Hey Cuz

I found this picture that my brother sent me and had to share…

(their expressions remind me of Marv & Harry from Home Alone)



Graycie: Hey, I’m gonna give you to the count of ten to get out of this kitchen, before I give ya a knuckle sandwich!

Sarah: Ya cuz, you tell ’em!


Hope you have had a wonderful start to the New Year! Happy 2012 :)



New Pals

Hi friends. I have a ridiculous amount of Christmas pictures to sort through so I can share some with you. Lets hope I actually get them up before the New Year gets here.

Until then, here’s a goofy post for ya.

“Mom, there’s a hippo in the tub!”


“I don’t know about you…”


“Wait a sec… Water comes out of your mouth? That’s the coolest trick ever!”


“Alright, you’re cool. You can stay. Just keep the waterfall flowing.”


The Tale of 5 Friends

This is the tale of 5 friends. On an unusually gloomy day the young colorful sea creatures ventured out for an afternoon of fun adventure. Never could they have guessed the tough obstacle they would soon face on an otherwise normal day.

While stopping for a lunch they came face to face with a creature they had never before seen.


“Oh a giant!”, the friends said, “What should we do?”


With some quick maneuvering they got in a defensive formation.


Before they knew it the giant struck.


With her powerful hands she scooped up Crabby. She acted so fast he didn’t have time to flee.


“Oh no” peeped Crabby’s friends, “What do we do now?”


The giant put Crabby down and set her sights on a new target.


She quickly worked her way through the group, one creature after the other.

Then Pelly the Pelican had an idea! He yawned big and wide and lay down to go to sleep.


Then something happened. They saw the giant get sad and heard her cry out.

“It’s working!” Pelly said to her friends. “When giants like this are upset they can’t resist a good nap!”


So Crabby, Denny, Octo, and Toots all began yawning and snoring to make the giant think they were sleeping.


Then they watched as the giant rubbed her eyes and laid down her head.

After a few moments of the giant not moving they made their escape back home.


When the giant awoke from her nap she couldn’t find her new playmates anywhere.


She watched from the window and awaited the return of her five little sea friends.
While sad at first that they had left she knew deep in her little belly that she would see them again one day.

What I’ve Learned: 9 Months


  1. I know I’ve said it before, but Sarah truly is a great baby. She is so easy going and loves to be around people and activity. We pretty much load her up and can take her anywhere without a second thought.
  2. The past few weeks Sarah has been taking some awesome naps. She goes down at 9:00-11’ish and then 1:00-3’ish. Sometimes she will sleep for 2 1/2 hours. It.Is.Awesome!
  3. Last month Sarah said ‘mama’ all the time and I was beyond excited! Well, turns out she is actually working her way through the alphabet because she’s been saying babababa and nananana for about 2 weeks now and hasn’t returned to mama yet :(  Sad, but that just means I can get re-excited when she does finally learn mama.
  4. Our girl loves being tickled and ‘chased’ while crawling. We love hearing her laugh while we blow raspberries on her tummy. She really gets laughing when I lightly bite her feet. She kicks and giggles so hard, it’s the best!
  5. I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure that Sarah has started dancing when she gets excited & hears music. She will be standing there and suddenly she’s bouncing up and down. She also throws her arms up and down and squeals with a huge smile. Girls got some moves!
  6. When Sarah started pulling up around 6-7 months I was afraid I was gonna have an early walker and I’d have to chase her around the house. Thankfully she hasn’t started walking yet, although she does let go and stand for a good 5-8 seconds until she lowers down into a sitting position.
  7. She is also pulling up on everything! I have come around the corner several times and found her standing against the wall, or standing against the fridge trying to reach magnets. The child has no limits.
  8. Speaking of the fridge, Sarah LOVES to stand inside it with the door open. She has figured out how to turn the light off and stands there making the light flicker. She also knows how to turn the light switch off when we leave a room (when we hold her up to it).
  9. Sarah is still nursing 6-8 times a day. We give her mashed fruits and veggies on occasion, but it’s not a daily thing yet. She does love to watch us eat and ate her first (mashed up) animal cracker the other day. She’s interested, but only snacks lightly until she wants to play with the food instead of eat it.
  10. We have nicknamed our girl Hoover. She will eat ANY and EVERY thing she finds on the floor. I have to sweep daily, but she still finds the tiniest things. She combs the carpet for things, it’s insane. Yesterday I found a Christmas tree needle in her diaper… definitely grossed (and freaked) me out.
  11. She also loves to kiss/lick mirrors. I’ve revealed how much she loves to eat/chew on everything, so I suppose there’s no reason mirrors shouldn’t make the cut. It’s like having a puppy, but she doesn’t poop or pee on the floor, and seeing her fingerprints on everything makes you smile instead of bust out the windex.
  12. When Stephen gets home from work Sarah knows as soon as she either hears him close the car door, or unlock the front door. She usually waves her arms around and then crawls at rocket-speed toward the door. It is positively adorable to watch her and see his HUGE smile when he comes through the door and sees her!
  13. While we know we want more children, just the thought of having a baby/toddler while going through another pregnancy is exhausting. Hopefully we will still be leaving near all our family when that time comes!
  14. Oh, and one last fun addition; Sarah has learned how to wave bye-bye. She babbles baba and will wave her fingers on her right hand. We absolutely love it!


Well, those are some of the things that we have been up to. I really need to start writing down her new tricks when they happen. Trying to remember everything at one time isn’t easy.

I can’t believe in 3 short months Sarah will be ONE! What a fun day that will be :)  We love you baby girl!


{Skinny} Jeans

What a weird name for a pair of pants, right? I mean, I get the concept, they’re form fitting (aka: tiz-ite). For the past 2-3 years I’ve avoided these things like the plague. Fashionable? Probably. My style? Not too sure about that one… That is, until this week.

Thats right friends, I finally caved. I joined the hipsters and jumped on the skinny jean wagon. Actually, can you jump in skinny jeans? I don’t know, I guess I will find out for myself.

And guess what else, I wore my new pants to church today. I actually didn’t let this new piece of clothing hang in the closet and wither out of fashion before I took them for a test run. It was actually pretty daring of me to wear them for the first time on a Sunday. I almost changed like 25 times! I say that because Sunday’s are usually the busiest morning in our house with me trying to get Sarah AND myself ready to go. I usually end up wearing jeans, flipflops, and a nice’ish shirt. Today I decided to step it up a notch. I even wore boots! I haven’t worn boots since before I was pregnant with Sarah! All this to say, I stepped out of my fashion-comfort zone and it had positive results. I felt extra good when I got a few compliments at church. Mostly from the youth, so I guess you could say I looked pretty hip. (Stephen would insert an age joke here. Probably something about joining AARP and getting my hip replaced. Or asking if I just time-traveled from the 60’s since I used the word hip in a sentence).

The best part about this new fashion journey, I scored the pair of leg warming denim for $5.99! I love impromptu shopping trips with my mom. I never would have tried the pants on if she hadn’t pushed me. Thanks mom :)

I suppose to end this I should share a picture. I was actually going to say ‘you didn’t really think I’d share a photo of myself, did you?’, but to feel better about it I am starting with a shot of our oh-my-gosh-she’s-getting-so-big daughter (she was short on camera smiles today. the poor girl is teething and it’s so sad seeing her in pain).

When did she get longer than my torso?! Gracious alive she has grown so fast!

This is probably one of the only pictures I’ve taken with just me in it since my prego weekly-belly update series.

They’re a little stretched out from a day of wear, but I like em!

Extra Bonus: The hubby likes them too. One of his love languages is words of affirmation, and I couldn’t be more thankful for his compliments :)



Baths & Bubbles

I learned something new last night: Dinner THEN Bath time. Not bath time THEN dinner. Parenting is definitely a learn as you go experience, and it’s a crazy fun ride! Our girl is a messy eater, and thankfully she is a huge fan of playing in the tub (and making a nice wet mess all over the place)! Here are some fun shots of her in action…

Oh my delicious sweet potatoes!

Then, the cleanup!

Mmmm, sponge!




What you looking at?!



Splash Face




What? You want me to get out?!


Happy [Clean] Duck :)



On The Move

I dedicate this late night post to my friend Sara. She has requested a video of Sarah crawling, so here ya go… Enjoy!


I don’t know why I talk weird during videos… just ignore me ;)

This video was probably from a month ago. She has gotten a lot faster and exploratory since then. I will have to post a newer video soon for ya :)


Very Cute I Am

When we were invited to a Halloween Party this year my DIY instincts kicked into overdrive. I immediately knew what costumes needed to be put together and I’m pleased to report that my craft-focused labor was worth every stitch, scissor-cutting, sticky tape filled second!

While pregnant during this time last year Stephen shared a costume idea with me for our child’s first Halloween. We didn’t know if we were having a boy or girl at the time, but I knew we could make it work either way. I think he was surprised and pleased that I not only remembered his idea, but followed through on the costume. Let me get straight to the pictures for you…

Baby Ringl’s 1st Halloween:

Yep, we did it. We dressed our sweet little girl up as Yoda for Halloween.

I have to say, she’s the cutest Yoda I’ve ever seen!

This picture melts my heart
Yoda on Han Solo’s shoulders
(while the picture it isn’t accurate to the movies, you will understand below)

Leia and Yoda


The 2011 Ringl Halloween

To keep from grossing anyone out, Stephen was Han Solo and I was Leia. That way when we kissed it wasn’t any weird form of incest, just plain old fashioned attraction :)

To top off all the fun, I am very excited that we were able to actually make and piece together all 3 costumes! From Han Solos Corellian Bloodstripe pants to Yoda’s felty 3-fingered hands and feet.

While at the party we put a pink bow on her Yoda ear so everyone would know she was a Ms. Yoda. The costumes were definitely a hit! If we were voting I’d say she won the 2011 Best Costume award! I suppose I should thank Mr. Lucas for the inspiration. Thanks George!