Project 365 | Catchup

With a handful of births the past 2 months and then closing on our house and buying a new one things have been a little crazy around here. Oh… have I mentioned we moved?! Well if not now I have ;)   We are in the same town just a lot closer to the interstate, which is great for both our jobs, and also just down the road from our church. Oh, and right next door to my sister. Yes, I’m totally serious. It’s been amazing and such a cool experience to look back and see how the Lord orchestrated it all.

Well, here are a lot of the photos I got during the crazy past 4 weeks. Enjoy!

Day 73

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Day 74 (1/3)

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Day 74 (2/3)

Project365 (74 of 1)-3

Day 74 (3/3)

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Day 76

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Day 80 (1/2)

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Day 80 (2/2)

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Day 83

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Day 85

Moving day. It poured the entire day, just like it did when we moved into our first home, and on our wedding day. For our family rain seems to show happy beginnings.

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Day 87 (1/2)

Day 1 in the new house. That’s the door to the backyard behind Stephen and the girls.

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Day 87 (2/2)

First day in the new house and the couch is still in the garage. Stephen watched the movie she got for her birthday from Uncle Matt, Aunt Helena and Graycie. They cuddled up close on the girls ‘couch’ to watch :)

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That’s all for this update :)

Day 92 | 365

Project 36592Project 36592-2

The last week and half has been kinda nuts. Elanor found this old hat of mine and has loved wearing it around. She also found her halloween cauldron and has been using it as a purse of sorts, filling it up with random toys each day. Whatever makes her smile :)

Ya, Sarah is nude, it happens, a lot. 4 year olds and clothes just don’t seem to go together.

Day 73 | 365 Project

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On Saturday we had a Night of Worship at church. This is part of our praise band. Stephen is our music leader and this group (and a few others that couldn’t be there) is full of wonderful people that serve alongside one another, using some of their amazing talents, week by week, to help lead us in worship each Sunday. The gal on the far left, Eli, is our bass/keyboard/piano player and it was her birthday. After worshiping together her mom surprised her with a cake. It was a great night with people we love.

I had the girls there with me and they did really well. Elanor had her first blowpop that she got a birthday party earlier in the day and she ate the whole thing, gum included.

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Day 72 | 365 Project

Project365 (72)

This was the night of Friday the 13th. Stephen was stuck in traffic coming home from work so I was getting the girls fed and in bed before he arrived. We were out of bread and I had been out all day so there was no dinner to speak of. I asked them what they wanted and Elanor requested peanut butter in a bowl and some oranges and Sarah asked for Spaghetti noodles, with chicken and cheese. I happily obliged. The rolled up paper was Elanors contribution.

Day 67 | 365 Project

Project365 (67 of 1)-2Project365 (67 of 1)

This is a pretty typical view in our house. Naked kids, and girls being Elsa, capes and all. Elanor is a big fan of singing ‘Let it Go’. She does it to the movie, to just the song, in the car, playing in the yard, laying in bed, it’s her current favorite. I’m lucky enough that the Frozen craze doesn’t bother me. The movie isn’t on constant repeat in our house, we don’t even see it once a week, so it’s rarity makes it that much more special to Elanor. Plus, seeing her act out that song is one of my favorite things. We were lucky enough to have them lose their princess crowns so that they aren’t thrown across the room when Elsa ditches her crown during the song.

Day 66 | 365 Project

sarah's party (3 of 3)

We have had a beautiful addition to local family. Stephen’s grandparents were relocated from Arizona to Florida last fall and my in-laws have been caring for them in their home. My mother in law is rather amazing. You know how you hope beyond all hopes that when you meet the man you want to marry that you will like his family? Well I won the in-law jackpot with my husband. His family is amazing.

My mother-in-law not only works from home, but she also watches our twin nephews a few days a week and cares for her mother and father in law as their caretaker. My father-in-law knows he won the mother load with a woman that has a heart bigger than this world, and I know I won as well with a woman that loves me like I am her own. This is G-Ma, as our little ones call her. I’ve never seen her smile as much as she did while watching all our kiddos running around being chased by her youngest child, their grandpa.I hope watching her son play and laugh with her great grandchildren brought her as much joy as it did me.

4 Years and a Girly Celebration

Today we celebrated Sarah’s 4th Birthday. To commemorate the event we had a small get together at our house with a few of her sweet friends. We had 4 of her closest little girl friends over for a craft and playtime. What was going to be an outside painting activity turned into homemade cloud dough inside because the weather flip flopped on us and turned really cold yesterday.

It was sweet and simple. We had goldfish, apple slices and oranges and one of her friends brought some cupcakes and a birthday banner that they made for her. We did snacks, craft and had a short stint outside while we pushed them on the swings. The girls did so wonderfully together. The idea was pretty last minute and I was thrilled to hear both families were available when I asked them earlier this week. 6 little girls, 3 moms and an almost 3-month old boy who smiled and napped almost the entire visit :)   It was such a nice way to celebrate our little girl turning one year older.

Here are some photos I took during the morning. I even got a group shot at the end which I’m so glad for because it is real and a beautiful memory for me as Sarah’s mom. Trying to get 6 toddlers and a baby to cooperate for a photo is always an ambitious goal and I love how it shows how crazy that can be :)


sarahs4 (3 of 1)

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sarahs4 (9 of 1)sarahs4 (4 of 1)

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Day 64 | 365 Project

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It was too hard to choose 1 out of these 3.

Today is the last day Sarah is 3. Tomorrow she will be 4. While I am excited for her to celebrate another birthday I go back and forth with accepting the fact that she will be a girl. Gone are the days of Sarah the toddler. I get to always hold those memories and that time in my mind, I know that these times are for me to remember, while she is constantly looking forward to what’s ahead. When I told her she isn’t allowed to be 4, she has to stay 3, she responded with “No Mommy, I have to grow up so I can go to school.” I told her Elanor and I would miss her too much and she could just stay home with us and she told me “Oh mommy, you’re so silly.”
I have never loved a time of age more than having both a toddler and a little girl. Sitting around the house today has been for me. A slow day because I want to remember this time. The photo of her above, and the other ones, are because she came into the room and grabbed my camera and said “Can you take a picture of me, momma. Of me making a funny face!?”

So here it is, the silly face photo of my first born, the very last day that she was 3.

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