How It All Went Down

We had our BIG sonogram appointment on Wednesday and got to visit our little baby for a good 20 minute show! I was so excited the night before that I didn’t get to sleep until probably 2 am.

I really loved walking into the room knowing we would soon find out if we were having a boy or girl. When the tech put that cold jelly on my stomach and the image popped up on the screen it was like a private movie showing just for Stephen, me, and our baby. It’s been 4 weeks since our last appointment, and the tech had to go from one side of my tummy to the other to get all the different body parts in view. Our little munchkin is growing so fast!

Before starting she asked us if we wanted to know the gender, we both excitedly answered yes! We’d questioned if we wanted to wait, or have the tech write it down and us find out privately or with family, but I really loved being in that dark room, with each other & our baby, finding out the moment the tech saw.

Watching the tech move all around the body and then the big moment where she pointed out “you see that, you’re having a girl!” It was such a special moment. Seeing Stephen smile as big as he did. Laugh-Smiling because I felt so blessed to have this gift that I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. I’ll never forget how I felt at that moment and the amount of love I instantly felt for our little girl.

I love how it looks like light is shining down on her !

The best part had to be seeing the baby “4-D”, watching her squirm around and arms moving all about. At one point I thought she may be sucking her thumb and Stephen pointed out she was probably just picking her nose, silly man.



I love how it looks like she’s sleeping on a pillow with her hand holding it down. I can already tell I’m going to love watching her sleep.

Our precious girls first footprint

I don’t think I can express just how much I love that tiny little foot and those even tinier toes. I can’t wait to count them!

Our appointment was over a day  ago and we are still floating in the clouds. The ultrasound tech took all of Sarahs measurements and she is in great health. She weighs 10 ounces right now, so she’s working her way up to that first pound. Hearing a good report was a huge answer to prayer. I could not be more thankful for this experience and the amount of joy we are feeling. Stay tuned and I’ll be updating you with the story behind the name. Sarah Elizabeth Ringl, we love you sweet child.

Step 1 of a Nursery

To begin the exciting adventure of turning our junk room, I mean guest room, into the nursery, I decided to tackle the first task: Empty everything out!  While this should have been an easy task, since the room was our designated guest room, it wasn’t so simple. Somehow over the past 8-9 months Stephen and I had this unspoken mutual agreement that we could put anything we weren’t using into the “guest room” because we keep the door & vent closed when it’s not hosting friends or family. The last time we had visitors was in May, and we had built up quite a collection of junk in a few short months. Yesterday, with my mom’s help, we tackled the first step and got this room cleared out.

After a few solid trips of filling the car with stuff I decided we should just donate to my parent’s church, the room was looking good. While we aren’t going to start decorating until we know if we’re having a boy or girl, it’s nice to know that the room is ready and waiting for a great paint job and some furniture additions.

Sadly I forgot to take a before picture. If you really wanted to get an idea of the “before” I could show you a picture of what the office looks like now. However, I won’t blow your mind with that current tragedy, especially since the “office” is now being converted into the guest room! We have so many exciting projects that I can now tackle since I’m at home and not gone from 7-6 most days!

Now, so you can have a visual of what the beginning stage looks like, here is the nursery as of October 1st !



My mom made this sweet little setup by arranging all the items we’ve received and putting them out for display. With the help of friends and family we are slowly building a fun collection for baby Ringl :)


16 Weeks: What I’ve Learned

Here we are at 16 weeks

  1. I did not appreciate my small waist while I had it. I will never under-appreciate it again.
  2. I miss sleeping on my stomach. I now need a body pillow to fall asleep.
  3. After eating I lay still to try and feel the baby move. I haven’t felt anything yet and I can’t wait until I feel that first ‘flutter’.
  4. I had around 2 weeks of 2nd trimester bliss between weeks 13-15, but my body has decided I should now experience  a bit of  evening sickness.
  5. I am slowly watching my belly button become less of an innie. As you would imagine, that is really strange to watch happen.
  6. While I have been lactose-intolerant for most my life my body is suddenly loving dairy. Not only am I craving mac-n-cheese, grilled cheese, and Colby Jack cheese slices everyday, but my body is allowing me to enjoy dairy and keep it down. Oh, and I can’t leave out that I’m drinking and enjoying chocolate milk for the first time in my life!
  7. I have an “excuse” for having chocolate milk and ice cream. My doctor told me I needed to consume more calcium, so I’m simply following her orders.
  8. All my clothes have shrunk.
  9. During my weigh-in at our 16 week appointment I saw the results of the ice cream and chocolate milk. I’ve officially gained 12 pounds and am at the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life.
  10. 12 pounds = time to get some new clothes!  With my “this is temporary weight, it’s only going to keep going up” attitude, I finally gave in and went to Goodwill today. I successfully scored 3 pairs of shorts, 1 skirt, 1 great stretchy black dress, and a cute pair of boots, all for about $20!!
  11. Acne goes a little crazy during pregnancy. My skin was not my friend for the first 12 weeks. Thankfully, my 2nd trimester has been face-friendly.
  12. Perhaps next time I’ll shower before my ‘weekly stomach’ snapshot and the photo can be in color so I’m not hiding my post-workout blotchiness.
  13. For myself, “working-out” during pregnancy means getting house chores completed and not sitting on my tired bum all morning.
  14. I tried on all my swimsuits this week to go to a pool with some friends and that was a humbling experience. Thankfully the friends I was with have little babies and they told me how much they loved my baby bump and it made them miss theirs. Their simple comments made me 100% more comfortable.
  15. My entire life I have taken for granted the simpleness of sleeping through the night. I now have to get up at 1 am, 3 am, and 6 am because I have to pee.


Life is moving along

I thought I would share our recent ultrasound picture with you. I figure since we were so psyched and happy to see how much Baby Ringl had grown, maybe you’d like to see too  :)   Enjoy!


Baby Ringl @ 15 1/2 weeks

I love how the baby is now so big that he/she can’t fit on the screen all at once. You can now see so many details, like the eyes, nose, spine and the knees of the legs! That little white spot above the belly is an arm, which was moving all over the screen. We have a wiggler on our hands! Our next appointment is on Oct 20th and we get to find out if we’re having a boy or a girl. I can’t wait. I’m wondering if I want the doctor to tell us, or maybe she can write it down and us open it up to find out by ourselves. Who knows, I flip flop all the time :)

I want you to know that there will be updates other than posts about the baby. I am finally getting my brain juices flowing on house projects that I, I mean we, want to get done. Some things to come will be: office and guest room changes, the master bedroom, perhaps some color on our walls, and some other random things that I’m sure Stephen will looooove.

I was able to meet my friend Whitney and her sweet baby girl Bella at Target today. She has been such a huge help in our pregnancy, always open to help with my crazy questions and concerns. She is a stay at home mom and I am really looking forward to seeing her more and having future play dates when baby Ringl gets here!

Tomorrow is Friday, which means only 1 day until the weekend! My little brother Jason and sister Kelley are coming in town and I’m excited to see them!


We have an appointment to visit Baby Ringl today. I’ve been marking down the days on the calendar with anticipation, it’s been 1 month since the last visit. I have physically felt around 95% better the past week compared to the previous 8 weeks. Apparently the 2nd trimester “boost” is all truth!!  It has been so nice having some energy back in my life, and as you can probably tell from the amount of posts last week-this week, the computer screen isn’t making me sick anymore! However, it seems that no matter how confident I am that everything is okay this time around, my nerves are still going crazy and have had me awake since 5 this morning (our appointment isn’t til 9).

Things at the home front haven’t changed too much. We are slowly emptying the soon-to-be nursery (somehow it turned into the “throw junk in here and shut the door so no one see’s it” room). Another thing that is changing is my clothes size… It seems my shorts, jeans, and most skirts are rebelling against my growing stomach. So if you see me out and about and notice I’m wearing the same skirt, or 1 pair of shorts every time you see me, don’t judge, I’m not so lazy that I can’t pick out a new pair of shorts, it’s just that only 2 pair still fit and I’m rebelling against buying new things right now since I’m sure I have a good extra 20-30 pounds to go. Stephen is enjoying that I have started wearing dresses more often :)   There isn’t much that’s more comfortable in this 95+ heat than a soft cotton dress!

Last week mom and I went to a local “moms-to-moms” sale at the fairgrounds. It was like a HUGE baby garage sale, but indoors and there must have been 1000’s of clothes, toys and everything else you could imagine that a new mom would need. Walking inside and seeing all the items, from strollers and cribs to clothes, diapers, toys and the tiny essentials, was totally overwhelming. I have never felt so out of place. It was as though my entire brain was consumed with the big question: “What do babys actually need?”  I was clueless. We did score some good deals on a few maternity shirts for me. Plus, it was nice while we were browsing when experienced mom’s gave me some pointers on items. We got a really nice baby carrier that a few moms told me her husbands loved, and it was a whopping $5 and still in the box. I looked it up when we got home (to check the safety) and it had great reviews and retails for around $60, so I think it was a good purchase. Overall it was a fun experience, they have it twice a year, in September and March, and I’m sure I’ll be returning in the future (but with a list next time!)

Well it’s time for me to grab some breakfast. Pray for our appointment today and that all goes well. I’ll go ahead and end this with a recent picture my mom snagged.

My “Can you really tell I’m pregnant?” look

My body is no longer my own

One of the things that has surprised me the most in the last 8 weeks is just how little I understand about my body. This baby has taken over my mind, body, and strength (or lack thereof). I am certainly not complaining, I couldn’t be more overjoyed for a 3-inch little human to be controlling every little piece of me! It is just really strange to experience the parts of pregnancy that people don’t normally talk about. You always hear about “the glow” and “the cravings”, but not so much about the heartburn, the headaches, the super sensitive senses (aka: my nose/the “super sniffer” as Stephen calls it), and then of course peeing 3 times during the night. It has been one crazy roller coaster so far and I am so happy that I have more to look forward to with what is still to come.

I figured it was time to share a few photos with you. I hope you enjoy them :)

This is from the first ultrasound:

Baby Ringl at 7 1/2 weeks:

And then at 10 weeks:

At our 12 week appointment we heard the heartbeat. It was amazing. We were also pleased to get the news that I could go off the progesterone medication I was on, called Prometrium, because the baby was now at the stage where the placenta was handling all the hormone development. Since going off it there has been a decrease in my nausea and increase in normal sleeping habits. Our next appointment is on the 22nd and I can’t wait to see how baby Ringl has grown!

My mom has been talking on and on about taking belly pictures. We didn’t get any pictures in the beginning, I think we were trying to be cautious of getting excited in case something went wrong, so here is what we do have.

Here we are at 10 weeks:

and then at 13 1/2 weeks while at the lake house for Labor Day:

I guess you could say I officially have a little “baby bump”
(mind you, this is after a belly full of ribs and corn-on-the-cob)

That looks like A LOT of growth, but notice that they are at different angles and one is zoomed closer than the other. I promise I’m not eating enough for a family of 5!

I will try to be better about taking belly-pictures so I can easily look back on how my body looked pre-baby in the future.

I will say that I am VERY much looking forward to the approach of Fall and cooler weather! I am ready for some pumpkin carving, leaves falling, and sweater wearing! That, and opening the windows to let the breeze in and turn the AC off for a while. Gulf Power is LOVING my hot flashes and how much they get to benefit from them!