In the Quiet

I am currently sitting on a couch in a lovely families living room. It’s just after 1am and mom and dad are resting as well as the midwife and her assistant. I can never sleep at a birth, or not yet at least. I love the quiet stillness during labor. I suppose quiet isn’t a word people normally associate with birth, but I have yet to attend one where it wasn’t a factor. Excitement is brewing and nerves are high. Our bodies work harder than we knew possible, and our minds are occupied with what all is about to transpire. I get to be part of that. Each birth I attend I witness different forms of bonding, encouragement, fear, strength, love and joy. With each new life that enters into our world I am in awe of the detail in which God formed us. These vessels that are flawed from sin, but designed and created for such great purpose.

I recently documented the process of a placenta encapsulation. I wish I had had the curiosity and excitement for learning in grade school/college as I do now. Learning about the incredible details of where our babies grow inside us is fascinating. The water bag has 2 sections, did you know that? The one on the outside is tougher and stretchy, made to keep infections away from baby, things possibly going on inside moms body that aren’t meant for baby. The umbilical cord is just astounding. It has several tiny vessels inside it to transfer needs to baby. There are so many tiny, life giving and protecting parts that surround pregnancy and birth.
I love that the Lord gave me this passion. I never would have guessed I’d be doing this in my life, and while each birth presents different challenges and growth (from a photography standpoint) I look forward to seeing how it changes and grows me.
When I’m not photographing labor, birth and babies I get to take photos of my own amazing family using best budget telephoto lens for Nikon. I’m excited to one day look back and remember this stage of life. I have no idea where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing in the years ahead, but the right now is pretty fantastic.

[Some of the images I’ve captured this year]












Ringl Gals

You guys! I got a new camera and I’m so excited. It’s a whole new realm of fun and I’ve already gotten a chance to practice in-action with a maternity/family photo shoot, and 3 births! It’s been a busy month in the birth world ;)

While playing around with it Stephen was sweet enough to grab a few photos of us girls.




A Day in the Life

At this time, just twenty four hours ago , I was awoken by a phone call. It was Brian, my on-call clients husband, and when I answered he boldly proclaimed “We are back at the hospital, she’s 8cm!” I’ve never woken, dressed, and left so quick in my life. Thankfully the roads were clear, given it was 11:30 on a Wednesday night.
It was go time and I was committing a woman-sin and praying moms labor would slow and I’d make it before babies arrival. I turned the radio onto K-love, calming my mind and praying for this exciting occasion.
I arrived, grabbed my gear to run inside, skipped the elevator for the stairs and slowed only to be buzzed in and collect my breath at the labor room door.

Mom was ready. Baby was ready. I thanked Jesus that I got there in the nick of time. Soon after, the grandma-to-be arrived and then the midwife. Not 20 minutes later a beautiful new baby boy was in his momma’s arms.

I stayed and grabbed the pictures I needed. Helped mom with some breastfeeding tips and shortly after hugged them goodbye.

Walking out to my car is always a surreal feeling. I once again witnessed new life enter into our world. I could not be more thankful and overjoyed for this mission and profession The Lord put on my heart.

I’ve also been really spoiled with moms having super fast labors and deliveries. The last three births I’ve been to I’ve been at the hospital less than 4 hours a piece. Of course now that I said it out loud my next 3 moms will probably give me a new longevity record.

I know I will sleep soundly tonight. Going from a full day of being mommy to being a photographer that night and back home in time to be mommy again. It’s a crazy new wonderful schedule.

Thank you to everyone that encouraged, motivated, pushed and prayed for this job I have. It’s been a whirlwind of a year and it looks like it’s only gonna get crazier and busier.

To end the evening, a cute baby photo or two to seal the deal.


(Someone haaaaad to hold him, so
I happy volunteered).


Yogurt Faced

While Elanor was having a snack today Sarah decided she wanted to share it with her. Meaning of course she fed Elanor some of her very own snack and then ate some herself and asked me to refill “their plate” more than once.

It was adorable and sweet. It also quickly led to a much-needed bath.

yogurt 1

yogurt 3

yogurt 2

That last shot is Sarah going to the backdoor and telling me she wants to go and play outside. I’d probably let her go out there more often if she’d keep her clothes on. Girl loves to hang around in her panties.

I have so much chaotic fun with these girls.

Spring Photo Challenge

Minus these past few days of crazy rain, the little ones have decided that they should be outside all day. All day. Everyday. Rain or shine. Sweltering heat. Cold windy breezes. You know what, I get it, because my kids love getting wet, dirty, and sticky, whether from the hose, bath, or rain falling from the sky. I love that they enjoy being outside so much. Although I think I’d have a better appreciation if we had a fence in the backyard so I didn’t have to be standing right there in momma-mode making sure no one sneaks into my backyard and snatches my children. Am I the only one that thinks crazy things like that? That’s how mom-brain works, worst-case scenario is always on alert. Motherhood is strange you guys. Awesome, amazing and totally weird.

So, outside. Back on point. A website I’ve been reading for a few years is having a Photo Challenge. Not a voting sort of thing, but a challenge for me personally. This months theme is Spring, and this is what I wanted to share.

Spring Toddler Tantrum: When a little one doesn’t agree it’s time to go back inside.


Happy Outdoor Weather season! ;)

Although I admit I prefer outside meltdowns over cabin fever any day!

An Exciting Site Update: Photography

I’m excited to share a new addition to with you. Lookie here, we’ve got a new page…

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 10

I’m excited to show you this new tab that’s joining our little website. If you click on over I explain everything about it, and if you feel comfortable please feel free to pass the information on to anyone that may be interested.

This is all a little new, putting myself out there, but that’s what we do when we are passionate about something.

Thanks for clicking around, and if you have any questions just leave them below, shoot me an email, or send them to my Photography website, NewLightBirthPhotography or the Facebook page .