Fathers Day

Happy late Fathers Day everyone. I hope you all had a great weekend.

We had the chance to visit both our families on Sunday to celebrate our dads and show them how much we love ’em by stuffing ourselves full of yummy food. Spaghetti at one house, and wings at another. Needless to say, we were stuffed!

Here’s a photo of me, my “little” brother Jason, and dad:


this next picture really makes me laugh. I had no idea how tall Jason was…


Stephen was napping while we snapped those photos. Here’s one with him and his little girl…


Somehow we didn’t snap one picture while at the Ringl house for dinner… we gotta get better at that, okay mom? Yep, I just put full responsibility on you. Gotta love my leadership skills ;)

Hope you all had a wonderful Fathers Day. Stephen enjoyed sharing his breakfast with Sarah, she loves to eat what we’re eating. Not her own plate either, but off of ours. Silly girl. Luckily her daddy loves sharing with her, and the cuddles it produces.



The Easter of 2012

This post is a few weeks past due, but I knew you’d like to see a few Easter photos. Sadly, for some insane reason, I didn’t get a family picture of the 3 of us. I know, I don’t know what I was thinking. Mom fail.

After church my parents invited all of us over for lunch. We feasted on a yummy ham with some tasty sides. Mmm, ham. We left last so they sent us home with some leftovers. Go us!

Here are some photos from the afternoon…


The best photo we got of us kids
(Jeff couldn’t stay out of his basket)


Aunt Ri sneaking Sarah snacks
(no wonder she loves her most)


Jeff & Sarah while she climbs into her grocery cart


Love her


There ya have it, my pitiful amount of photos. I’ll be sure to take an abundance during the next family get together.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter, even if it was weeks ago. We still have a few milky ways in our basket if anyone wants to call dibs on them. The only thing is, you gotta come get em. So you can find them, I hid them above the fridge ;)



O New Years Tree

Due to the fact that I’m not posting this until almost 2 weeks after Christmas I figured I’d rename our tree. She helped us ring in the new year by sticking around and we still light ‘er up every evening as a giant living room night light.

Plus, my sweet hubby taught me how to take a picture of our tree so that it went from looking like this…

to looking like this:


Yes, that is the same tree. The first one just looks a bit more sad and dim compared to the second.

I didn’t want to go the entire year without showing you guys our tree this year. I had to move it ontop of a box to keep the kiddo from trying to eat the limbs and strands of lights. Our girl will eat anything she can get her hands, feet, and mouth on!

This year I stuck with the all white light scheme. First out of laziness, and then because we couldn’t find our multi-colored strands… maybe next year we’ll have a colorful tree. I also placed all the photo Christmas cards on the tree. That’s what those sheets of paper are you see scattered throughout the branches. I really liked that addition :)

There ya have it. The 2011 Ringl Christmas (and New Years) Tree. I didn’t snap a picture with presents underneath, mainly because we kept them up high so baby Ringl wouldn’t try to eat the paper. Once babies are mobile they sure do keep ya on your toes!

Hope everyone is having a great week. If not just think, only 2 more days until the weekend ;)



Ahh, isn’t it pretty… I’ll miss this soon.



Christmas 2011: A Wells Version

I’m back to share Christmas #2 of 2011.

We woke up Sunday morning and I surprised Stephen with a few gifts. Nothing big, but a few fun surprises.

Sarah brought them to him in bed…

Happy Baby


After some family time we headed over to my parents house.

While waiting for everyone to arrive a few of us got to work:

I can’t pass up a puzzle. I am an addict. I.Can’t.Stop.Til.It’s.Done!

After everyone arrived at my parents all 13 of us found a place to sit in the living room. We got comfy and ate delicious pigs in a blanket while my brother Matt read the Christmas Story from Luke 2.

Miriah & Jeff


Mom & Dad with the Grandbabies


Helena, Graycie, & Matt


Grandma with her great-grandgirls :)


Us :)


Sarah loves her cousin!


Aunts with their Nieces


Sarah sharing her new book B is for Bear with Graycie




Squash for Christmas Dinner


SO happy to see my blue eyed niece


Helena reading to Sarah


The smiles these girls produce is amazing!


To sum it up we had a fantastic Christmas-filled weekend. It isn’t often my parents have all us kids in the house at the same time. It was so great getting to catch up with everyone while we filled up on goodies and got sore necks from staring at puzzle pieces for WAY TOO LONG ;)

It’s hard to believe all the hussle and bussle of Christmas has come and gone. I am so thankful to be able to celebrate the true meaning of the season. It can be easy to lose focus with all the get togethers, gift purchasing/swapping, decorating, and tummy-filling.

I hope you all had a wonderful time ringing in the new year with friends and family! I know we did :)

Before I close I HAVE to show you this incredible picture…

This has got to be my favorite one from the entire weekend!
(Uncle Matt loves his little niece)


Christmas 2011: A Ringl Version

Alright folks, it’s Friday and I’m dedicating my night to getting my Christmas posts up and ready. Yes, I know I know, it’s soooo selfless of me to give up my night just for you guys ;)
Okay, okay, I’ll admit it… I don’t have any plans tonight and that makes it 1,000,000 times easier to focus (and upload photos like a mad woman!)

Well let’s get to it shall we. Here we go…

A Ringl Family Christmas

The Ringl Women
(+1 in Valerie!!)


He knows how to make his girl smile!


Baby Ringl


Aunt Valerie helping Sarah open a present


We stripped Sarah down for dinner time and she LOVED it!


Dad, Stephen, & Baby :)


Sarah helping Valerie with her present




Val & Kyle


Helping daddy open his present


Sarah’s favorite toy: Mommy’s Phone


Proud Grandma :)


Mom & Dad Ringl


Val, Kyle, & due-in-August baby Messick  : )


Stephen & I


There ya have it, a glimpse into a Ringl family Christmas. Sadly I didn’t get a picture of when Valerie shot mashed potatoes at Stephen during dinner. It isn’t a real family meal without some potatoes plastered on the wall.

We just found out that Valerie is pregnant and due to bring another baby into the family in August. We are SO very excited! I know mom and dad are flipping out at the idea of another baby to love and hug on! Stephen and I are so psyched to have another niece or nephew (I’m voting for a boy. Does voting count for anything?!?!)

We had a wonderful time celebrating Sarah’s first Christmas. Children make Christmas an entire new level of fun! We celebrated with the Ringls on Saturday and the Wells (my maiden name) on Sunday. To end the day we played Apples to Apples and chowed down on cheesecake. Speaking of cheesecake, we have the leftovers in our fridge… seems like a good time to take a break. Night !


Happy Christmas

The Ringls would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful Holiday Weekend  :)



– Our little Elf –


– A Candy Cane Teether –


We’ll be sure to get an actual family photo today ;)


With love,
the Ringls


Belated TurkeyDay

It came to my attention that I never posted anything about our thanksgiving activities.

I’ll sum it up for ya real quick and instead of typing a bunch of stuff just include some photos. After all, nothing gives a better mental image than an image itself.


Sarah helped me put up the tree

Uncle Tommy & Dad

Ri & Jeff playing with Sarah

Sisters, Sisters, There were never such devoted Sisters
(I love White Christmas!)

Sarah & her Granny

My Loves

Aunt Miriah

Sarah meeting our sweet friends Elise & Matt :)

Hanging out with Gma & Gpa Ringl

Aunt Valerie feeding Sarah her first cranberries

Got our tree topper on

Saw Jason & Kelley

Mom is good at getting us all to take “couple” photos :)

Stephen dressed up for the occasion

While it’s a bit late, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are finishing our decorating & preparing for some fun celebrations with just less than 2 weeks until Christmas :)


A DIY Yoda Costume

When Stephen and I first got married he told me that when we had children one day he wanted our child to be Yoda for Halloween. He wanted to dress him/her up and proudly walk around with her on his shoulders. Well, I think I surprised him this year when that is exactly what I planned for our first Halloween..

I’m gonna share my quick, cheap, and very easy Baby Yoda tutorial with you.

First: Gather your pieces

I got the pants and onesie from Goodwill and my mom had the felt in her craft stock pile.

[ These next 3 steps are how to dye your white onesie if you can’t find a green/brown one ]

Heat a pot of water
(I used a tea kettle)

Add some teabags and let them stew so the water darkens


Grab your onesie and place it in the pot
You will then leave your onesie in the pot and let it soak until you get the color you like

(while the onesie was dying I moved on to the next article of clothing)


Get your felt out and cut it into a cloak form
I eye balled this step, it was a risky move but Sarah was napping and I wasn’t waking her for measurements!


– I folded the piece in half (make the fold on top at the shoulders)
– Then I cut up the center and created a small neck opening
– Then I cut down from the side/shoulders for sleeves and angled the ends
(I later made the angle less obvious)
– Cut up the underarm and down the sides to fit your child’s width


Sew your edges to get fray-less seams
(the last thing my baby needed were strings to pull and eat)


Don’t forget to get your onesie out of the pot. To ‘seal’ in the color you should rinse it in cold water in the sink and then throw it in the dryer to lock the color in.

Last step, try it on your little one to make sure it fits :)

End result = one cute Yoda!


When I first started searching for ideas on how to make a DIY Yoda tutorial this was the one I liked most. I altered mine for my own needs and I hope you like the end result as much as we did.

How’s that for a quick and super easy tutorial?! I used a curtain tie for her belt, and cut the feet & hands out of felt and attached them to the cloak and pants. Can’t have a lifelike Yoda without some 3-fingered appendages!

Total cost= $2.40

The last and most important piece, the hat, was made by my friend Ashley. She did such a great job :)

I can’t wait to see what we come up with next Halloween!