I feel like I should title June as The summer of smoothies & Popsicles. The heat has come strong and it isn’t letting up a bit.

Elanor wrote her name the first time. Given, it was backwards, but that’s what happens when you start on the far right side of the page. Sarah was so excited for her.

Sarah has discovered texting on my phone  She messages her uncle Matt and cousin Graycie, and on occasion RiRi. She knows how to record voice messages with the mic, take and send videos and loves to do silly face photos, which my brother always does back to her. She pretty much thinks every time my phone beeps its for her. 
-here’s an example-

We got Sarah registered for Kindergarten. She was so excited just walking in the doors.

Elanor still takes random and spontaneous naps. There’s no system to it, but they usually occur when we are in the car and then I carry her inside and she finishes there.

For Father’s Day Sarah picked out a homemade confetti cake for us to make. It was a detailed and time consuming dessert, but she was so excited and proud. They made him a card and Sarah built him a Lego creation.

Lots of Frog hunts and pool playing to survive this summer heat.

Visiting a garden center with Nana and Aunt Kelley.

My hydrangeas bloomed this month! They didn’t do anything last year and I thought they were dying/dead, so I was thrilled to see blooms. They are one of my favorite flowers.

Bedtime stories with Uncle Jason.

Beach fun!

Reading with dad ❤️

And LOTS of swimming at Nana and Papaws house :)

Life Update: iPhone version

The summer season has come on fast. It felt like we just had Sarahs 5th Birthday and now we are 1/2 way through May.

The girls and I have been enjoying a few of our favorite warm weather activities. Miriah and Addison are often with us with the help of our extra seats of the van. It’s also hard to believe we’ve had that for over 9 months already.

So in March Sarah turned 5. We had a little get together with family at our house and the kids all had a blast.

We got her a bike and she is really loving it.

The week after that I turned 32! We had a joined bday fajita dinner at my parents for Jeff and I since our birthdays are close. A friend from church, Melissa, made me a from-scratch strawberry cake. It was amazing!

After that was Miriah and my camping trip, which I wrote about a few weeks back.

Since then we have gone on a few beach trips, blueberry picking, and visits with friends and park trips.

                   Fort Pickens visit


Easter 2016

I love the real-life of this group kid photo.

Stephen on puppy-patrol at the park.

Just a couple girls cruising the neighborhood.

Burying Nana :)

Stephen and I slept in one Saturday morning and found the girls like this around 7:30…

My sweet friend Rebekah, who is about to cross the globe with her two kiddos to join her husband in New Zealand,where they are moving to. So excited to see their adventure unfold (Instagram to the rescue!)

Family meal at Jason & Kelley’s. Dad was there too, he snapped the photo to send to mom, who was out of town.
Grandma with her girls.

And that about sums up a life update from my iPhone photos.

Out of the Mouth of Babes, and Moms

I was looking through old posts I started and never finished- this one was written 759 DAYS AGO, and then just sat in my drafts.

I am so glad I recorded these moments because, well, LOOK at Sarah! She was younger and smaller than what Elanor is now! She is still just as hilarious.

Here’s to the past, and how quickly time escapes us…


After picking Sarah up from Mothers Day Out and we discussed playing in the gym with sport balls.
Sarah: “I’m not a soccer ball. I’m a goofball.”

Mom: “Is that the broom?”
Sarah: “No, it’s the sweeper.”

Sarah: “Mommy, Whatcha eating?”
Mom: “Chicken soup. Do you want some?”
Sarah: “Sure… Mmm, that’s really yummy. You did a great job makin’ dinner.”

*Sarah helping me bake fresh bread*
“We don’t bake with our hands in our pants.”



[While in the bathtub Sarah likes to sit next to the drain]
Sarah: “Mommy, an alligator got my hiney.”
Mom: “Silly girl, alligators don’t live in drains.”



Mom: “Sarah, what’s your middle name?”
Sarah: “Smart”
(This happens almost every time I ask)

Mom: Sarah, what was that?
Sarah: “That wasn’t a toot.”
Mom: “It wasn’t?”
Sarah: “No, it was a monster!”

286 | 365

Project365_286286 | 365

I am a huge fan of crafts. Simple craft to be exact. Simple and as close to free as possible. I also want to teach the girls about using available resources. One such resource that I have been using and showing them since becoming a mom is nature. We have a giant sycamore tree in our backyard and have been taking advantage of it’s leaf bounty this fall.

Sarah loves painting, and watercolors do really cool things on leaves and bark. We now have them displayed in different spots around the house and I’m hoping to make a leaf garland banner to hang for November and until Thanksgiving arrives.

The girls faces light up when they see their art and crafts displayed around the house, and I love the warmth it brings into our home :)

195 | 365

FULLSIZE Project 365 - 195 FULLSIZE Project 365 - 195-2

195 | 365

Naps on the floor and cornbread snacking on the floor. Days where we just stay home, with minimal errands and activities, are usually my favorite. At least when it’s me and the girls. I like to save outings for when Stephen can be part of them. Like Wild Honey frozen yogurt. Stephen is always up for an ice cream date with the girls :)

190 | 365

FULLSIZE Project 365 - 190


190 | 365

I am taking it back to July for this goody. Spaghetti in all it’s delicious and messy fun.

I have some rather flip-floppy kids when it comes to what foods they like. Sarah looooves broccoli, but doesn’t like pizza. Or at least homemade pizza, which is what we do most the time. I have no idea where she got her taste buds, because while I do enjoy some broccoli, not liking pizza?! Craziness. Then again, good for her. Haha. It’s like when you have a friend that doesn’t like chocolate. I can’t quite understand the concept of my mouth not wanting chocolate, but if my flavor-buds were on board that would be a helpful preference. Sadly my brain is all about some brownies. Just brownies. I dream about them sometimes. Actually, I think we may have some this week. Boxed brownies, if you’re curious. I’ve tried from scratch and they weren’t worth the effort. Either hard or dry or watery. I’ve tried too many to count. The recipe makers from those box-filling factories know what they’re doing!

Okay. I need to go drink some tea now and stop thinking about what night this week we are having dessert.


217 | 365

FULLSIZE Project 365 - 217217 | 365

Post-VBS falling asleep on the couch. She was telling me all about the three men that went in a fire and an angel kept them safe when suddenly she got quieter until she passed out next to me. I actually cuddled up next to her and watched some NCIS (Netflix, you are brilliant but cruel for my time management), before putting her into bed and then going to sleep myself. It was a good cuddly evening.


189 | 365

Project 365 - 189

Project 365 - 189-2

189 | 365

We have been having a ton of fun with playdoh recently. I found some on clearance at TJMaxx and bought a few packs, so we haven’t made our own in a few weeks. It’s always funny to watch them go to their room and return with a box of toys to extend their playtime.