A Wall Makeover

Surprise, its a house-rated post! I know, I know, its been a while, so you better soak it in because who knows when I’ll be back again ;)

I’ve got a little bedroom update for ya…

Here is the before:



And the after:




I decided to move this piece into our room, since I took it down from the living room a few months back.

I’m quite happy with the results. The wall has been bare since we moved in (that’s over 2 1/2 years people!) and since I’ve been doing a room-by-room cleanup in prep for Elanors arrival I figured what the heck. Now I only have 2 more walls in this room to decorate!

Oh, I guess I never mentioned how the room got painted. Where has the time gone?

While Sarah and I were out of town a few months ago Stephen painted our bedroom. He didn’t tell me, hint to it, or anything. He went to the store, bought some paint and completed his project. The man was on a mission and he definitely shocked the who out of me!

He also stained our dining room table that same weekend!
I sure scored a super awesome man to spend my life with :)

Okay, looks like its snack time. After that, laundry and dishes.
Have a great day!


Showering our Nephews

The day is quickly approaching where we will be welcoming our 2 nephews into the world! My sister Valerie is in the “safe zone” to go into labor, and we will meet the boys anytime between now and August 9th at the latest.
I can’t imagine how crazy it is carrying twins in your belly, but I know she is MORE than ready to be holding them in her arms!

Last weekend she had two baby showers and got tons of goodies to fill their nursery (and car, cabinets, and closets for that matter)! They’re gonna need all those diapers, and more, with two little tushies to clean and cover!

I made these fun onesies for them



and this diaper cake




I got these photos and I don’t know if they emphasize how beautifully pregnant Valerie is. Here are just a few pictures from the shower-packed weekend.






It was a lovely and wonderful weekend, and definitely exhausting for the 17 & 31-week pregnant sisters, 1 with twin boys!

Now we are all making bets and claiming days when the twins will arrive. My mom-in-law told me she had a July 24th prediction today. We shall see soon enough!!




In case you haven’t noticed over the past few years of me writing to you on this website, I enjoy house projects. I get a lot of satisfaction out of personalizing and updating our home. I normally decorate using a few consistent guidelines:

  • spend as little as possible (in my book “little” typically equals $0.00)
  • before you put a nail in the wall get a second opinion (it’s true, I second guess my self constantly!)
  • measure 3-5 times, hammer once (measuring twice isn’t enough for me, just ask my slightly-crooked floating shelf)
  • and last, if the space looks bare add a frame

Yep, it’s true, I am a frameaholic. It tends to be the quickest and easiest way for me to spruce up a space, and I love that it can be done for next to nothing. I thoroughly enjoy scouring thrift stores for these cheap accessories. Getting a solid wood frame for under a buck is such an awesome deal, especially when you can make it look brand new with a can of spray paint. Almost all the frames in our home were either thrift store finds, free, or gifted to me. I’m pretty sure the most I have ever spent on them was when we took a trip to Houston and I visited IKEA with my friend Sarah. I scored some great frames for next to nothing. They make Targets prices look like highway robbery… but let’s not get me started on how much I wish we had an IKEA nearby, or that they should increase their online store availability. Let’s get back to the case and point.

Dear frames,

Thank you for making decorating possible for me. You are simple, relatively cheap, and require little to no clean up.

With great appreciation,
the Ringl Family


Here is my most recent house update. It isn’t much, but it did just enough to make our kitchen feel more homey and personalized. All it took was 4 basic black frames and choosing 4 pictures to use from my online google image search collection.



I apologize for the bad flash glare. I took these pictures last night. Also, please ignore the fingerprint-covered microwave… looks like I’ve been slacking in the cleaning department.

Just below the flash and fingerprints you can see the newest change. I’m still thinking of switching the yellow-flower frame (on the left of the stove) with the coffee frame (to the right of the stove). Either way, I’m pleased with the change. Here are some closer shots.




The photos are (from left to right): an oak tree, yellow flower, coffee cup, and birds on a wire. I am a huge tree/flower/bird fan. My decor taste can pretty much be summed up as “nature”. If it’s featuring the outdoors, with colors I like, than I tend to be a fan. I’m also all about some delicious warm coffee, no matter the season.

The chalkboard sign on the far right was a sweet gift I got from my friend Melissa.

There ya have it, you are now more updated on the look of my kitchen from reading this post than anyone that’s been to my home. Of course I gave you the dishes-done and clean counters and sink version… not that I ever have dirty dishes or a messy countertop.

Alright, now it’s your turn. Go get your frame-on! It’s totally worth it, trust me.





O New Years Tree

Due to the fact that I’m not posting this until almost 2 weeks after Christmas I figured I’d rename our tree. She helped us ring in the new year by sticking around and we still light ‘er up every evening as a giant living room night light.

Plus, my sweet hubby taught me how to take a picture of our tree so that it went from looking like this…

to looking like this:


Yes, that is the same tree. The first one just looks a bit more sad and dim compared to the second.

I didn’t want to go the entire year without showing you guys our tree this year. I had to move it ontop of a box to keep the kiddo from trying to eat the limbs and strands of lights. Our girl will eat anything she can get her hands, feet, and mouth on!

This year I stuck with the all white light scheme. First out of laziness, and then because we couldn’t find our multi-colored strands… maybe next year we’ll have a colorful tree. I also placed all the photo Christmas cards on the tree. That’s what those sheets of paper are you see scattered throughout the branches. I really liked that addition :)

There ya have it. The 2011 Ringl Christmas (and New Years) Tree. I didn’t snap a picture with presents underneath, mainly because we kept them up high so baby Ringl wouldn’t try to eat the paper. Once babies are mobile they sure do keep ya on your toes!

Hope everyone is having a great week. If not just think, only 2 more days until the weekend ;)



Ahh, isn’t it pretty… I’ll miss this soon.



A DIY Yoda Costume

When Stephen and I first got married he told me that when we had children one day he wanted our child to be Yoda for Halloween. He wanted to dress him/her up and proudly walk around with her on his shoulders. Well, I think I surprised him this year when that is exactly what I planned for our first Halloween..

I’m gonna share my quick, cheap, and very easy Baby Yoda tutorial with you.

First: Gather your pieces

I got the pants and onesie from Goodwill and my mom had the felt in her craft stock pile.

[ These next 3 steps are how to dye your white onesie if you can’t find a green/brown one ]

Heat a pot of water
(I used a tea kettle)

Add some teabags and let them stew so the water darkens


Grab your onesie and place it in the pot
You will then leave your onesie in the pot and let it soak until you get the color you like

(while the onesie was dying I moved on to the next article of clothing)


Get your felt out and cut it into a cloak form
I eye balled this step, it was a risky move but Sarah was napping and I wasn’t waking her for measurements!


– I folded the piece in half (make the fold on top at the shoulders)
– Then I cut up the center and created a small neck opening
– Then I cut down from the side/shoulders for sleeves and angled the ends
(I later made the angle less obvious)
– Cut up the underarm and down the sides to fit your child’s width


Sew your edges to get fray-less seams
(the last thing my baby needed were strings to pull and eat)


Don’t forget to get your onesie out of the pot. To ‘seal’ in the color you should rinse it in cold water in the sink and then throw it in the dryer to lock the color in.

Last step, try it on your little one to make sure it fits :)

End result = one cute Yoda!


When I first started searching for ideas on how to make a DIY Yoda tutorial this was the one I liked most. I altered mine for my own needs and I hope you like the end result as much as we did.

How’s that for a quick and super easy tutorial?! I used a curtain tie for her belt, and cut the feet & hands out of felt and attached them to the cloak and pants. Can’t have a lifelike Yoda without some 3-fingered appendages!

Total cost= $2.40

The last and most important piece, the hat, was made by my friend Ashley. She did such a great job :)

I can’t wait to see what we come up with next Halloween!



Small Improvements

About 2 months back I went with my mom to a home liquidators store because she was in search of a bathroom sink. While there I spotted something I’ve been looking for; a floating shelf. Not only was it the same color as our kitchen cabinets, but it was also on clearance for $15! I immediately snatched it up. To top off the experience the shelf rang up for $12. Double score!!

Fast forward 2 months later and the shelf was sitting in the kitchen still waiting for a wall to hang on. I know, it’s a sad visual. Well on Monday my mom came over to see the little lady and we finally got one of my kitchen walls decorated! It’s amazing the work you can get done with an extra pair of hands!

Let me start by showing you what the kitchen looked like when we first moved in.



The much different after


I’m pretty happy with the results. Here it is from the view in the den.




Looking at this picture actually makes me aware that we need to paint some walls up in this house! Sarah’s nursery is the only room that has been painted since we moved in (which is coming up on 2 years soon!)

I figured it was high time I shared a recent project. Hope you like it :)


In-between Nap Times

On Saturday I got together with my friend Nicole to work on a fun house project. Now that I think about it it’s more of an outside-the-house item, but I will probably steal it from our front door and use it inside as well…

Last week my mom, Sarah, Nicole, and I met up at Jo-Anns to search for some needed items. Our list consisted of: yarn, felt, and any decorative items we liked. Let me tell ya this, having my mom with us made the trip go SO quick! I forgot what it was like to shop without having to entertain a baby. Although her desire to eat my yarn and touch everything was really cute to watch :)

I spent just under $4 for all my supplies and here is the breakdown of what we did…


A piece of foam Plumbing Pipe Cover + Masking Tape
(aka: a super cheap wreath)


The nitty gritty wrapping process


1 hour later


Felt colors: White, Plum, & Grey


Here’s one of my buds with a button


Buttons, anyone?


My felt flowers


The final product
Here it is next to the front door


A nice little closeup shot

(the wreath looks caddywampus and thinner on the botton,
but that’s just my great photography skills. It’s the same width all the way around)


I still have to find my wreath hook so I can hopefully hang it on the door. I’m also going to use the [.98 cent] letter “R” I got from Hobby Lobby and hang it in the middle. Gotta appreciate fun DIY projects you find online.

Speaking of, on Monday my friend Whitney and her daughter Bella came over for a little while. One of the first things Whitney asked me was if I’d heard of the website Pinterest. It totally cracked me up because that is where we got this DIY Wreath idea. It was the only reason I was able to show Whitney how to make rosettes for her hair, since I had JUST finished doing some myself. Gotta love the interwebs and all it’s tutorial goodness :)

Anybody else working on some fun projects?! Fall is around the corner and I can hardly wait. Oh cooler weather, please grace us with your presence sooner than later. I’m ready for some bonfires and pumpkin spice doughnuts.





To start I have a confession to make… My name is Cassie and I never accessorize. Let me be a little more detailed for you:
[If] I wear earrings they are almost always simple silver studs.
Necklaces are worn, but pretty much only at weddings or when I’m feeling sassy.
I wear my wedding band, but not always my engagement ring (it only takes scratching your baby once to learn that lesson).
Can I count a hair tie as a bracelet?!? If so I am a wrist-accessorizing pro!

On Saturday I got together with my friend Nicole for a craft day (that project will be coming soon). While playing around with some felt she taught me how to make a flower. I feel like a pro right now with my new found cutting-circles-and-making-a-pretty-flower skillz. After I got home I decided to try making more flowers, but this time out of cotton. I grabbed some old t-shirts that I never wear and cut some strips out of them. Shortly after that the hot glue gun killed over and I continued on with super glue. Ya gotta work with what ya got, people.

Here is what I ended up with…

aqua shirt and an old white t-shirt


And some more pretties


oh the difference a phone and regular camera make…
(this one is from my camera, believe it or not)


On Sunday I grabbed a bobbie pin and used a sweet white flower to pull my bangs back.


These 3 are because I just can’t help myself. She is such a hoot :)

I didn’t know my nose crinkled. Interesting…

I love the POP the flower adds :)

She loves to copy our mouth actions!


Nothing like a successful project weekend. I’m actually pretty proud of myself for finally doing a project that I found on pinterest.com

There ya have it friends. This could be the start to a whole new method of hair styling. Barrettes are a form of accessorizing, right?! If not, I give up.