Fun in the Sun

I don’t know about where you live, but the weather here has been fantastic! I’m talking turn off the AC, open the windows, and feel the wind wisp through the room. Luckily for me our little bean loves going on walks so we can enjoy the weather regularly.

While visiting my parents house one day last week I was walking Sarah around their backyard and she was pulling and ripping all the leaves and flowers she could get her hands on. During that moment it occurred to me that Sarah had never played outside. Of course she is just a baby and hasn’t ever asked to go outdoors, but I LOVE being in the sun, so to see Sarah have so much fun was very exciting for me :)   I went and grabbed a blanket and we sat on the ground and I let her pull all the grass her little heart desired. She loved it! Our little girl has a thing for ripping things. I think it’s a texture thing. I wonder how many times I can say ‘thing’ in a sentence… I’ll save you the time and won’t try.

Here are a few snapshots I grabbed while we were basking in the beautiful weather.



Here she is taking out her paci so she can try and eat some leaves…

I also taught Sarah about shadows


I can’t express to you how much I love being a mom. I had no idea how satisfying and rewarding it would be!


Week 29

It’s October folks. You know what that means?! Our first halloween with a child! To kick start the excitement I decided to have a little fun and dress our little girl up.

For Week 1 of October we have ourselves a 29 week old ballerina :)

I feel like this picture would be perfect if she were dressed as Tinkerbell

& because I have a hard time choosing just 1 picture…

(She gets this look when she notices the flash pop up on the camera. She’s fascinated by it)


Last, a sitting up photo


I love that last one so much. Watching her maneuver her little legs and arms so she can sit is an incredible thing to witness.

I’m already excited about coming up with next weeks costume! Halloween is definitely 1000 times more fun with a child.
Exciting extra bonus: Trick-or-Treating!!! Especially since she’s too young to eat candy (not that I’ll eat it all or anything…) ;)


Parks & Rec

No, this post isn’t about Amy Poehler’s show, just a clever and accurate title for one of my recent adventures with Sarah.

My friend Whitney told us about a library in town that has story time for kids. Not only that, but they also just built an awesome new playground. We haven’t been to story time yet, but we did visit the library to try out it’s incredible park. Let me tell you, this place lived up to the hype! Not only are there activities for the kids, but there’s also a walking track, water fountains, benches, and a nice sized gazebo for some shade.

Sarah and I hung out at this one swing for probably half an hour. She loved it. I had to put a blanket over the swing because she decided she wanted to eat it, which is nas-ty!


The skies were gorgeous! So blue with nice fluffy clouds. I can’t wait until the day when we can lay on a blanket and pick out cloud animals.


She held onto the sides of the swing like a pro. Our girl was made for movement! It felt like she just rolled over for the first time. Now she’s quickly learned to sit, balance, and play all on her own.



We then had a fun last minute surprise when Stephen came to the park and met us for lunch. Sarah lights up so much when she sees her daddy. I love it :)




I love this picture. She is such a special gift!


Here’s a short video of our afternoon :)

A Day at the Park from the ringls on Vimeo.


A T-Shirt & Mirror

Okay, this is gonna be one random post for ya.

Stephen is wearing this shirt tonight, which reminded me that I never showed you guys one of his birthday presents he got.

(a closer view of the shirt)

This shirt describes my hubby to the T. Only he doesn’t just say something awkward, he also leans in for a kiss. Two wonderful and fun things I love about him!


Also in new news. My mom came over recently and helped me clean out the “guest room” (aka: junk room). It is currently being used as a craft/play room. Here is Sarah using it just as I intended…


This is a picture that I took of her in the mirrored closet doors. Sarah LOVES those doors. Actually she just loves mirrors. She also is a HUGE fan of the toy she is standing at (she is a great stander when she holds onto something). I now have the piano/music toy up against the mirrors and she just stands there and laughs at herself and hits all the different knobs that make noise and music.

I may have put ‘Elf’ on and that is what she’s looking at. Yes I know it’s only September. Yes it is still hot outside. What can I say, I’m very excited about the holidays this year :)

Hope everyone had a happy Monday!


What I’ve Learned: 6 Months

  1. You know you are a mom when you ask your child “Why are you crying? I’m the one that got poop on me!”
  2. Our little girl isn’t a fan of rice cereal. I decided to try a little and discovered why… that stuff is nasty! We are going to try adding some mushed fruits. It’s like oatmeal or yogurt; plain is gross, but flavored with fruits, yummy!
  3. When you have a child time switches to warp-speed. We are already 1/2 way to having a 1 year old!
  4. Toes are still just as fascinating as they were the first time Sarah discovered them. In the mouth they go.
  5. Now that Sarah sits on her own she has a whole new view of things, and she ALWAYS notices when I leave the room.
  6. Sarah HATES being put in her car seat, unless it’s while in her jogging stroller. It seems she is a little like me after all, she LOVES going on our jogs and walks :)
  7. Within the past month Sarah has learned A TON of new things:
    1. sitting on her own
    2. walking with assistance
    3. pulling herself up
    4. sitting/riding on her daddy’s shoulders
    5. chewing on a spoon while rice cereal dribbles down her chin
    6. holding a cup to her mouth, properly, (while empty of course)
    7. mumble-talking like CRAZY
    8. blowing drool with her tongue
    9. grabbing anything within a 4 foot range…
    10. AND then eating it!
    11. she is scooting, mainly in circles, but scooting none the less
  8. Sarah absolutely loves bath time. We need a neighbor with a pool so we can play in the water all day!
  9. You know what happens when size 2 diapers are too small and size 3 are too big?! Ya know what, I’ll let you find out for yourself one day ;)
  10. Sarah’s first beach trip was post-poned due to Tropical Storm Lee. Crazy rain and 40 mph winds during labor day “bbq” weekend made for some change of plans.
  11. We are starting baby food this month (Yay!!)
  12. A babies smile can melt my heart in a second. The same goes for tears.
  13. While smiles turn me into goo, snuggling with a newborn makes my ovaries tingle. Ohh how I love sweet cuddly infants!
  14. No, we don’t know if/when we want another baby {the idea of 2 babies under age 2 is down right frightening}

That’s all I have for this past month. If you’ve missed any of my previous monthly discoveries check them out:

Seeing Sarah’s growth in those pictures shocked me when I clicked on all of them… wow, she is growing fast!

And if you are bored and want to do some light reading, these were especially fun to re-read (in my slanted opinion)…

Wow, I’ve really done a lot of in-depth baby posts. I think it’s time for some fun new projects. I know the idea of a post that isn’t Sarah-centered seems impossible for me these days, but I think I can make it happen ;)


and finally an ‘end’ shot to finish. yes, I am most definitely that corny.

What I’ve Learned: 4 Months


  1. Sarah just had her 4 month appointment and she is the picture of health :)  Her weight is a bit low, at 12.7 pounds (25th percentile), and her length is above average, at 24.75 inches long (just under the 60th percentile). The doctor said she looks great and may be small framed/petite. I’m just hoping she gets more length from her dad, especially since she’s already taller than most at her age.
  2. Babies eyes tend to change color within the first 6 months. Sarah still has her blue eyes, and we are hoping they stick! She got them from me, and I got mine from my Papa. I’d really like to keep them in the family.
  3. Having your husband at the Dr. appt’s that involve shots helps SO much! There is a special power that comes from the comfort and strength of a father. When our child cries from pain I cry and dad soothes (at least in our family).
  4. Speaking of which, I’ve never been a sappy person. I don’t cry in movies or books or stories. However, I DO cry when it involves Sarah.
  5. Something happens around 3-4 months where babies start learning like crazy! Sarah has started doing more in the past 2 weeks than the past 3 1/2 months. It it SO much fun!
  6. I finally have an answer I’ve been asking for years…God gave women curvy hips to help hold children! My left hip has become a chair for Sarah, and a relief for my back.
  7. I’ve learned to do more with 1 arm/hand than I ever thought imaginable. Cook dinner-check. Clean-check. Use the restroom-check (hey, I’m just being honest!) Get dressed-check. Laundry-check. Pack for a trip-check.
  8. Nothing can break your heart more than when your baby is crying. Not crying like ‘I want you to hold me’, but crying with tears flowing lip quivering. I’ve never wanted to take away someone else’s pain more in my life!
  9. Playing peek-a-bo with a baby is fun and hilarious! Every time I ‘reappear’ Sarah’s eyes get HUGE and her smile is contagious. At this age she honestly thinks I’ve disappeared, so to reappear from ‘thin air’ must be fascinating to witness.
  10. Losing those last ’10 pounds’ is truly difficult, especially when the first 30 fell off without much effort.
  11. My lactose-intolerance disappeared when i was pregnant. It was like Sarah healed me of my dairy problems. Sadly, it has returned sometime in the past 2 weeks.
  12. I really really miss cheese!
  13. Babies can sleep in the most uncomfortable looking positions I’ve ever seen.  You would think they didn’t have bones from the way their bodies bend.
  14. Because of how easy it is (and delicious) my diet is probably 50-60% peanut butter. I tell myself it’s okay because it’s got my protein and fats for the day. Plus it’s easy to put on a banana, apple, animal crackers, and anything else you have in the kitchen. I even have my own separate peanut butter jar in the pantry that I keep a spoon in. Yes, I double-dip, that is why I have my own jar.
  15. I may not have made Stephen aware of fact #14…
  16. I started out washing Sarah’s laundry with a baby detergent. Since then I have slowly added pieces of her clothes into our own laundry with regular detergent. I am now completely baby-detergent free. It has made laundry SO much easier (and cheaper)!
  17. We got the all clear to start rice cereal with Sarah but I think we are going to wait a few more months. Mommies food is free food, and free food is our favorite food!
  18. Sarah has always been a pretty great napper. Well the last few days she has switched from two 2-3 hour naps each day to two 20 minute naps… pray with me that this isn’t a permanent switch, it has been rough!
  19. Speaking of which, I “haven’t learned” why children fight naps. They get so fussy. Of course I get fussy too when I’m sleepy, but If I had the choice to sleep I’d take it in a heartbeat!
  20. We had our first ‘date night’ where we dropped Sarah off at Stephen’s parents and went to dinner and a movie. We had a lot of fun, but I was definitely ready for some sweet baby hugs by the end of it!
  21. Our child has post-nap “where am I, whats going on” moments right when she wakes up. It takes her a few moments to figure out that she just woke up and all is okay with the world, usually hugs and my voice do the trick. It makes me feel so needed and special.
  22. There isn’t much cuter than when your child reaches out to your face and plays with your nose and mouth. She laughs SO much when we pretend to eat her hands. Babies, while a TON of work, are SO much fun!!
  23. I’ve come to discover that baby wipes are great for cleaning more than just your babies bottom. Those things clean almost anything! We use more wipes than anything else since having Sarah. Speaking of, I need to add those to the shopping list, we are down to our last package.
  24. Last for this months list, the Pacifier clip. What a brilliant invention! A parent must have come up with it.




Crazy Cars & Other Silly Stuff

It’s Friday afternoon and out little cutie is down for a nap so I figured I would use my time wisely with a post.

Last night on our way home our car did an unexpected little jig. Actually it was more like a light show with multiple warning indicators coming on one by one until the headlights started dimming and us just barely making it into an auto parts parking lot. You know it’s never a good sign when car lights start blinking at you, it usually means you are fixing to invest some $$$ into your automobile. Which stinks because unexpected costs come out of our projects budget, which makes for a slow down in fun before-after posts. It’s a bummer, I know. Greedy vehicles…

Thankfully the guy at Advanced Auto Parts in Pace was super helpful and friendly. Our battery was dead, thanks to our alternator pooping out on us. We ‘rented’ a battery from the store and went to our place to pick up some essentials so we could stay the night at my parents so Stephen could get to work in the morning. I guess we should be thankful the car died when it did, if we’d woken up to a dead car today Stephen would have been stuck at home. On our drive into town the lights slowly dimmed inside the car until only 1 digit was left on the clock. We were less than 4 miles from my parents house and I was praying ‘4 more miles Lord, let us make it 4 more miles… only 3 more miles, just get us to the driveway.’ Well that Lord must have had angels blowing the wind behind us because we just made it into the driveway. My dad actually drove about a mile up the road and followed us just in case we broke down.

So this morning I took Stephen up to work in my dads car and he did some calling and checking to find out what this was gonna cost us. I had myself prepared for something in the $200-$300 range, just to be on the upper-safe side so my jaw didn’t drop. Well it turns out we got a lifetime warranty from O’Reillys on the alternator we replaced last March. Lifetime warranty people!!!! That means we don’t have to buy a new part for the car. Praise the Lord!! This was such a wonderful surprise. A great way to start the weekend, that’s for sure :)

Well now that you know the in-and-out of our recent car adventure here are some pictures of our day.

These are my new favorite snack, they are SOOO good!!
It’s like eating dessert, but they’re healthy!


Sarah trying to eat the cupcake on her bib


And smiling at her dad


She also LOVES the swing!!!
She’s like her momma and enjoys the outdoors :)


Have I mentioned she likes her tongue?!?  I love it!


I love our sweet little girl so very much. She brings so much joy into our lives. I didn’t know my love could keep growing each and every day. It’s wonderful how a day can be going so haywire and then your child will smile at you and all your worries just melt away. It’s like magic, but better because it’s real! :)

Now, for a random ending I thought I would show you this picture:

This makes me want to paint our piano a bright fun color

{ image found here }

Ya, I’m not that gutsy, but it sure is fun to imagine.

Little one has woken up, so I’m signing off to go get some sweet post-nap smiles. Have a great Friday!


Find the Baby

My mom was over the other day and called me into Sarah’s room. When I got in there she told me “find Sarah!”

It took me a second, but I found her…



This instantly reminded me of the scene in “ET” where Drew Barrymore’s character hid the poor alien in a pile with her stuffed animals. Speaking of ET, I haven’t seen that movie in forever… I rode the ride at Hollywood Studios when we went to Orlando last year with our friends Brandon and Krista. That ride really could use an update. It is perfect for getting out of the heat and enjoying some AC for a little while, but don’t expect too much more than that.

You know what, I’m gonna go search Netflix for ‘ET’ to see if it’s available for my instant queue. Have a great Friday!


update: Sadly, ET is not available for Instant Watch. Also, did you know that movie came out in 1982?!? Daaaang, that was almost 30 years ago!  :O


Life has been a bit hectic the past few days, and Sarah has kept me crazy busy, so I figured that instead of not posting at all I would just give you a few highlights of my Wednesday.

My morning cuddle bug


Ignoring the fact that I have a double-chin in this picture, I love this photo. Sarah loves to cuddle after she eats, and I take advantage of every second she gives me. I realized yesterday that if I were working my “maternity leave” would be ending this week and I’d have to head to work on Monday… I can not thank the Lord, and my husband, enough that that won’t be the case. I can’t imagine having to leave my little girl this soon.

Also, I love that Sarah has some rolls forming on her little body. Rolls and chubby cheeks! Not only are they kissably adorable, but it also gives me peace of mind that she is getting the amount of food she needs (mom’s worry a lot about that sorta thing).

I’m sure you can tell from pictures that, if I had the choice, I would probably never dress my baby. When we leave the house, yes of course, but otherwise I love having her in just a diaper. Her skin is so precious and soft, and she tends to enjoy herself more this way (more proof that she is her father’s daughter!)  I have to admit, I can not wait for the days when she is running around the house butt naked trying to escape bath time, or us putting her to bed. Babies are adorable!

My new favorite thing


While this isn’t the best or clearest photo (my phone takes crappy pictures), it is the first snapshot I’ve gotten of Sarah flashing her beautiful smile. This weekend she started responding to us with smiles, and it seriously LIGHTS up my world. This is just a snippet of her full grin, but it’s the best I’ve got so far.

So there you have it, 2 of the fun moments from a Wednesday at the Ringls.

Simply put: Parenthood is amazing!