A Day in the Life

At this time, just twenty four hours ago , I was awoken by a phone call. It was Brian, my on-call clients husband, and when I answered he boldly proclaimed “We are back at the hospital, she’s 8cm!” I’ve never woken, dressed, and left so quick in my life. Thankfully the roads were clear, given it was 11:30 on a Wednesday night.
It was go time and I was committing a woman-sin and praying moms labor would slow and I’d make it before babies arrival. I turned the radio onto K-love, calming my mind and praying for this exciting occasion.
I arrived, grabbed my gear to run inside, skipped the elevator for the stairs and slowed only to be buzzed in and collect my breath at the labor room door.

Mom was ready. Baby was ready. I thanked Jesus that I got there in the nick of time. Soon after, the grandma-to-be arrived and then the midwife. Not 20 minutes later a beautiful new baby boy was in his momma’s arms.

I stayed and grabbed the pictures I needed. Helped mom with some breastfeeding tips and shortly after hugged them goodbye.

Walking out to my car is always a surreal feeling. I once again witnessed new life enter into our world. I could not be more thankful and overjoyed for this mission and profession The Lord put on my heart.

I’ve also been really spoiled with moms having super fast labors and deliveries. The last three births I’ve been to I’ve been at the hospital less than 4 hours a piece. Of course now that I said it out loud my next 3 moms will probably give me a new longevity record.

I know I will sleep soundly tonight. Going from a full day of being mommy to being a photographer that night and back home in time to be mommy again. It’s a crazy new wonderful schedule.

Thank you to everyone that encouraged, motivated, pushed and prayed for this job I have. It’s been a whirlwind of a year and it looks like it’s only gonna get crazier and busier.

To end the evening, a cute baby photo or two to seal the deal.


(Someone haaaaad to hold him, so
I happy volunteered).


An Exciting Site Update: Photography

I’m excited to share a new addition to theringls.com with you. Lookie here, we’ve got a new page…

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 10

I’m excited to show you this new tab that’s joining our little website. If you click on over I explain everything about it, and if you feel comfortable please feel free to pass the information on to anyone that may be interested.

This is all a little new, putting myself out there, but that’s what we do when we are passionate about something.

Thanks for clicking around, and if you have any questions just leave them below, shoot me an email, or send them to my Photography website, NewLightBirthPhotography or the Facebook page .

A New Life Captured

Last Christmas Stephen got me a new camera. I was extremely surprised and therefore determined to learn how to effectively use this gift. During my self-teachings I fell in love with something very specific: birth photography.

It’s been over a month since my newest niece was born and I thought it was a good time to share some pictures from the event.

I can not express how beyond honored I was (and still am) that my sister allowed me to capture Addisons arrival. To be able to document that day in a way that they can always remember. To have a way to see and recall all the tiny details. It was such a beautiful experience that I will always cherish.

I hope you enjoy them.




Jeff did an amazing job being there to support and encourage Miriah through their delivery. She did an incredible job and was able to have a natural delivery, like she wanted.

It was an amazing experience and I hope to one day get to do it again.