E at 14 weeks

Our little bean at 14 weeks old.

She is such a chill little girl. Loves being snuggled but is completely content just watching her big sister. They have the absolute biggest smiles I’ve ever seen when they are looking at one another. Sarah loves it when Elanor smiles at her, it’s my favorite thing ever!

I sure love my girls! :)

E @ 12 weeks

These weekly photos are a bit sporadic. I blame my computer and early bedtime. I actually ran out of space on my laptop, which is why you haven’t seen any pictures from Sarah’s 2nd birthday party yet. Stephens working on helping me clear up some [much needed] space. I think getting rid of the picture folder marked 2004-2007photos will be a quick and easy fix.

Moving on to the topic at hand… Here is E at 12 weeks old, which was also Valentines Day!


It’s weird how time speeds up when kids enter life. This time 2 years ago Sarah wasn’t even 2 weeks old and now we have a 2 year old and a 3 month old!
We are some blessed parents :)

9 weeks, 6 weeks ago

It seems I have fallen a bit behind on the weekly photo updates with our sweet Elanor. here she is at 9 weeks (which was 6 weeks ago as of today)…

It’s crazy how our two children can be so different! Elanor is a little cuddle bug and sleeps ALL the time. It’s a big blessing since Sarah is in such a fun play mode right now, so it makes it easy to hop between them.

I am loving life with my two girls. Could not picture it any different :)

6 & 97 weeks

I’m back for our weekly photo update. This one was especially fun when Sarah decided to join in! Check ’em out.


 the [Almost] Superman

Air Traffic Runway Controller

Sarah got jealous
(and Elanor looks like she’s gotta poo… haha)

That’s a lot of growth difference in 20 months!

Our Sweet Sarah
(check out that sharp K9 tooth popping through!)

Tummy Time

There ya have it. Our girls had their first combo photo shoot and it was a huge load of adorable!


Week 1 & 2

Well, another baby another set of weekly photos to share. Yep, Elanor has already had 2 weeks of life on this earth (almost 3 actually) , and has had 2 photo sessions with her silly momma.

So far she’s cooperating like a champ :)   Then again, she doesn’t know how to escape yet…

– 1 Week Old –

– 2 Weeks Old –


Already dancing… “You make me wanna ‘SHOUT!”

I’ve been considering doing monthly photos this go around, instead of weekly like I did with Sarah. Monthly updates will make it a lot easier to see a difference in Elanors growth, and give my computer storage a little break ;)

In 1 week Christmas day will be over… it’s crazy how quickly it has snuck up on us this year. I suppose having a baby 3 1/2 weeks before made time a bit nutty for us. It’ll be great though. Our first Christmas as a family of four. We can’t wait!


I just couldn’t resist… check out Sarah when she was 2 weeks old. Such a cutie pie.

The Missing Bump(s)

Towards the end of my prengnancy with Elanor I was a massive slacker on posting pregnant belly photos. I did a great job keeping up with it while prego with Sarah, but with a crazy active toddler in the mix this go around things changed.

Soooo, while Sarah is busy today at Mothers Day Out, I figured I would use my time wisely and surprise you all with a lovely (post baby) Bump-Filled post.

These date back from the early summer until 38 weeks pregnant, the same week Elanor was born. Enjoy!


Week 16

Week 20

Week 21

Week 23

Week 26

Week 27

Week 28

Week 32

Week 34

Week 35

Week 36

Week 37


… 4 days after this last photo we had our baby!

Well there ya have it. A crazy jump around of belly shots to fill your afternoon.

We now have our 2 1/2 week and 21-month old daughters to love on while we prepare for Christmas (which is somehow already just 1 week away)! We are pretty much done with our shopping, but we still haven’t put our lights up on the house :/  we might take the year off and just enjoy everyone else’s. It’s hard to get that done when it’s already pitch black outside when Stephen gets home from work. That, and Sarah wants to play with her daddy, not have him on the roof outside, unless she can join him, and that stage is probably still a few months away ;)

Have a great Tuesday!


51 Weeks, 1 To Go

People, I am fixing to have a 1 year old! TOMORROW to be exact.

I can’t believe how quickly the past year has flown by. Can you? After this post I’ll only have 1 more weekly photo update for you. I’m sure Sarah will be more than happy to have the flash out of her face every week.

Here we go. Week 51 of our little Sarah-Bear.





If I did the math of how many weekly photo’s I’ve snapped it would be a scarily atrocious number. Thank about it…
51 weeks x 2,000,000 per week = atrociously large number (or more specifically:  102,000,000)!

1 week to go friends. Oh, and don’t worry, a birthday post will be up soon. Uploading, sorting, and choosing my favorites is crazy tough! Yep, they’re that cute :)



An Even 50

Saying Sarah is 50 weeks old just sounds weird to me. 11 months and 2 weeks sounds a bit more normal. I feel like saying such a high week number is like saying 36 months instead of 3 years old… it just seems strange. I guess I have a weird thing about numbers?! Who knows, my brain works in funny ways sometimes.

While this weeks photo op smiles were better than last weeks, it still took a lot of cooperation (and patience) on both our parts to get more than 1 usable shot.



After she found the barrette in her hair there was no way she was letting it make a reappearance, so for some reason I decided to change the fabric as well.



I love it when I capture her laughing


Only 2 more weeks until this project is done! An entire year of taking weekly pictures… I’m happy I will be able to see it to completion. I couldn’t even stay at 1 college for that long before switching to somewhere new  ;)   It’s a good thing too, otherwise I never would have met my other half!