An Exhausted Energizer Bunny

It happened friends, it FINALLY happened. What you ask? The most wonderful thing I could imagine. Sarah fell asleep, yes I repeat fell asleep, IN my arms :D

While probably the norm for some parents, our little energizer bunny hasn’t slept on me since she was still nursing. Probably not since last fall. As a matter of fact the only person she has fallen asleep on since then is Stephen’s mom. On several occasions I might add, which made me one jealous mama.

This first occasion happened Tuesday afternoon. We had hung out with some friends the evening before and Sarah was up until 9:45pm playing! For our kiddo that loves her 6:15 bedtime that’s huge. She then woke up on Tuesday at her usual 6:45am. I guess I shouldn’t be too shocked since she got a few hours less sleep than usual… but I was! I was totally floored. My sister Kelley was hanging out with us during her lunch break, while we were chatting in the living room she looked at me and said “She’s asleep”. I didn’t believe her at first, but sure enough Sarah fell asleep right there in my arms.

Here’s my proof, hehe:



After that beautiful first occurrence I decided to give it a go the next day. I kept Sarah up past her naptime, which is usually at 11am. After lunch, at around 12:45, we were on the couch watching an episode of Blues Clues when this happened:




It was so wonderful! She just passed out holding my hand. Pretty sure the feelings I felt at that moment were of my heart exploding while I somehow managed to love her even more. It’s funny how that happens. You don’t think it’s possible to love your child more, and then it happens, over and over again.

Parenthood is so amazing. Our sweet daughter is amazing.

Stephen has dibs on Saturday for cuddling with her, if we can get her to do this again. I think a tiring trip to the park will do the trick!