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New Bed Gag Reel

Okay… not so much a gag reel as something that got caught on camera and I felt was worth sharing. Enjoy!


So… we got a new bed!

Cass and I just put together a bed. I’m sure she’ll post pictures in a few days, but until then perhaps the following video will serve to appease you.

This one's for all the ukuLADIES

Webcam: unscripted, uncut

Cassie went to bed and I hadn’t finished working. So instead of finishing my work I got on youtube, turned on the webcam and started talking.

Apparently I need more to do with my time.

Havin' a baby – Q&A

Hey everybody, this is what I do when I’m up late:

Also, if you haven’t seen Cassie’s post from this morning, I recommend scrolling down to see her parents react to the news!