O’ Christmas Tree

It’s exactly 1 week until Christmas!!  Can you believe it’s already here?  Time has flown by soo fast this year.   With Christmas being literally around the corner we were missing a very important item: Our Christmas Tree.  The past week has been nothing but non-stop rain, but Wednesday night we finally got a break in the weather, so we snatched up the opportunity and went to get our tree.

We headed out and had quite an interesting time looking through the solid 5 trees that were left for us to choose from.  Seriously, there were like 5 left.  Now if we were looking for a 9 ft tree we would have been set, there were TONS!  Thankfully there was a super sweet sales lady outside and she helped us find the perfect tree.  If she hadn’t pointed out the one we chose we were gonna go Charlie Brown style and just cut something down in our yard!

Now, you have probably figured out by now that I take my camera with us pretty much everywhere!  At least when momentous occasions are involved. I’m not missing any opportunities to catch a memory (plus then you guys wouldn’t get to see either!).

Let’s start from the top.


see the fun, I get to use my hottie hubby as a personal (man version) of Vanna White – look how well he shows off those trees.  Can you hear me whistling at him ?!?!


We had to decide what type of tree: Frasier Fir or Douglas Fir
Personally I’m a Frasier fir kinda gal, they’re softer and stronger!


Finally, here it is:  The Ringl Christmas Tree of 2009


Isn’t she a beaut ???!!!  I can promise you it looks even MORE amazing all dressed up and covered in lights.  It wasn’t hard to pick out a spot to put it either: Center Front Window of the House. A perfect spot for everyone to see when they drive by or come up to the house.  My mom came over to help me decorate.  She did a fantastic job of keeping me motivated to add that 3rd strand of lights so the tree glows beautifully when the lights are out.  I just hope the neighbors aren’t too jealous…

Passing the Jingle Along

Okay everybody listen up. Christmas is just around the corner and I’m sure a few of you have at least one of those people you just don’t know what to get them. Right?!  Ya, you know the friend or relative I’m hinting at.   It’s either that, or it’s the last minute and you need a good deal on something!   Well it is your lucky day because I just found a fantastic deal on Amazon that gives YEAR-ROUND.  So get your clicking finger ready because it’s time to keep some bills in your wallet and make some loved ones a bit happier on Christmas morning, and the 12 months that follow!!!

Amazon is having a super sale on magazine subscriptions!  You can get a full year subscription for only $5 !!!  Yes, you read that correctly, only $5 stinkin dollars for 12 months worth of magazines.  That’s like… $0.50 each.  How awesome is that?!?  Now click on over so you can find a broad selection of information-filled booklets to share with some special people in your life.  And don’t wait too long, this won’t last long!   Here are just a few examples:








Of course, I only posted a few of the selections, but my personal favorite is the 1st one, House Beautiful.  A full year of  decorating idea’s mailed to my house for only $5 !!  That is just too awesome :)   That and Good Housekeeping . I mean, who doesn’t like new recipe idea’s, especially when they usually involve cookies !!!!  I can virtually smell cookies baking in my oven now.  With my eyes closed of course…   You can’t have a daydream with your eyes open!

On a side-note, we will have an exciting post tomorrow – so be sure to check back for that!  Trust me, it’ll be worth the stop.     Happy last-minute shopping!!


Holiday Decor

On Tuesday night I decided to break from my super-busy schedule (hah!) and take a drive through the wonderful holiday traffic.  So far this Christmas season we haven’t been able to buy a tree, decorate our own place,  find our stockings, or even pull out that awesome wrapping paper I bought on clearance last year (it’s the effort that counts, right?!).  With my lack of box-emptying it just hasn’t felt much like the season to me. Because of this,  I thought I’d get in the spirit of the season by going to check out this years decoration idea’s from my favorite shop-spot:  Target!

While walking around the store I decided to take some pictures of a few of my favorites :)

In case I haven’t mentioned it lately, I LOVE birds!! love, love, love them!!


I am a huge Snowglobe fan, but have yet to acquire one. This one is simple and elegant
just what I like :)


Not sure what I think of these cuties, but I was thinking they would be a great in a wreath
(or hiding in the tree :) )


I think I’m sensing a theme here… the white and silver would look great anywhere!!


Stephen and I both want these as our stocking holders.
can’t you picture us in those frames, smiling all BIG and corny :)


After this visit I definitely felt more in the mood for Christmas.  I guess in all the craziness of the past 5-6 months we just haven’t had time to stop and realize how much time has passed in front of us.  I am so thankful to know what this season is really about. Yes, family time is wonderful, but knowing that my Lord and Savior, Jesus, died and rose from the dead for ME makes it so humbling. To know that I have a personal relationship with my God makes life on this earth so much easier!   To celebrate the occassion, every year my mom makes a ‘Happy Birthday Jesus’ cake, and I love that I grew up with that acknowledgment of the day.  Plus, each Christmas morning one of us reads the Christmas Story from John.  It really just lets us take a few moments to thank God for the gift He gave us, followed by us taking turns ripping into presents of course!!   :)