Our Newest Little One

We are excited to let you know that new baby has a name…



Sarah is going to have a little sister! We are so excited to have a name for our newest addition. Her ultrasound was 3 weeks ago and everything looks great. She measured perfectly, and made the ultrasound tech work to find out what we were having. The girl didn’t want to stay still (which is something she already has in common with her big sister)!

Stephen felt her kick for the first time last night. I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy is going! We are more than 1/2 way there :D



Phone Photos

Here are a few pictures I took on my phone this week…

Playing on the driveway



Eating a Peanut Butter sandwich in the living room
(not recommended if you don’t want PB on your couch, rug, and everything in between)



Running around in her robe after bathtime



Kissing her birthday card from my Aunt Vicci & Uncle Steve


Part of her gift was a roll of toilet paper… she was a BIG fan!



Last, playing with daddies rubix cube



We have spent a lot of time outdoors this week. She wants to explore everything and we are having so much fun!



The Tale of 5 Friends

This is the tale of 5 friends. On an unusually gloomy day the young colorful sea creatures ventured out for an afternoon of fun adventure. Never could they have guessed the tough obstacle they would soon face on an otherwise normal day.

While stopping for a lunch they came face to face with a creature they had never before seen.


“Oh a giant!”, the friends said, “What should we do?”


With some quick maneuvering they got in a defensive formation.


Before they knew it the giant struck.


With her powerful hands she scooped up Crabby. She acted so fast he didn’t have time to flee.


“Oh no” peeped Crabby’s friends, “What do we do now?”


The giant put Crabby down and set her sights on a new target.


She quickly worked her way through the group, one creature after the other.

Then Pelly the Pelican had an idea! He yawned big and wide and lay down to go to sleep.


Then something happened. They saw the giant get sad and heard her cry out.

“It’s working!” Pelly said to her friends. “When giants like this are upset they can’t resist a good nap!”


So Crabby, Denny, Octo, and Toots all began yawning and snoring to make the giant think they were sleeping.


Then they watched as the giant rubbed her eyes and laid down her head.

After a few moments of the giant not moving they made their escape back home.


When the giant awoke from her nap she couldn’t find her new playmates anywhere.


She watched from the window and awaited the return of her five little sea friends.
While sad at first that they had left she knew deep in her little belly that she would see them again one day.

Belated TurkeyDay

It came to my attention that I never posted anything about our thanksgiving activities.

I’ll sum it up for ya real quick and instead of typing a bunch of stuff just include some photos. After all, nothing gives a better mental image than an image itself.


Sarah helped me put up the tree

Uncle Tommy & Dad

Ri & Jeff playing with Sarah

Sisters, Sisters, There were never such devoted Sisters
(I love White Christmas!)

Sarah & her Granny

My Loves

Aunt Miriah

Sarah meeting our sweet friends Elise & Matt :)

Hanging out with Gma & Gpa Ringl

Aunt Valerie feeding Sarah her first cranberries

Got our tree topper on

Saw Jason & Kelley

Mom is good at getting us all to take “couple” photos :)

Stephen dressed up for the occasion

While it’s a bit late, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are finishing our decorating & preparing for some fun celebrations with just less than 2 weeks until Christmas :)


Catchy Captions

This post is for you Aunt Vicci… I hope these pictures make you smile so big your cheeks hurt (and give you even more reasons to hound Linds & Kim to give you a grandbaby or two)   ;)


Squash Face:


Tiny Toes


the Hey, Get me Outta Here Face


the Talking Face
(aka: lalala la la nanana na daaada)


the Flash is Too Bright Face


the “Hello Clarice”


the I Think there’s Something in my Pants


the Carseat Smile


Hope these brightened your Monday :)




A few things Sarah loves…
•Being tickled
•Throwing and Chasing objects that roll
•Being Outside
•Playing with daddy
•Bath/Splash Time
•Mirrors ( like her uncle Matt ;) )
•Watching animals
•Going on Walks
•Long necklaces & Dangly earrings
•Sitting and playing in grass
•Toys she can stand at to play with
•Being an Airplane (aka: playing with daddy)



Fun in the Sun

I don’t know about where you live, but the weather here has been fantastic! I’m talking turn off the AC, open the windows, and feel the wind wisp through the room. Luckily for me our little bean loves going on walks so we can enjoy the weather regularly.

While visiting my parents house one day last week I was walking Sarah around their backyard and she was pulling and ripping all the leaves and flowers she could get her hands on. During that moment it occurred to me that Sarah had never played outside. Of course she is just a baby and hasn’t ever asked to go outdoors, but I LOVE being in the sun, so to see Sarah have so much fun was very exciting for me :)   I went and grabbed a blanket and we sat on the ground and I let her pull all the grass her little heart desired. She loved it! Our little girl has a thing for ripping things. I think it’s a texture thing. I wonder how many times I can say ‘thing’ in a sentence… I’ll save you the time and won’t try.

Here are a few snapshots I grabbed while we were basking in the beautiful weather.



Here she is taking out her paci so she can try and eat some leaves…

I also taught Sarah about shadows


I can’t express to you how much I love being a mom. I had no idea how satisfying and rewarding it would be!


A Birthday Bash

On Sunday we had Ringl Family Birthday Day. Stephen’s entire family has an August birthday. Crazy, I know. Well, instead of trying to get together to celebrate, sing, and eat cake on 4 separate occasions we decided to have one big bash at our house. You know what, now that I wrote that out I realize I gave up 3 extra cake opportunities… what were we thinking?  Oops!

Well, after a yummy spaghetti lunch and some cake and ice cream we all gathered together for a family photo. Stephen got a tripod last Christmas, which made it nice and easy.

Here are a few of my favorites ;)

This one is great… or is it?!
(thanks Stephen)


Our photo session started out with Sarah not being happy, so we joined in :)
(I think we confused Sarah because she is the only one not looking fussy)


A great ‘blowing kisses’ photo. Again, thanks Stephen…


And, my personal favorite:

~ The 2011 Ringl Family Christmas Card ~


Now you can see where Stephen gets his goofiness from. It’s all natural people. It’s always a fun time when the family gets together. Never a dull moment :)



They Learn SO Fast

It’s official, we have a sitter on our hands! While she still needs a little help every now and then, Sarah seems to really love the new view! She also likes all the new things she’s finding to suck and chew on… silly child.

With this new and exciting (to us) achievement I thought I would share with you how our photo shoots work.

A lot of times they start out nice and adorable…


Occasionally I’ll throw a prop in there for fun’sies.

In case you didn’t know prop is the technical “camera term” for toy ;)

When the newness of the prop runs out this can happen…

Still adorable, just not as quiet… She’s definitely the cutest fussy baby I know


The last picture I snapped, before picking her up and loving on her, I got this…

I’d hate for her to be my boss with that look in her eye.
I feel like she’s yelling “Get out of my office!” or something… yikes!

Even during the upset moments it is so much fun watching Sarah’s personality grow. Even when she’s fussy (see photos above for reference) I can’t help but enjoy every minute watching her learn and change.

So far this week we have 2 new things: as I mentioned, she is now sitting up, and we are also teaching her to sleep withOUT the swaddle while learning to self-soothe (these long nights are killing me). Did you know babies are a lot of work?! Who knew?! ;)