A Reappearance

Aaaaaand, I’m back! Did you like that trick? I disappeared for a while there. It seems the kids, a new job, church trips, and just me being crazy tired really played a big part in the whole ‘neglect the website’ stint there.

We have really been up to a lot this summer. Oh no, pause – Elanor woke up… she must know I’m trying to do web work. Okay, I think she fell back asleep, at least I hope she did because it’s 12:07am and this mom is hoping her kids choose to sleep in their own room tonight. Yep, we have reached the point of kids crawling into our bed. It was cute at first. The kicks into the back, pillow hogging and sheet stealing has really started to wear off the cuteness effect for me. Although the hand holding and morning cuddles sure are precious.

Now for a few photos. Here is some of our June and July of 2014.

Strawberry picking


Kid Birthday parties, with the hubbs

Blueberry Picking while baby wearing


BOTH girls attended Mothers Day Out in July


Sunday morning music practice


An ER visit with Elanor
(she turned out to be fine, just scared her parents)


Stephen and I BOTH attended Centrifuge Youth Camp


Elevator rides with a text messaging unicorn (at camp)



“What I want to be when I grow up” theme night
we have a good group of dreamers!


If you didn’t know, I am scared of heights & I slept on a top bunk – which was a big deal for me


Having fun at ISR swim lessons


The girls visiting us at Univ of Mobile during camp


Skateboarding in the halls


Cousin kisses


The hubs
[I posted this because I think he’s handsome]


Wahoos Baseball Game with the Youth Group


Little Elanor smiling for the camera while at babysitter Melissa’s house


Grocery shopping with BOTH kids
(it doesn’t happen often)


We switched the girls room and I put their mattresses on the floor the first night
Since then Sarah pushed them together and now they sleep right next to one another


Elanor being silly


Feeding ducks at the pond and going to the park


Swinging and relaxing


Sarah wanted in the baby swing bc Elanor and Addison were in them


Visiting Papaw and Nana


Facetime with Daddy while he was on a business trip


Giving Barney some hugs





Cousin snack break


There’s a few visuals of what we have been up to in the Ringl family. It’s been a fun and busy summer, and today I decided I am looking forward to some cooler weather and exciting holidays!

Thank you, Mrs. Debra, for reminding me I needed to update! My computer time has been overly consumed with editing photos, so it’s nice to take a break and look at pictures of my own kiddos and family.

Spring Photo Challenge

Minus these past few days of crazy rain, the little ones have decided that they should be outside all day. All day. Everyday. Rain or shine. Sweltering heat. Cold windy breezes. You know what, I get it, because my kids love getting wet, dirty, and sticky, whether from the hose, bath, or rain falling from the sky. I love that they enjoy being outside so much. Although I think I’d have a better appreciation if we had a fence in the backyard so I didn’t have to be standing right there in momma-mode making sure no one sneaks into my backyard and snatches my children. Am I the only one that thinks crazy things like that? That’s how mom-brain works, worst-case scenario is always on alert. Motherhood is strange you guys. Awesome, amazing and totally weird.

So, outside. Back on point. A website I’ve been reading for a few years is having a Photo Challenge. Not a voting sort of thing, but a challenge for me personally. This months theme is Spring, and this is what I wanted to share.

Spring Toddler Tantrum: When a little one doesn’t agree it’s time to go back inside.


Happy Outdoor Weather season! ;)

Although I admit I prefer outside meltdowns over cabin fever any day!

Almost 3

In a little over a month Sarah is going to be 3 years old. 3. Years. How in the world did time go so quickly? I blame sleep regression, and time travel. Mostly the lack of sleep though. What did I do with my time before I had children? Did I nap all the time? If not I should have.

It’s incredible how much Sarah has learned lately. Her brain is absorbing things quicker than I can spew good information out.
Hearing her have real adult conversations blows my mind. She may be small but she talks just like we do. Hearing her spout out entire, and correctly ordered, sentences with full recognition of what she’s saying. Asking questions about everything. Wanting to know how I’m feeling and what words mean. We’ve always spoken to her the same way we talk to everyone else and I think that shows itself in her conversational skills. #mombragmoment

She is almost completely potty trained. Keyword: almost.
The other day she was asking for a diaper while wearing panties (she does this when she needs to poop). I was doing dishes and the next thing I know she comes back into the kitchen, wearing a pull-up and tells me she needs to be changed. That’s a clear picture of a kid that should be out of diapers. Changing herself INTO a diaper. Crazy child. For some reason, although she’s done it several times before, Sarah will have nothing to do with using the bathroom for her #2 business. I’m really hoping she will have the realization that it’s the way to go, because as much as we want her too, you can’t make a kid go in the potty (trust me, I’ve tried!)

We are really pleased that Sarah is still good at taking an afternoon nap. While she doesn’t get one daily, which is more of a scheduling problem than lack of need, she is great at sleeping for 2-3 hours. ::Everyone please hold while I go knock on wood::

In the past month or two Sarah has started finding her way into our bed during the night. She has been having issues with nightmares and while we used to go into her room when she woke upset, she has decided to just come into our room and crawl in the middle between Stephen and I. Thankfully she has learned to stay still so I’m not getting kicked and shoved, and she doesn’t do it nightly, but it is something I never expected and haven’t figured out how to handle yet. My sister recently gave Sarah a new light pillow. She just has to push a button and stars come on that light up the ceiling. She loves it and I think it has helped some, since she has been staying in her room a few more times than recently before. That’s parenthood though, a continual learning process. If nothing else, having 2 little ones has taught us that every child is different. You gotta keep trying til you figure out what works.

Now, for our normally broadcasted photo dump.


Playing at the park near the water is a favorite


Sarah has become a puzzle pro. She loves for us to watch her put them together


Dress up in the car with a scarf one of the youth at church, Eli, made her


She has become a big cuddler lately, which she never was as a baby


She talked me into donuts during a quick trip to Target


Digging her hole


She loves painting. LOVES all art. That makes me a happy mom


Cuddling with cousin Addison’s blanket during sunday school at church


Guys, we go through so much peanut butter. Not kidding. Buckets upon buckets.


She wanted to pull the wagon, so we let her.


Dry erase markers are awesome! Makes coloring cleanup super easy


Bubbles at Grandma & Grandpas


Playing outside at Nana & Papaws House


Visiting parks are so enjoyable for them AND me


Playing dress-up
(she moves quick, hence the iPhone blur)


Again, we love parks


Being a goofball


Swinging outside and showing off her lollipop


Sarah has started asking to eat cereal


Cereal? Out of a bowl? With milk AND an adult size spoon? Time, stop it! Stop it I say. Going way too fast.

It’s hard to believe that in a few weeks we will have a 3 year old. I don’t notice how big she is getting until I look at pictures and see it right in front of my eyes. It’s like a before-after with people and weight-loss. You don’t notice the gradual changes if you are around it everyday. I am so thankful for pictures. For being able to see her growth over just a few days, weeks, and months. They change so quickly.

Sarah Elizabeth Ringl. Almost 3. I remember finding out we were pregnant, for the third time. Being afraid to get excited. Praying so earnestly for a healthy baby. Waiting and hoping anxiously for each new day, week, and month. Finding out we were having a girl. Picking out her name. The crazy experience of bringing her into this world. And now she is a full-fledged toddler. Very quickly developing her personality. Choosing to be hard headed at times and tender at others. Deciding if she wants mommy to get up and get her breakfast, or daddy to sit with her to share animal crackers. Each day she makes her own decisions. We are showing her that some things are up to her parents to decide, and she’s the one that has to choose to be obedient and listen. Shaping her to be a leader, and to know when and whom to follow. Praying that she will come to know the Lord at an early age. That she can know His love and grace and skip out on a lot of mistakes and instead have the opportunities to honor Christ and be His disciple.

She hears every word. See’s every action and reaction. Watches our responses and body language. Everything we do she is observing. When we laugh. Cry. Snap. Hold our tongue. Raise our eyebrows. Roll our eyes. Getting angry and short tempered. Use sarcasm. Children are a wonderful vessel to remind us to keep our minds, actions, and words in check. She is learning every moment of everyday based on the people she is around. I have no doubt that when she says “shoot”, “oh my goodness” or “Elanor, it’s okay, don’t cry sweetie.” That she has heard each of those statements straight from my mouth. I’m just thankful she has picked up on more of the good than bad.

When did this start turning sentimental… whoops. There’s proof for you that she brings out every side of me. From humor to education then back to humor again. If you made it this far in, you win 3500 awesome points. Congrats! Now it’s back to the other tabs you have opened in your browser.

A lot of January

You guys, it’s almost February! How did that even happen? Life has been busy but yet kind of unproductive here. Unproductive on the house being clean and let’s start 2014 by being organized front, and busy on the I’m always tired and how do kids have so much energy bewilderment.

I figured it was time for a few in-the-life-of-the-stay-at-home-ringls photos. You know, in case you have checked the site a few times and noticed I haven’t reported in since just after Christmas.

Well, here you go friends, happy browsing.

Morning color time


Those brown eyes have my heart.


We are super thankful for all the friendly outdoor weather lately. Florida is weird.


I think Sarah says “Run mama, Run!” 600 times a day. Girl keeps me in shape!


They re-dig this dirt pile every time we go outside


Snuggles in Hobby Lobby


She has mastered how to ride her new bike.


Hanging with the sun rays


They are still learning to “share” the faucet in the bathtub. It’s like a waterfall, I get the appeal




Playing in Nana’s planters


(holding hands is my favorite!!!!)


Visiting daddy at work & playing at Mr. Harry’s desk


This sandbox was way worth the $3!


Digging their hole


Playground fun


A group slide


Family time is the best


Flying a Blue Angel plane


I always feel like we spend too much time cooped up inside, but going through these photos I see we are outside a lot more than I realized.

Somehow that makes me feel better about myself as a mom. Motherhood is weird.

Some April, May, June

This girl keeps getting CUTER! Seriously, look at her…

Sarah discovered her love for blocks.
We play pretty often. More like everyday. Actually it’s probably a few hours each day… ya, it’s a lot!

Sarah got attacked by fire ants.

Elanor went to her first graduation.

Sarah discovered edamame beans.

I celebrated Mothers Day with my 2 girls

We’ve been playing outside a lot

Which means we have had a few outdoor tantrums when it was time to go back inside
Silly 2 year olds…


Kids. They keep ya busy.


Between birthdays, holidays, work schedules and church events life has been crazy busy and honestly pretty chaotic. Most weekends have been used for squeezing in family naps and trying to get laundry done.

I used the past 3 evenings cleaning my computer and finally made room for all the photos that have been waiting on my camera card.
Until I get those loaded I figured I would share a few recent pictures from my phone.









Here’s to a great April!



Some Phone Photos

Life has been pretty busy with a sick toddler and a cuddly 2 month old, so here’s a peek at what we’ve been up to lately…


Mothers Day Out



Sister Time



Eating Yogurt



Sweet Cuddly Naps



Fun with Sarah


Car Rides


Time with Nana



Coloring with Gampa






Backseat Fun



Styling with Sunglasses








Sandbox Fun


Picnic (napping)


Car Decor



Passing time @ the Doctor
(playing with the trash bin)



Playing with Angel



January Blooms



Getting Sweet Smiles



Going on Walks


Color Time w/ Mommy






Enjoying the Outdoors



Behind Cracked Doors

We have been forming a new habit in our home. After exiting a room you pull the door closed behind you. Unless baby Ringl is still in there of course. Use the restroom? Not only do you need to close the toilet lid, make sure the TP is on the counter (not on the holder), and then close the door behind you, but go ahead and make sure she didn’t sneak in while you were washing your hands and isn’t trying to climb into the tub to get to her toys… girl loves her bath toys!

On Sarah’s 11 month post I showed you just 1 picture of a fun set. Here are the rest of one of her [many] bathroom hooliganisms.


this was her face when I found her


this is her ‘look what I found, mom’ face


this is where the real smile starts because I laughed at her


theeen, right before I threw the camera down because she decided TP looks tasty


I suppose with our baby girl getting closer and closer to becoming a toddler this was bound to happen, I just didn’t know it would approach so quickly! While her looks have gradually changed into what I looked like as a wee one her personality is definitely pure Ringl! The kid loves mischief! I’m glad she’s already getting a good scoop of her dads sense of humor :)  With how much they both make me laugh I’ll be burning calories off everyday for the rest of my life! Which I’m 1000 percent okay with!