A first

I have some pictures to share from our visit to Chick-fil-A yesterday. Mom, Miriah, and I spent the afternoon together and mom treated us to lunch. We decided on Chick-Fil-A because it’s the one spot where people eat and expect to hear children running around and squealing in the kid-zone.
I like to relax while I eat, and Sarah prefers to eat and run… It provides both.

Now, back to the reason for this post. While at lunch Sarah had her first-ever ice cream cone. She’s had ice cream before, but never on a cone and never her very own all to herself. She was a huge fan. Check these out.






The first couple licks were funny to watch. I think she was confused by the cold on her lips, but wanted to keep going bc it tasted good.
I was proud to learn that she was a great cone-sharer! She didn’t mind giving me some. I actually think she wanted to watch us eat it. She must have been perfecting her form.


By the end of it she was a pro!
We will be sure to trade in the kids meal toy for ice cream in the future! Definitely a good deal, and way worth the cute sticky mess :)
Gotta love Florida. It’s perfectly normal to have an ice cream cone in January!


Christmas Eve Eve

Hope you all have a great time celebrating Christmas over the next few days. We will be spending our time with friends, family, and occasionally just the 4 of us!

Tonight we are having brinner with some friends, and probably getting some good laughs in while watching Christmas Vacation and playing cards :)

Lastly, pictures, because I can’t help showing off our sweet girls!



We can’t get enough of those two!


Phone Photo Update

First Art project with Mommy :)


A (cooperative) visit to Chilis


Outdoor Exploration


Bubble Fun


Getting to see Uncle Matt!

Cousin Graycie!


My 1st Sick Appointment
(she caught pink eye but we didn’t know for a week bc she wasn’t upset at all)


Cereal on the couch


Giving mommy kisses


Backyard hide-n-seek


Beach trip
She found a shaded spot to hang out :)


Lovin on Aunt Ri at the beach


Pool Fun


More beach fun


Just a few things we’ve been up to :)


Phone Photos

Here are a few pictures I took on my phone this week…

Playing on the driveway



Eating a Peanut Butter sandwich in the living room
(not recommended if you don’t want PB on your couch, rug, and everything in between)



Running around in her robe after bathtime



Kissing her birthday card from my Aunt Vicci & Uncle Steve


Part of her gift was a roll of toilet paper… she was a BIG fan!



Last, playing with daddies rubix cube



We have spent a lot of time outdoors this week. She wants to explore everything and we are having so much fun!



Lil’ Miss Independent

It seems Sarah has decided that since she eats finger foods all by herself she should be holding her spoon by herself as well.

Stealing the spoon from Stephen last night

Eating breakfast all by herself
(with a little scooping help from me)


Have I ever mentioned how independent our little girl is? She’s been that way since she was born and watching her take on new tasks by herself, almost daily, just blows my mind.
I may be jealous of super cuddly and snuggly babies at times, but I wouldn’t trade our 6pm-6am sleeper, or any piece of her personality, for anything.


Guac Face

Sarah had her first go at some guacamole yesterday and I’m happy to report that she is a huge fan! It was a messy meal, but what food isn’t when you put it in front of a baby?!?



When she’s old enough to eat chips she and I can snack on this stuff all day long. It’s definitely been a nice surprise to have a child that loves every food we put in front of her!

Oh, and don’t worry, I don’t eat the stuff with my fingers the way she does. Although I do admit to some double-dipping action when eating at home. House rules are great :)



Behind Cracked Doors

We have been forming a new habit in our home. After exiting a room you pull the door closed behind you. Unless baby Ringl is still in there of course. Use the restroom? Not only do you need to close the toilet lid, make sure the TP is on the counter (not on the holder), and then close the door behind you, but go ahead and make sure she didn’t sneak in while you were washing your hands and isn’t trying to climb into the tub to get to her toys… girl loves her bath toys!

On Sarah’s 11 month post I showed you just 1 picture of a fun set. Here are the rest of one of her [many] bathroom hooliganisms.


this was her face when I found her


this is her ‘look what I found, mom’ face


this is where the real smile starts because I laughed at her


theeen, right before I threw the camera down because she decided TP looks tasty


I suppose with our baby girl getting closer and closer to becoming a toddler this was bound to happen, I just didn’t know it would approach so quickly! While her looks have gradually changed into what I looked like as a wee one her personality is definitely pure Ringl! The kid loves mischief! I’m glad she’s already getting a good scoop of her dads sense of humor :)  With how much they both make me laugh I’ll be burning calories off everyday for the rest of my life! Which I’m 1000 percent okay with!