Sarah’s Stats

No, I don’t have any sports stats for you, although I can confirm that Sarah would be a great long distance runner. Girl goes all day long without slowing down. So while it isn’t sports related I do still have some percentile info to share.

Sarah recently had her 2year checkup and I thought I’d tell ya all about it.



Sarah has finally reached the 50th percentile! Well, at least in 2 categories. Her height is average at 32in and her head was also in the 50th. It only took her 2 years, but she’s finally catching up with the other toddlers of the world. Her weight is still lower than most kiddos. I’m not surprised with how active she is. I’ve been told she plays like a little boy, non-stop, fast and tough. A little tomboy in the making. Her poundage has always been on the light size, so I wasn’t surprised when she only weighed 23 lbs, just in the 5th percentile. She’s a petite little thing. I have a feeling Elanor is gonna outgrow her in the next year or two. Following her mom and aunt’s footsteps – Miriah was always the taller one with long legs. I was so jealous about that growing up. We women, we always want the opposite of what we have. ;)

So that’s the recap of Sarah’s 2 year checkup. She’a a sweet, loving, and beautiful little girl. These past 2 years have been some of the most amazing of my life. Parenthood is both everything and nothing like I imagined. Stephen and I couldn’t imagine life without our girls and I know Sarah is [unknowingly] thrilled to not have another checkup until she turns 3! After all, kids just looove being shut in a room where they can’t run around!


Two Years

Sarah turns 2 years old today!




We could not be more thankful to God for allowing us to raise this precious girl. These past two years have been the best of our lives, and we know that joy and love is going to continue to grow for all our days on earth.
Happy Birthday to our first born!

Some Phone Photos

Life has been pretty busy with a sick toddler and a cuddly 2 month old, so here’s a peek at what we’ve been up to lately…


Mothers Day Out



Sister Time



Eating Yogurt



Sweet Cuddly Naps



Fun with Sarah


Car Rides


Time with Nana



Coloring with Gampa






Backseat Fun



Styling with Sunglasses








Sandbox Fun


Picnic (napping)


Car Decor



Passing time @ the Doctor
(playing with the trash bin)



Playing with Angel



January Blooms



Getting Sweet Smiles



Going on Walks


Color Time w/ Mommy






Enjoying the Outdoors



Cold Season

You wouldn’t guess it from this picture, but our little Sarah has RSV.


RSV is basically a real nasty upper respiratory infection.

This is the first time Sarah has been sick, other than a small episode with pink eye, and this momma is NOT a fan of her being ill. It’s horrible not being able to fix things when your child is uncomfortable and in pain. I don’t even like typing about it. Thankfully for us, The Itsey Bitsy Spider helps cure all ailments with this one.

We are so thankful that she is almost over this nasty bug. Sweet girl misses playing with her friends and being allowed to love on her baby sister.

Say a prayer for her and that her body gets back to 100%.

Thank you.

A first

I have some pictures to share from our visit to Chick-fil-A yesterday. Mom, Miriah, and I spent the afternoon together and mom treated us to lunch. We decided on Chick-Fil-A because it’s the one spot where people eat and expect to hear children running around and squealing in the kid-zone.
I like to relax while I eat, and Sarah prefers to eat and run… It provides both.

Now, back to the reason for this post. While at lunch Sarah had her first-ever ice cream cone. She’s had ice cream before, but never on a cone and never her very own all to herself. She was a huge fan. Check these out.






The first couple licks were funny to watch. I think she was confused by the cold on her lips, but wanted to keep going bc it tasted good.
I was proud to learn that she was a great cone-sharer! She didn’t mind giving me some. I actually think she wanted to watch us eat it. She must have been perfecting her form.


By the end of it she was a pro!
We will be sure to trade in the kids meal toy for ice cream in the future! Definitely a good deal, and way worth the cute sticky mess :)
Gotta love Florida. It’s perfectly normal to have an ice cream cone in January!


6 & 97 weeks

I’m back for our weekly photo update. This one was especially fun when Sarah decided to join in! Check ’em out.


 the [Almost] Superman

Air Traffic Runway Controller

Sarah got jealous
(and Elanor looks like she’s gotta poo… haha)

That’s a lot of growth difference in 20 months!

Our Sweet Sarah
(check out that sharp K9 tooth popping through!)

Tummy Time

There ya have it. Our girls had their first combo photo shoot and it was a huge load of adorable!


Some Sarah

I thought I would share some pictures from the day before I had Elanor, and all her fun activities while we were in the hospital without her. We missed her like crazy, but getting these pictures sent to us made all the difference in the world!


Putting acorns in her ears…


Chasing her cousin Graycie :)


Visiting us in the hospital & playing with the workout ball


Cutest girl I know!


Graycie sharing dirt


Both girls sitting with my brother Matt while he reads to them


A piano duet !


The day before I went to the hospital… we played outside ALL day!


First oatmeal creme pie


Seeing the Christmas Tree for the first time




Visiting the toy section in K-Mart. Girl had a blast!


Walking with Papa in the store


‘sweeping’ for me :)


love her!!


These are just a few random shots I thought I would share. Hope you are all having a great week. Today is my first day with both girls on my own. So far so good. They are both napping, which means I should be napping… so that’s where I’m off to!