Catchy Captions

This post is for you Aunt Vicci… I hope these pictures make you smile so big your cheeks hurt (and give you even more reasons to hound Linds & Kim to give you a grandbaby or two) ¬† ;)


Squash Face:


Tiny Toes


the Hey, Get me Outta Here Face


the Talking Face
(aka: lalala la la nanana na daaada)


the Flash is Too Bright Face


the “Hello Clarice”


the I Think there’s Something in my Pants


the Carseat Smile


Hope these brightened your Monday :)



A Simple Tuesday

I thought I would give you a photo montage of our day today.

Sarah started off the morning by sleeping in until about 8am, which was awesome! She did wake up around 5am to eat, but she followed that up with going back to sleep for almost 3 more hours. It was nice to say the least :)

Our first activity this morning was playing in her jumper. She hasn’t quite got the idea that she can stand and jump while in it, but she does like to swing around in circles, which is pretty entertaining.


We then moved into the living room where she wanted to do a bunch of this…


that girl loves some fingers right now. She doesn’t care whose they are either, so beware if you are near our child anytime in the next few days!

I didn’t get a picture, but for the past few days Sarah has fallen asleep when I put the new Jesus Culture DVD on. We started with the Baby Einstein DVD that she got (thanks again JD!) I think all those bright pictures and calming music put her in the napping-mode and the live concert Jesus Culture DVD just pushed her right into dream world.

You know, before I had a child I said I wouldn’t let her watch TV until after she was 2, because that’s what is ‘recommended’ in all the fancy doctor books. Well turns out you don’t know squat until you have a kid. Sarah has enjoyed a few episodes of LOST and WINGS with me over the past few months. It’s honestly the only way she will let me sit down some days.

After her morning nap she watched me do the dishes and then we went on a walk.


Those are some sleeeeepy eyes if I’ve ever seen some. We love our new jogging stroller. I actually jogged with it today. It was a bit awkward not being able to use my arms since I was pushing, but I got the hang of it after a little bit. My goal was to run the length of the cow pasture and I did so, plus a little extra. Yes, I said cow pasture. We live in a small town and cows, goats, chickens, and horses are all seen on our walks. I’ve shared all the noises they make with Sarah and she gets a hoot out of it.

It was hot out today so after we got back from our walk I got Sarah cleaned up.

I actually did something new today. I got in the bath with Sarah. I’ve done it once before at my mom’s house (which sarah gave me a “present” during), but that was when she was just a few weeks old. Today’s bath was actually really fun and cute. Sarah loved it! It made it a lot easier not having to bend over the tub and lay her on her mat. She just sat and laid in my lap while I bathed her.
I recommend this method to all you mommies out there. It was so fun and easy.

After our bath I snapped a quick photo of Sarah in her hoodie towel to text to Stephen.


That was as much as she would cooperate. No eye contact, but just as cute as ever :)

Next up, clothes.


This is a 0-3 month outfit. I don’t know who does the sizes for baby clothes, but our 4 1/2 month old still fits in this perfectly!

We then moved into the kitchen so I could get a snack. That walk seriously made me hungry!

Sarah is SO great at hanging out in her bumbo chair while in the kitchen. I love that thing (thanks Kelley!!!)


I then sent Stephen this picture.


This was our conversation:

I guess the interest in chocolate milk removed any doubts he was having… haha

Now, I am sitting in the living room writing this post because our little girl decided to do this…


Nap #3 of the day. We’ve been busy!

Well there ya have it. Our Tuesday, so far. Stephen has a church meeting tonight so it’s just me and our girl for a few more hours, and then it’s daddy-sarah time.

After that little girl hits the hay I may watch the last 2 episodes of WINGS. Netflix Instant Streaming makes it SO easy to watch an entire series!

Alright, time to go get dinner started. We’re having turkey burgers :)


Proud Mama

I am one PROUD Mama right now! Let me explain…

I have been reading about how important neck strength is in your child’s future development and was getting myself all worked up because during tummy time Sarah wasn’t lifting her neck the way she should be. I knew she had some strong muscles in there because she holds her head up great when we walk around and sit. Well on Wednesday I was texting my friend Jill, asking her questions about her daughter Rory’s neck strength. She was encouraging me and giving me some tips so I decided to have an extra tummy session.

During our session Sarah went and made me the proudest mom around. Looks like she had it in her all along :)

Prepare yourself, we are about to blow the roof off the cute scale!






Yes, I got a little camera happy. I am SO glad I had my phone nearby, otherwise I would have missed getting this “first” on film.


Tongue Tied

I have been feeling a bit wordless the past few weeks. I don’t know if it’s these crazy extra hormones I have pumping through my body, or just a short season in my life, but it is something I am not used to.

Sometimes I will see something that makes me stop and appreciate a certain person in my life. I thought it would be a nice idea to take a photo to later share that heartfelt moment through that specific image.

You may not always agree with or understand the comparison, but that’s okay because this idea is an expression of love, comfort, or care that I felt at a specific moment in my day, and as a pregnant woman a lot of these feelings are strange, emotional, or a bit unexplainable, even by me.

Sometimes words just don’t do the heart justice.

I sent a picture of this postcard to my husband.


The thankfulness I feel in my heart and soul is overflowing. God put a man in my life that I have never had to wonder if he would be a good father. Nor question what his priorities will be in life. Or Second guess the decision to spend my life with him. I know, without a doubt, that if anything were to ever happen to me he would love and care for our child in a way that would make anyone wish for that selfless love and relationship.

I am at fault for not thanking God every moment of everyday for this man, and for the love he has for others. He loves like Christ the way I have never seen someone love before. When people say “he’s lucky to have found you” they are wrong. I am the lucky one. To get to spend a moment, an hour, a day, and ¬†even years with this man, and with the people in his life. I can honestly say that his friends are true friends. His faith is endless. His trust is more selfless than I knew existed. Our children will be so fortunate.

Thank you Stephen, for loving me and for marrying me. Thank you, Savior, allowing me to know this amazing man, and for saving and growing him to seek you first.

So much for being wordless. Maybe next time.