The Girls Room: Step 1

When looking over saved posts I found this little doozie that I thought I had posted months ago. I know it was months ago because my sister and I completed this project before she started back at work in August. Oh how time has flown!

Since we are having another girl we have decided to switch them into the bigger spare room and make Sarah’s bedroom into a play/craft room. We stuck with the tan walls and are adding some personal touches to spruce it up a bit. Before we move any furniture in we needed to decorate a bit and a wall accent was step 1. Here it is.



Ri and I had a few ideas we found online and free-handed it from there.


We drew it on with a pencil and then painted it in with some leftover primer I had on hand. After all, a free project is my favorite kind :)


That’s the view from the far wall. The tree is on the left and front when you come into the room.


I FINALLY bought some curtains this week, so hopefully we can move the bed in there and get Sarah used to the new space so she’s plenty comfortable before Elanor gets here.


Hope you like it. I’ll be sure to show you how it looks with the curtains up and the furniture in place. If we’re lucky I’ll get that done in the next few days… (cross your fingers!)



Fall in the Air

With the weather finally cooling off Sarah and I have been taking advantage of some time outdoors.


We have a pretty large yard, so Sarah has lots of room to run around without getting into the road.


Our sweet little acorn collector :)








We had our baby shower for Elanor on Saturday. It was wonderful being with so many friends and family that have loved and cared for us, and now our sweet little girls. We love our girls so much and I know Sarah is going to be a wonderful big sister!

I will post some pictures from the shower as soon as I get them :)



Phone Photo Update

First Art project with Mommy :)


A (cooperative) visit to Chilis


Outdoor Exploration


Bubble Fun


Getting to see Uncle Matt!

Cousin Graycie!


My 1st Sick Appointment
(she caught pink eye but we didn’t know for a week bc she wasn’t upset at all)


Cereal on the couch


Giving mommy kisses


Backyard hide-n-seek


Beach trip
She found a shaded spot to hang out :)


Lovin on Aunt Ri at the beach


Pool Fun


More beach fun


Just a few things we’ve been up to :)


13 Months

Well, the first birthday came and went and our precious baby is acting more and more like a little girl. It’s crazy how fast the first year went by, and now we are almost to month 14. That being said, this post is a few weeks overdue with what all Sarah has learned in the past month or so. Let’s get to it, shall we…



Sarah has learned how to get off our bed, the couch, chairs, and pretty much anything. She also learned to go down the step we have in our house near the hallway and when going into the kitchen. I can tell she feels more  independent not having to yell out for one of us to come help her down (and goodness knows I’m thankful she figured it out, the girl doesn’t stay still!)

Her hair is getting longer and that much closer to pony/pig tails. I can’t wait to dress her hair up to match her cute little clothes.

She has started to play with her dolls and stuffed animals. Today she tried to stuff one of her bears into a toy bus, and when she is watching Veggie Tales she almost always holds her Minnie Mouse in one arm and container of cheerios in the other.

Speaking of cheerios, Sarah’s appetite is off the charts! Girl does not stop eating. We probably go through a dozen bananas in a week, and she can eat an entire peeled orange, apple slices, kiwi, and avocado before she seems full. The only time she stops eating is when she’s asleep. While it keeps me busy, and our fridge empty, I’m thankful that she finally has such a big appetite. She was such a small eater for the first 10-11 months that I never thought she’d grow past her 3-6 month outfits. We are finally getting to work through some different clothes.

I know I’ve mentioned on several occasions how much our girl loves to go outside. It’s actually one of the words she recognizes when we say it. Well with her now walking all over the place she has grown extra bold. Just last week we went out on the front porch and she climbed down onto the walkway and the driveway, which she often does. However, on this day she decided to just take off into the yard and started running all over the place. The girl was having a blast! Sadly we have a big ant problem in the front yard and I had to run after her to make sure she didn’t get bit by any. We are now sticking to the backyard just to be sure her terrain is more closed-in and she doesn’t get anymore crazy ideas.


Not always, but usually when I ask, Sarah will hold my hand while she walks. It’s the most adorable and precious thing I’ve ever encountered. Her sweet tiny fingers grip one of two of my fingers and she moves those little legs like a pro. I love it. Seriously, can’t get enough. I’d hold her hand all day. Stephen and I both would if she’d let us!

Her kisses have finally gone from open-mouth to closed. Not always, but on most occasions. She is such a sweet little love bug. Her daddy gets more kisses than all the rest of us added together. She loves her daddy.

Oh, and she is finally saying dada!!! I was so excited when I heard her. She has been stuck on just mama for months, and I love hearing her ask or talk about dada, especially when she points to pictures of us. She’s also saying gaga a lot, like googoo gaga.

There are a few words she recognizes when we say them, and these are the ones I can think of: banana, outside, bath, nap, minnie, cheerios, water, nose, kiss, byebye, hello, mama, dada, walk, no, uh-uh, let me see (she hands us the item she’s holding when we say that), what/where is it? (she shrugs her shoulders up and puts her hand by her head in question-format), snack… and that’s all I can think of. She hasn’t said any of the words yet, but she’ll get there when she’s ready.


We have a major climber on our hands! She is a mischievous little girl and loves to get into anything she can. She knows how to use toys (or me) as a footstool to climb onto the couch, or into her toy box.

We are going through a weird stage where if Sarah is upset about something she will pinch you. It hurts like all get out, which has gotten me into the habit of trimming her nails more regularly. When she does it we tell her no and put her down so she can’t keep doing it. She’s gotten her hand popped a few times and she knows what that means because she stops pretty quickly. It’s weird seeing and feeling your child provoke discomfort because they aren’t happy. I don’t like it, but I know this is probably just the beginning so we’re preparing ourselves.

We are finally up to 6 teeth! Sarah cut 2 more on the top. It made for a few rough days, but thankfully they finally broke through. Teething is tough! We have also reached the teeth-brushing stage. Stephen helps her brush her teeth and when the foam starts to develop she slobber/spits out the paste.

We are officially pacifier free! She doesn’t even get it for naps or bedtime anymore. I am so thankful we were able to go ahead and get that done. I know it’ll only get harder the older she gets, so it was a blessing when Stephen’s mom put her down without it one night and we decided to go with it. It made for a few rough nights, and I almost gave in multiple times, but I’m glad we stuck with it!

One thing that’s for sure, the older she gets the more fun we are getting to have with her. She has learned to play chase and hide-n-seek. You obviously can’t hide anywhere tough, but Stephen is good at going around corners or in the next room and she goes to look for him and then runs away when he pops out and says boo. She runs at me, “safe base”, with the biggest grin on her face and the sweetest giggles.

There ya have it, the newest things Sarah has learned during her 13th month of life. Before you know it she’s gonna be getting her permit and going to prom! That seriously is how fast time seems to be going!




The last week of March our good friends Sara, Jordan, and their little man Jairus stayed with us at Casa de Ringl. I can not tell you how fun it was to have them in our home for a week. They are going to be spending a lot of time traveling the US to raise support for their move to Uruguay next Spring to be missionaries, so we’re trying to get as much hang time as we can :)

I’m pretty sure Sarah loved having them over even more than I did! She had SO much fun playing with Jairus and stealing each others sippy cups. The week after they left Sarah searched the house for days looking for them. She would knock on all the closed doors so I had to keep them open so she could see the rooms were empty. Poor girl misses her buddy.

Here they are hanging in the kitchen…


Playing in the living room


helping us unload the dishwasher


and then emptying the drawers afterwards


I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since Sara had Jairus! The kids are exactly 2 months apart, March 6 (Sarah) and May 6th (Jairus). It was a blast being pregnant together and now we are raising our kiddos. Wow, we’re adults! haha

Here we are 11 months ago…


and 2 weeks ago…


Wow, those two have grown, and I need to get some under eye concealer. Babies can give you bags under your eyes… just a forewarning to all your lovely ladies out there ;)

The Bush family are now busy traveling north, west, east, and then south again sometime later this summer. All I know is I can’t wait to hug their necks again and squeeze on baby J. He is such a love bug and our little Sarah misses him like crazy.

It had been a long time since we’d had houseguest, so it gave me a reason to clean our guest room. I suppose I should have thanked them for staying with us and forcing me to clean, haha.

Having friends over is fun. I totally recommend you try it out. Let me know how it goes ;)