My body is no longer my own

One of the things that has surprised me the most in the last 8 weeks is just how little I understand about my body. This baby has taken over my mind, body, and strength (or lack thereof). I am certainly not complaining, I couldn’t be more overjoyed for a 3-inch little human to be controlling every little piece of me! It is just really strange to experience the parts of pregnancy that people don’t normally talk about. You always hear about “the glow” and “the cravings”, but not so much about the heartburn, the headaches, the super sensitive senses (aka: my nose/the “super sniffer” as Stephen calls it), and then of course peeing 3 times during the night. It has been one crazy roller coaster so far and I am so happy that I have more to look forward to with what is still to come.

I figured it was time to share a few photos with you. I hope you enjoy them :)

This is from the first ultrasound:

Baby Ringl at 7 1/2 weeks:

And then at 10 weeks:

At our 12 week appointment we heard the heartbeat. It was amazing. We were also pleased to get the news that I could go off the progesterone medication I was on, called Prometrium, because the baby was now at the stage where the placenta was handling all the hormone development. Since going off it there has been a decrease in my nausea and increase in normal sleeping habits. Our next appointment is on the 22nd and I can’t wait to see how baby Ringl has grown!

My mom has been talking on and on about taking belly pictures. We didn’t get any pictures in the beginning, I think we were trying to be cautious of getting excited in case something went wrong, so here is what we do have.

Here we are at 10 weeks:

and then at 13 1/2 weeks while at the lake house for Labor Day:

I guess you could say I officially have a little “baby bump”
(mind you, this is after a belly full of ribs and corn-on-the-cob)

That looks like A LOT of growth, but notice that they are at different angles and one is zoomed closer than the other. I promise I’m not eating enough for a family of 5!

I will try to be better about taking belly-pictures so I can easily look back on how my body looked pre-baby in the future.

I will say that I am VERY much looking forward to the approach of Fall and cooler weather! I am ready for some pumpkin carving, leaves falling, and sweater wearing! That, and opening the windows to let the breeze in and turn the AC off for a while. Gulf Power is LOVING my hot flashes and how much they get to benefit from them!