The Table

After my post about our new dining room setup I discovered, via a comment from my brother, that I never showed you our newest furniture addition.

Back at the end of December we went to Biloxi for a family Christmas Party and while there we visited a furniture store. We had been on the hunt for a new kitchen table for almost a year but just couldn’t find something we were sold on. That was, until we laid our eyes on this beauty.



It fit all the needs and wants on our list

  • – Seat 6, check
  • Solid wood, check
  • Bench on one side so the table can be pushed against the wall, check
  • Comfy on the tookus, check
  • Last us the rest of our lives, [pre-determined] check

The chairs will be perfect for a booster seat when Sarah gets to that point


I’m a huge fan of the chairs. The lines are a combo of smooth, semi-curvy, & sturdy

This is the view from behind the kitchen counter



I felt like I was photographing a model with this angle… I’m such a big fan of this table



Despite the fact that the kitchen is all setup, we still have some work to do. The table needs to be stained. We got the table in the winter while I was almost 7 months pregnant so staining it indoors wasn’t an option because of the fumes, and we don’t have a covered outdoor space that will work. Over the past 9 months we did find a stain we both like (procrastinate much?!?). Now we just gotta figure out the when & where so the table can be completed. We should probably do that soon since this is the table we plan on having for the rest of our lives. It should definitely hold up that long and longer. Perhaps if she likes it (and her future-friends don’t damage it too much) we will will it to Sarah for her family one day :)

And that’s the story of our [belatedly new] kitchen table. (your welcome, Matt) ;)