Day 8 | 365 Project

Project365 (8 of 1)


It was time for their bath and I couldn’t find Elanor. Sarah was busy de-robbing in the bathroom and I found this sweet girl sleeping peacefully in their room. She didn’t budge and stayed there until the next morning. She sleeps like her mom, curled up on her side with her hands making her own pillow :)

Day 7 | 365 Project

Project365 (7 of 1)-2



Fence walking. Board walking… wait, is there a term for walking the fence boards? I think I like fence walking so we will go with that. The girls being so close in age makes for a lot of fun playing together. Elanor lives each day with the theory of “Anything you can do I can do too”. She’s got no fear and is always right at Sarah’s heels.

Day 7 | 365 Project

Project365 (7 of 1)

Playing outside. We were at my sister’s house and it was windy. I sat inside at the window and watched the kids play. Sarah was making faces and mouthing words at me from the window and I had to take a photo. If you look close you can see the screen lines.

Those crazy curls are a beauty to look at and a beast to brush.

Day 6 | 365 Project

Project365 (6 of 1)

I brought the girls with me to a baby shower. It was in the evening and Stephen was working so with mom they came, and they loved it! Sarah devoured the strawberries. Those, and like 3 cupcakes, or the icing from 3 cupcakes. She had a blast and I loved having them with me, celebrating a great friend and her baby girl.

Day 2 | 365 Project

I decided to do a photography project this year. I started the 2nd day of the year, and am doing it knowing I probably won’t be successful at taking a photo everyday of the year. I figured some is better than none. 365 Project let’s do this!

Project365 (2 of 1)

My second born. She busted her lip skateboarding in the house and because of her boo boo she has been giving out kisses left and right to her dad and I. It’s the best.


Jumping is such an easily fun activity. Well, maybe not super easy the older we get, but definitely fun!

One morning the girls and I were playing and they started off by crawling around on the couch. Crawling turned into rolling off onto pillows which somehow turned into jumping into stacks of blankets.

We may have all been breaking a dad-rule. No jumping off/on the couch. They broke it by jumping, I broke it by allowing them to jump AND laughing while capturing photographic evidence. I apologized for my lack of parental control and responsibility. I think he forgave me ;)