Bringing it Current

In a recent post a sweet friend noted in the comments that my ‘About Us’ page was a bit out of date. I decided to answer that prompt right away and updated our ‘About Us’ and ‘House Tour’ pages.

That’s all I really wanted to drop in and tell you about. The House photos are the newest to date from this past October.

And a few photos since otherwise this is the shortest update in history…


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A Wells Family Christmas

This past Saturday we celebrated Christmas with the Wells side of the family. It was a fun and very people-packed house. My parents sold their house back in October so they are living in a rental right now and the living space is a lot smaller than what we are used to.

To start the festivities off right, we had our custom pigs-in-a-blanket for breakfast, followed by gift opening. It didn’t take long until we decided to let the little ones open all their presents first and let them go play in the kids room while the adults did gifts. The girls came out occasionally and helped us open our packages. Sarah and Graycie are getting at such a fun age for holidays and special events.

We had a delicious lunch of ribs, sweet potato casserole, squash casserole and whipped salad. Later in the day we gals made Rice Krispy Houses while the guys watched Home Alone/napped on the couches.

On Sunday we all met back at my parents house for lunch and we played 3-round Charades. It was a lot of fun.

Sadly, we have not been back at my parents since Sunday. We had fun plans of girls going out together and kids going to the park and I had a few craft projects planned, but those weren’t able to happen. Elanor woke up around 11pm Sunday night with a horrible virus/stomach bug. Stephen stayed up with her most of the night until we finally put her in bed with me so he could get a little sleep. The next afternoon she seemed a lot better, though exhausted, and then Monday night Sarah had the same thing happen. You can tell both girls have been confused and unsure about how to handle their bodies hurting them. I only caught a piece of it and we are so thankful that Stephen has been healthy (although completely sleep-deprived) through it all. I can’t imagine all 4 of us out of commission at the same time. Stephen was our rock these past 2 days. The last time I was sick was just before I had Elanor and I always forget how life-altering it is when you have children to take care of.

We are hoping and praying for a restful and sick-free night. Stephen and I are going to be ringing in the new year resting on the couch, if we aren’t already in bed asleep by then (actually, he’s been asleep since 8pm, I’m not sure if he’s out for the night or just grabbing a catnap).

You guys make sure to disinfect your house, toys, doorknobs, carseats, and anything else you have taken out of your home. This stomach bug is a nasty jerk and I hope you all stay clear.

On a lighter note, I do have a few pictures to share from pre-sickness.

With 10 adults, 3 toddlers and 1 infant I think we did a great job at getting a picture where not 1 kiddo is crying!













Looking at all those pictures feels like it was weeks ago. It’s weird how being cooped up in a sick house for a few days can make time slow down.

Happy New Years Eve! Here’s hoping the fireworks don’t wake all babes and pets out there!

A Ringl Family Day

Merry Christmas, 2013 Ringl family edition!

Ringl Family Christmas

Hope you all had a wonderful and Merry Christmas. We are celebrating with the other half of the family on Saturday when my brother and his family come into town. Sarah is going to LOVE tearing open presents again. She’s gotten really good at it today.

Have a wonderful week and Happy Near Year! 2014 is going to be the best yet!

Sarah Met Santa

We had a fun and exciting trip today. Sarah got to meet Santa Claus. When we first arrived she was a little nervous, quietly watching the boy ahead of us in line. We walked up and she shyly said Hi. She sat with him and I was able to [slowly] back away while Stephen was holding Elanor. She sat there quietly and when he asked her what she wanted for Christmas she answered “A present.” When he asked her what kind of present she said “A red one.”
It was adorable and so innocently sweet.

We went during Stephen’s lunch time so there wasn’t a line and Sarah got to sit there with Santa for a bit. She thought it was pretty cool.


Now I will show you why we didn’t originally put Elanor with them. This was exactly what we were expecting…


They gave me that picture for free. It’s definitely a keeper!

Today was a real fun experience. Sarah loves singing Christmas songs in the car, and now she has a face with most those tunes.

1 week til Christmas! Can’t wait to see our girls excited faces when they wake up next Wednesday ❤️

Tree Time

We started off the holidays right and continued our tradition of getting our Christmas tree the weekend of Thanksgiving. This year we went on black Friday, which also happened to be Elanors 1st Birthday. It was a fun way to celebrate our sweet girl. She had a blast playing with all the lights and Christmas decorations at the store.

That morning we met our friends Brandon, Nicole, and cousin Kate and after getting our trees headed back to their house. We decorated the McKenzies tree while the boys did the lights outside the house. After decorating their place we headed home so the girls could get their naps. While they slept Stephen and I setup the tree and he put the lights on the house so they would be surprised when they woke up. I strung an insane (and awesome) amount of lights on the tree while he was busy outside.

Both girls loved waking up and finding the tree already lit up. Sarah helped me put the ornaments on while Elanor tried to take them all off. We quickly decided that the ornaments were going to be a bit higher this year. Sarah enjoyed being picked up high each time to place them all in place.

Here are some pictures of the occasion.

Elanors 1st Tree Day


Playing with all the music & light decorations


Our Tree Spotter


Sarah helped Stephen pick a great tree


Tree Acquired


Stephen on light duty


House lights


 The Birthday Girl 


2013 Christmas Tree


We are so excited to start some new traditions this year with our girls. Sarah is at such a fun age and she has really gotten into the spirit of the holidays. She even asked us if she could go see Santa. We were both pretty surprised. Now, as for if she will actually sit there with Santa is a completely different scenario. I guess we will find out soon!


Once upon a time, almost two weeks ago, we celebrated the 4th of July… It was a wet stormy day, which began with couch cuddles with our little girls. Pretty much the greatest start to any day with children.
That afternoon my sister and bro-in-law came over and we headed downtown to the riverwalk for a festival. There were lots of booths and activities going on. I was needing & excited for some outdoor time. We walked around for a while, letting Sarah point out all the boats. We saw a stand for local honey and got a bottle. Miriah helped Sarah acquire a balloon and soon after that we headed home.

The boys rode together and stopped at the store for some last minute burger fixings while we gals drove home. I made up some [turkey] bacon & fresh cut green beans while the guys grilled. We had a delicious 4th of July meal!
After the girls went to bed we hung out until Miriah’s 31-pregnant-week-self passed out on the couch ;)

The girls sitting together. Sarah insisted Elanor sit with her :)







This was one of the activities going on. I called it the human gerbil, but on water! It was pretty funny to watch.


Now, somehow, that was 2 weeks ago.
Yep, that’s how quick time passes.

That Time Sarah Turned 2

Wow. 4 months. Yep, that’s right, it’s been 4 months since Sarah turned 2. 4 months since we had a sweet little party. 4 months that I never shard a single picture of said birthday party. Well today that is going to change. Here you go friends, a liiiiiittle late, but here it is

Sarah turns Two

Her favorite toy is her Minnie Mouse doll, so we used that as a decorating tool


I made her a matching dress, which was a fun quick project

We had the #1 ingredient for a great toddler birthday party – Bubbles!


Grandpa & Grandma


Aunt Kelley & Uncle Jason


Grandma’s and the grandbabes


Aunt RiRi


Guys, doing guy things


Our friend Ashley & our little Elanor


Swinging with Uncle Jason


Singing Happy Birthday


I love this picture because of moms face. Yep, Sarah got drums!


Yummy Birthday Cookie


Family Photo

This sweet little girl just melts our hearts more and more everyday.

Memorial Weekend: Monday Edition

We started off Memorial Day with a fun and exciting trip to the zoo. We had been once before when we went to Zoo Lights the night after Christmas, but had never gone during the day. During the drive Sarah kept saying “I’m gonna feed the andimals.” We were so excited to finally have a day full of Sarah being outside and having unlimited access to goats, chickens, birds, pigs and even peacocks with baby chicks running about. Do all zoo’s have a petting area? Probably do, this was just my second zoo visit in 29 years so I was surprised.


This is Sarah’s “Woooow” face. She made it A LOT!

She wanted to watch everyone else feed the animals

One proud girl with one proud dad

Sarah chased this goat all over the place. It was adorable.

Giraffes are crazy cool. Seeing them in person made me feel like I was in Jurassic Park for some reason.

Getting so big and brave

The weather was absolutely perfect!

We had a bit of fun at the kangaroo stop…

yep, this happened

then this

and then THIS

neither of them look too happy with the situation

On the train with our sweet 6 month old

Sarah sitting with Aunt Kelley

I love this last photo!

I’m sure the pictures help show just what a fabulous time we had. My sister and her hubby Jeff came. As well as my mom and sis-in-law Kelley. Sarah was pretty much in Auntee heaven. Kelley is a huge animal lover so she knew all sorts of cool information. She also helped give Sarah the needed patience and encouragement to feed several different animals. The train ride was really awesome. It was only $3 per person and given that Sarah LOVES trains, and us adults appreciated the shade and wind, it was a fantastic deal! Elanor was a great baby the entire time. She is big enough now that we were able to just put her in the stroller and swap out kids when Sarah wanted a break from walking.

After we left the zoo we headed to my parents house. Dad fired up the grill and made his famous bbq chicken while mom whipped up a bunch of tasty sides. It was a delicious feast. Sarah played in the backyard and Stephen Elanor and I got to take a catnap. I actually think that is the first time the 3 of us have napped together… it was great!

There ya have it, a breakdown of our Memorial Weekend. It was a much needed time of relaxation. Tomorrow is Friday and I know this weekend, although pretty busy, can’t get here fast enough! We need a vacation. Or a vacation from vacation. Ya, you guys know what I’m talking about.

Memorial Weekend: Sunday edition

This past weekend was full of a lot of great things. There was grilling out, time with family, and eating way too much dessert. We could never have enough 3-day weekends in our lives!

Before us kids entered the picture my dad was an army ranger. My father in law was in the navy, which is why Stephen grew up in some really cool places, including an island in Alaska. Most recently my brother in law was in the army and served overseas the first year of his marriage.
I could not be more thankful that the 3 men in my family that served are all alive and healthy. It feels a bit silly to me that to thank them and celebrate their heroism we grill out and eat fruit covered cake, but I also know that it’s the time spent with them that is the real celebration. Families gather together and share stories. We laugh together and enjoy one another’s company. Now that I think about it it was the same 3 men that served in the military that grilled at each of our gatherings… Hooray for good chefs!

On Sunday after church we headed to my in laws for some family time. We 4, my sis-in-law Val and her fam and mom and dad made for a full house, especially since 4 were all at/under the age of 2!
In all the crazy play time I didn’t get many pictures, but I did get a few when mom, dad, and I were outside with Sarah.









Like all kids, Sarah loved playing with the bubbles. It was her first sidewalk chalk experience and I she had a lot of fun with it. We tried teaching hop scotch, and to her that meant jump around a lot, which equaled fun!
She had the most fun playing with her cousins, Mark and Russell. They played chase while the boys were in their walkers. I’ve never heard so much giggling in one place. They also competed on who could sneak the most dog food. Good to know my kid isn’t the only one that tries to eat that stuff {ewww}.

We had a great time relaxing and just being together. It’s crazy how days, weeks, and sometimes months can pass without seeing family that lives in the same town! Especially since I totally scored on having great in-laws!

Well that sums up our Sunday of memorial weekend. I’ll be back another day to share Mondays activities.