Twirls, Swirls and Knobs ?!

When you are looking at buying a home there are a few things you don’t see in your “virgin home buying excited eyes”.   For us there weren’t too many things, but one unnoticed item was Bathroom Hardware.

See here. This is what happens when I ask Stephen “which one looks the classiest?”  His eyes get large and almost pop out of his head!  It’s actually pretty funny to see, which is why I snapped a picture of that exact expression.


We narrowed it down to Option Left and Option Right. Also known as “nickel  or brass”


We have handles similar to the left option in our kitchen, but the guest bath has more of a dark color to the vanity, so we decided to go with the one of the right.

As an end note: We got these things last week and they are still sitting in the bag waiting to be installed. Stephen is waiting to get the correct sized drill bit (which may or may not be wrapped and under the Christmas tree…)

House Tour: Room 1

I thought we would go on a tour today.  I have had several people ask me for pictures of the house and we are gonna take this one step at a time.  Why you ask?!  Well for many reasons actually.

1)  We have 3 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 1 living room, 1 den and 1 laundry room to cover
2)  It’s the holidays, life is uber busy!
3)  Read over #1 again – That gives me 9 different posts if I go room-by-room!
4)  Honestly, I’m just kinda lazy sometimes

See, now you understand don’t you?!  :)    Alright, so as you can tell from the title of this post we are going to cover 1 room today: the Office.  Our office is right across from the master bedroom, so it’s super convenient for computer usage and Stephen’s overflow of clothes to be stored (okay, maybe some of mine too…)   I am going to be showing you the before pictures.  I hope you’re ready for this, I know I wasn’t!

Here we go. Welcome to Ringl Room, Numero Uno. This is what it looked like after we moved in.

You see the door handle to the left there, and then lots of stuff packed and piled high

Office 1

Welcome to our office.  We have 1 desk, lots of boxes, a keyboard, filing cabinet, trash can filled with cords. Oh oh – and did you notice the lovely blinds hanging ?!?! Well you should cause they’re new!

Office 2

This is what you see when you walk in and look forward-right. Tons of stuff.  Endless amounts of boxes that are filled with things I haven’t seen in 2+ months.  Stuff, stuff, and more stuff…

Office 3

This is the right wall in the office.  How many paths are there into the room?  One, and only one – you see it here.

Office 4

Confused yet?!  Wait, I’m not quite done yet…  Ooh look, a stationary bike for working out. That is actually the last thing on my mind and list right now!

Office 5

There ya have it folks. This is what an office looks like mid-move.  Thankfully it doesn’t look quite that bad right now.  Let me show you a picture of what I mean.

Here is the office, one week later:

office Update 1

Look-e, you can see carpet!!  Heck, there’s enough room to do jumping jacks in that space, not that I want to, but if I ever DO I can.  Seriously, when was the last time you did jumping jacks?! You should do some now, they’re kinda fun!  Come on, you doing them?!?  I’ll trust you to at least consider it…

And as a teaser:

Where's the bike

Which room has the stationary bike moved to now?!?  From the pictures above you can see that it is no longer in the office… so where has it ridden off to?!?!

The Ringl Tree

With our Christmas tree up and the presents wrapped it is finally feeling like Christmas in the Ringl house!   Stephen was a life-saver last night and made a post so I could go to bed before 3 (yes, 3 AM… it was a loooong sunday)!  So with his post showing some lovely shots of our last minute “1 week til Christmas” holiday decor, I thought I would give you a few extra snippets of our Wonderful Christmas Tree night :)

It took a little while, but we finally found the Christmas Box!!!

Cmas Box

The lovely ppl at Home Depot said I could take extra trimmings (for my homemade wreath), so i did…


What?!?!   This is my first wreath, I need extra in case I mess up  :)


Getting the tree in the stand is always ohh so fun…


Here we are getting the tree setup (Yea!)


Here is a picture of our tree, with it’s 3 strands of lights.


So what do you think?!  Did we do good on our last-minute tree selection, and home decorating?!  Hopefully I’ll get to that wreath soon, Stephen claims I’m littering our front porch in the mean time with my massive amount of branches.  I figure if I don’t get to the wreath then we can use it for our first Ringl-Sponsored bonfire!  Either way it’s a win-win situation :)

House of Blinds

So it’s been 1 week since we closed on the house and we have been busy!  Yesterday I shared with you about our bathroom shade experience, and now I’m gonna take you on a tour of how the rest of the house got some much-needed security.  We had a total of 8 windows to cover in the living room, den, and bedrooms.  After researching what type we wanted we decided to go with some simple white vinyls. My first choice were some great looking white compressed wood blinds, but with Christmas being 2 weeks away and just closing on the house we decided we could “upgrade” down the road and go with something more thrifty, some simple light filtering vinyls. Now if we had a pet or  kids I wouldn’t go the vinyl route, but since it’s just the two of us we don’t have to worry about anyone snapping or damaging them.  Plenty of time to upgrade later :)

After taking multiple measurements we made our first ‘Home Update’ purchase and got ourselves some much needed window-hugging blinds.

So with that said I’m gonna show you how it all went down.

Step 1:  Buy yourself some blinds!


Next:  Mark your spot – nothings worst than an unexpected Re-Do !


Then:  Take TONS of pictures…

This is what happens when I get too camera snappy.  hehe


Don’t Forget to catch those moments they aren’t expecting


Then:  Use those suckers!  When it’s dark outside you’re offering a free show


Most Importantly:  Don’t forget to let the wife install the last one so she can get a super savy picture of her hard work ;)


Well there ya have it.  A personalized blind installation, straight from the Ringl House!   Now, it’s time to get back to watching ‘Christmas Vacation’.  Stephen told me to watch something other than ‘Elf’, which I don’t understand one bit… but I’ll comply like a good wife anyway  ;)

So Fresh and so… Shaded?!

On one of our recent Home Depot runs I was left with an important decision. A decision that would alter our very lives. Stephen asked me to decide, you ready for this … our bathroom window blinds.  Crazy right?!  Such a big decision to make for such a small’ish person. These blinds will grace my eyes every single day in our home!  When I brush my teeth in the morning and then again when I brush my teeth before bed.  When you think about it, the bathroom is a pretty regular-visited spot.  I mean we all have to  shower, check the scale, tweeze our eyebrows – you know, that sorta stuff.

So on yet another rainy-night visit… Oh, by the way,  it has seriously rained EVERYDAY since we moved.  I haven’t been able to walk around our new huge yard yet!   How are we supposed to have an awesomely-fun bonfire if it won’t quit drizzling drops from the sky?!?!  Okay, back to the story… it was yet another rainy night and we were in need of our last set of blinds, or BB as I call them (you know, bathroom blinds). After all,  no one wants a peeping tom through that window,  Yikes!  We are looking around and decide that we want to go with a ‘shade’ instead of the normal horizontal blind. Then comes the next question: What  type or color?!   Well, we are keeping with our bathrooms brown theme and are stuck between two.  We tested them for the usual blind needs: light transparency, durability, speed of closure – you know, the usual.  So after what seemed like 2 minutes to me and 20 years to Stephen we made a decision.

Which do you think we chose:  Option A (the top)  or Option B  (the bottom) ?!?!


Well if you said Option A you are absolutely WRONG!  Haha, got ya didn’t I?!?!  We actually decided to go with Option B, the bottom shade you see in the picture there.  It’s a great color and we are loving the look it adds to our #1, or is it #2, room?!?!   Hey-O   Just kidding people – I couldn’t resist myself  :)

So there ya have it, you now know that we spent more time on our bathroom window covering than ALL the other windows in our house.

Now we just need to work on making Home Depot ‘lists’.  Stephen would be so happy if we would cut it down to a weekly trip.  Heck, what can I say, we are LOVING every second of  homeownership.  Plus, let’s be honest,  I would go to Home Depot every night if  he would let me :)

O Rainy Night

What a big and exciting weekend it has been!  Let’s see… On Thursday evening we closed on our very first home and we haven’t stopped since !!!    On Friday we installed blinds on all the windows, after all you can’t stay in rooms without blinds – or if we did it wouldn’t be a good start at  “meeting” our neighbors!

On Saturday we woke up to pouring rain and thunderstorms.  But nothing was going to stop us on this big day, after all it was Moving Day!!  So Stephen headed out to get the moving truck and my dad and I loaded up a few car loads for a trip to the new house!  We had a full day of moving boxes and furniture, and then unloading boxes and pushing furniture into corners until we find the right spot.   Needless to say, we crashed that night!  Our first night in our new home has already come and gone, and I can’t wait for each and every night we will have for many years to come :)

Here are a few shots Stephen took:

Our realtor Darlene had this waiting for us at the house, our 1st Christmas Decoration up!


This is our new Guest Bedroom :)  I can’t wait to decorate!


The new living space: Formal Living Room and Den


The hallway leading to our bedroom.  Bow-Chicka-Bow-Wow ;)  haha,  just kidding!


So there ya have it.  A few little previews of the house, before it became filled with boxes and random-placed furniture!    We have many fun tasks ahead of us, and you know we will be keeping you updated!   What am I most excited about at this moment?!?!  Christmas Tree Shopping!!!  :: imagine girlish squeal here ::

Now we’re cookin’!

Cassie and I just got up a few hours ago after our first night in our new home!
Cassie, of course, wants to capture every moment of moving in and making this our home, but we discovered that’s going to be a little harder without the internet. So to avoid driving to the nearest Whataburger (mmmmm…. taquitos….) and leeching off their wifi, I’ve decided to make this post from my iPhone.
After we have the internet hooked up we’ll make a video giving a tour of our home, but for now we’re going to take one room at a time and show what we’ve done.
So without further delay: the Ringl’s kitchen!