, which made for less than 1/8 of a yard of ribbon. We were surprised how much we saved doing that. Rather than buying pre-packaged flowers that cost between $3.99-$8 a package! Like I said, planning and searching is everything when it comes to a shower with craft tables (when on a budget).

Okay, back to the details…

Kelley made the perfect diaper cake which we used as a centerpiece!
(Those are a few of the onesies & bows made during the shower)

My youngest, Elanor, did a test run in a gift while we were setting up that morning

The food spread

I made the banner for the cake and I will just tell you – buy one off etsy, or commission a friend!
That thing took FOR-EV-ER!
It’s embaressing how long it took me. I was gonna do 2 rows but ran out of time.

Just in case you are curious, I made the banner out of paint strips & cut the triangles with a stencil I made

Miriah, how did I not get a picture of just you?! Party planner fail! Hopefully you snagged one and I don’t know it yet…

A print for Addison’s Nursery
(thank you internet for this free printable)

(you can see some of the completed onesies in the background here)

Thank You Cards are always a great present

When Miriah told us she was pregnant I made her a “Pregnancy Survival Kit”, so I followed that lead and my sis-in-law helped me make this bin.

A Hospital Survival Kit
(these gifts are a blast to make!)

Mom next to her sisters Patty & Diane

Wall Hangers that Miriah had been eyeing at Hobby Lobby

Her diaper bag filled with other fun goodies

Paige & Kaley made the trip over with our Biloxi family

Our awesome sis-in-law, Kelley!

The bow making station
with Mariah, Tina, & Kelley working hard

Sweet friends from church
Melissa, Dahlia, & Jordan

The onesie making table

Aunt Diane & Elanor

Aunt Patty with Elanor and her granddaughter, Kaley.

Just a few of the completed bows
(my favorite bow tutorials are here, here, here, and here )

The thumb print tree at the end of the shower

I forgot to get a group picture, and these are the only ones I got with the guest(s) of honor

This was one of my favorite gifts to my sister
(my friend Sara gave me this idea (and the same journal too!))


I keep a journal for both my daughters, and my sister is a great writer,
so I know one day Addison will get this back filled with a beautiful account of her life that she will cherish forever.

Well there you have it, a picture and information packed baby shower wrap up. My biggest love language is Acts of Service, and looking back while making this post I think this shower portrayed that pretty well. It was an absolute blast to see how everything came together.

We have less than 2 months until my newest little niece arrives and I can not wait to hold her in my arms.

A Simple Jeans Refashion

It’s been a little over 2 months since I had Elanor and I have reached that size where my pregnancy jeans don’t fit and my pre-pregnancy jeans are… well, let’s just say small.

After dropping Sarah off at Mothers Day Out this morning I made a quick stop at Goodwill to try and find some in-between jeans. After trying on a few racks (and finding out what size I am NOT) I left with 2 pairs of pants. I’m wanting jeans I can wear with my boots or flats, so the skinny jean/tight ankle look was what I was searching for. 1 pair was just that, and the other was a wide straight leg. My mom helped me fix that problem right up. There’s nothing a mom and sewing machine can’t fix ;)

I actually thought to take a before picture so I could share the transformation. Check it out.


the after

Skinny leg (still post-pregnancy weight) American Eagle jeans for only $5.89

They (and 1 other pair I got) fit perfectly with boots. I’m slowly getting used to this skinny jean fashion… just in time for it to probably go out of style ;)

After a successful day of jean re-fashioning the girls and I picked up Stephen and on our way home the car decided to die on the interstate. We were on the I-10 bridge, which if you are local you know it can be a crazy fast and dangerous spot, and the lights started to dim. We JUST made it off the bridge and Stephen pulled off onto the shoulder.

About 40 minutes later my dad picked me and the girls up and took us back to my parents house. Stephen waited for the tow truck and is figuring out a game plan as I type this. Hopefully it’s an easy fix. Our car has really been giving us a run for our money the past year… thankfully it’s always been an easy’ish fix.

I sent him this picture and then he facetimed with Sarah just before she went to bed. Modern technology can be incredible at times!

I guess I will get to try out my new jeans tomorrow since I didn’t plan on staying the night away from home. Pray we have an easy (and cheap) car fix tomorrow!

A DIY Yoda Costume

When Stephen and I first got married he told me that when we had children one day he wanted our child to be Yoda for Halloween. He wanted to dress him/her up and proudly walk around with her on his shoulders. Well, I think I surprised him this year when that is exactly what I planned for our first Halloween..

I’m gonna share my quick, cheap, and very easy Baby Yoda tutorial with you.

First: Gather your pieces

I got the pants and onesie from Goodwill and my mom had the felt in her craft stock pile.

[ These next 3 steps are how to dye your white onesie if you can’t find a green/brown one ]

Heat a pot of water
(I used a tea kettle)

Add some teabags and let them stew so the water darkens


Grab your onesie and place it in the pot
You will then leave your onesie in the pot and let it soak until you get the color you like

(while the onesie was dying I moved on to the next article of clothing)


Get your felt out and cut it into a cloak form
I eye balled this step, it was a risky move but Sarah was napping and I wasn’t waking her for measurements!


– I folded the piece in half (make the fold on top at the shoulders)
– Then I cut up the center and created a small neck opening
– Then I cut down from the side/shoulders for sleeves and angled the ends
(I later made the angle less obvious)
– Cut up the underarm and down the sides to fit your child’s width


Sew your edges to get fray-less seams
(the last thing my baby needed were strings to pull and eat)


Don’t forget to get your onesie out of the pot. To ‘seal’ in the color you should rinse it in cold water in the sink and then throw it in the dryer to lock the color in.

Last step, try it on your little one to make sure it fits :)

End result = one cute Yoda!


When I first started searching for ideas on how to make a DIY Yoda tutorial this was the one I liked most. I altered mine for my own needs and I hope you like the end result as much as we did.

How’s that for a quick and super easy tutorial?! I used a curtain tie for her belt, and cut the feet & hands out of felt and attached them to the cloak and pants. Can’t have a lifelike Yoda without some 3-fingered appendages!

Total cost= $2.40

The last and most important piece, the hat, was made by my friend Ashley. She did such a great job :)

I can’t wait to see what we come up with next Halloween!