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The girls started and finished swim refreshers last week. They LOVE the water, especially with Mrs. Carrie, their swim teacher. Sarah and Elanor both light up when they jump in to her. It only took them 6 lessons to be good to go for this next swim season. Sarah picked up her float the first day, and Elanor followed a few days later. It is so wonderful to know that if anything crazy, unexpected or horrible were to ever happen around water they can rescue themselves and call out until they are found. Flip off the back of a boat? They know how to recover and float and call out, even in waves. Fall off a dock or a pool ledge? Flip over and either 1) Call out til someone comes, or 2) Find the side of a pool or shore and swim-float-swim until you are safe. Guys, seriously, ISR is just amazing. Teaching someone as young as 6months old to self-rescue is absolutely amazing. Drowning is the #1 cause of death among children ages 4 and below. Something I, as a parent and aunt, can’t even let my brain think about. Please check it out if you know anyone with little ones: https://www.infantswim.com/

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Stephen was made to be a father. While so many things seem hard and unnatural in this world being a caretaker to children comes so naturally to him. I still remember right after having Sarah it was like a switch flipped in him. It took me months to feel natural with the parent-thing. While having Addison over one night she got sick. The poor girl was vomiting off and on for a few hours. Every time our girls get sick Stephen is endlessly compassionate and sympathetic. He is so patient with them. I was able to be on cleanup crew and tend to our girls and make my sister some dinner so she didn’t have to do anything but love and hold her little girl. There is something different about sick cuddles, and Addison is not one to sit still and hug on you, there is too much playing to do, so when she does it’s a moment to treasure.

I love this man and I love that this photo captures just one reason why.

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Project365 (123 of 1)

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I mentioned a bit back that we made a recent big change and sold our first home and moved to a new one. This is our new homestead.
While it was a confusing and weird change for the first few weeks, we are finally feeling like this is home and making it our own.

This is a photo from 2 days because I wanted to make sure we got a photo of the entire house, hence the different clothing in each ;)
(sidenote-if you click on the photo it will open up larger in a new tab, just in case you didn’t know)

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We have had a beautiful addition to local family. Stephen’s grandparents were relocated from Arizona to Florida last fall and my in-laws have been caring for them in their home. My mother in law is rather amazing. You know how you hope beyond all hopes that when you meet the man you want to marry that you will like his family? Well I won the in-law jackpot with my husband. His family is amazing.

My mother-in-law not only works from home, but she also watches our twin nephews a few days a week and cares for her mother and father in law as their caretaker. My father-in-law knows he won the mother load with a woman that has a heart bigger than this world, and I know I won as well with a woman that loves me like I am her own. This is G-Ma, as our little ones call her. I’ve never seen her smile as much as she did while watching all our kiddos running around being chased by her youngest child, their grandpa.I hope watching her son play and laugh with her great grandchildren brought her as much joy as it did me.

4 Years Old

On Saturday we had a get together at our house to celebrate Sarah’s 4th birthday with our family.

The weather was absolutely perfect and like last year we spent the time relaxing and playing outside. Sarah is similar to me in that quality time is one of her biggest love languages. Having all her family together to talk and play with is a gift in and of itself.

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Stephen has been out of town during the past 2 work weeks, traveling to Pittsburgh and Orlando for business. This Tuesday morning he and the girls cuddled on the couch and watched Mr. Peabody and Sherman. I set them up with bowls of popcorn, fresh drinks and a fruit snack (in case they got antsy). During which time I washed my hair for the first time since last Friday. It’s all the reality of real life and our stories here. I could hashtag this #lifeofabirthphotographer but I only had 2 births in the past 5 days, so “technically” there was time. Of course that’s if you consider showers more important than sleep, and in a house with a hubby gone and kids that have decided my bed is their bed, sleep wins.

Day 1 | 365 Project

Maternity with New Light Birth Photography

While looking through photos I found that I missed Day1 of my 365Project! Stephen had the day off so he and the girls went with me to a family maternity photo session. The shoot was at Fort Pickens and it was C-O-L-D! The kiddos all played while I did my thing and afterwards Amanda offered to take a photo for us. I’m SO glad she did. This is probably my current favorite (and definitely is my computer desktop photo).

Bringing it Current

In a recent post a sweet friend noted in the comments that my ‘About Us’ page was a bit out of date. I decided to answer that prompt right away and updated our ‘About Us’ and ‘House Tour’ pages.

That’s all I really wanted to drop in and tell you about. The House photos are the newest to date from this past October.

And a few photos since otherwise this is the shortest update in history…


_MG_9094 _MG_9129 _MG_9166 _MG_9507_MG_9225 _MG_9516 _MG_9523 _MG_9554 _MG_9564 _MG_9578_MG_9232 IMG_9246



Ringl Gals

You guys! I got a new camera and I’m so excited. It’s a whole new realm of fun and I’ve already gotten a chance to practice in-action with a maternity/family photo shoot, and 3 births! It’s been a busy month in the birth world ;)

While playing around with it Stephen was sweet enough to grab a few photos of us girls.