All Fueled Up

A couple of weekends ago I spent a few nights at my parents house while my brother was in town.

Our church had it’s youth Disciple Now that same weekend, and our house was hosting the boys, so the girls and I checked out for a few days and left Stephen to fend the fort.

We arrived Friday morning and stayed until Sunday evening. I made Sarah a pallet on the floor in our room and Elanor stayed in the pack-n-play with a blanket fort surrounding her (away with you, morning sun). One of the nights we had a crazy lightening storm so Sarah crawled into bed with me. She used to be a giant bed hog, but has turned into a sweet little cuddler, so I didn’t mind one bit.

We spent the days outside and the evenings dancing and chasing the girls around the house.

The older these kiddos get the harder it is to catch them on camera. They move fast, and really kept me on my toes.

One, going on 16


Watching the kids play out front


“Higher, Mommy. Higher!”



Outside snacks with my little love


Look at that gut!


While there I made a Saturday morning breakfast for all the girls.
It’s not weekend pancakes without sprinkles ;)


The Girls


Our Sweet Little Graycie


This girl!


Our Awesome Mom


Happy 32nd to my Big Brother :)


The girls were exhausted exhausting, and had a blast! My parents were gracious to take us in with such a full house. Full days, nice and quiet evenings, it was just my style.


Worm to Your Mother

With cooperative weather on my side, we spent some solid time outside this week. On Monday my mom was over and helped watch the girls so I could mow the backyard and get some other yard work done.

While we were outside Sarah decided to venture from the pool and came across one of her favorite outdoor dwellers.

Friends, meet one of our yards many dirt swimmers.

I love how daring toddlers are. No hesitation to get slimy and dirty fingers.

A classic Sarah face

Big Cheesin’

There ya have it. Another day at the Ringl house, outside edition.

I think Stephen is going to threaten to disown me soon with all my catchy post titles over the past few years. What can I say, I’m 29 years old and I’ve embraced my naturally corny nature. I think he’s gonna grow to accept it more and more because Sarah is growing into a mini-me more everyday.

Some April, May, June

This girl keeps getting CUTER! Seriously, look at her…

Sarah discovered her love for blocks.
We play pretty often. More like everyday. Actually it’s probably a few hours each day… ya, it’s a lot!

Sarah got attacked by fire ants.

Elanor went to her first graduation.

Sarah discovered edamame beans.

I celebrated Mothers Day with my 2 girls

We’ve been playing outside a lot

Which means we have had a few outdoor tantrums when it was time to go back inside
Silly 2 year olds…


Kids. They keep ya busy.

Girls Trip

My mom, sister, and I (with the 2 little ones) decided to take a road trip to go visit my brother and his family. They live about 6 hours away, on the east coast of Florida. We left Thursday morning and I was incredibly impressed by how wonderfully Sarah and Elanor traveled. 6 hours in the car sounds daunting with a toddler, but she did great, especially considering we were driving straight through a tropical storm!

I should pay more attention to the weather, I had no clue there was a storm in the gulf.

Upon arriving I got a tour of the new house my brother and his family built, and the girls have been playing non stop since we arrived.

Here’s a glimpse of our first 24hrs here…

the “Bounce”


Aunt Ri with my girls


A good nap during the drive to St. Augustine


Little girl loves to stick her tongue out


Baby PJ’s are so cute


She wanted to give me a hug at dinner
( I LOVE this sweet age )


Mom & E after our mexican dinner


At one of the pools in Matt & Helena’s neighborhood


We are having a great time. Sarah and Graycie are having a blast. It’s gonna be hard to leave on Sunday.

This is my current view as I lay in bed…


Our little rooming buddy.
Night, all!

Memorial Weekend: Monday Edition

We started off Memorial Day with a fun and exciting trip to the zoo. We had been once before when we went to Zoo Lights the night after Christmas, but had never gone during the day. During the drive Sarah kept saying “I’m gonna feed the andimals.” We were so excited to finally have a day full of Sarah being outside and having unlimited access to goats, chickens, birds, pigs and even peacocks with baby chicks running about. Do all zoo’s have a petting area? Probably do, this was just my second zoo visit in 29 years so I was surprised.


This is Sarah’s “Woooow” face. She made it A LOT!

She wanted to watch everyone else feed the animals

One proud girl with one proud dad

Sarah chased this goat all over the place. It was adorable.

Giraffes are crazy cool. Seeing them in person made me feel like I was in Jurassic Park for some reason.

Getting so big and brave

The weather was absolutely perfect!

We had a bit of fun at the kangaroo stop…

yep, this happened

then this

and then THIS

neither of them look too happy with the situation

On the train with our sweet 6 month old

Sarah sitting with Aunt Kelley

I love this last photo!

I’m sure the pictures help show just what a fabulous time we had. My sister and her hubby Jeff came. As well as my mom and sis-in-law Kelley. Sarah was pretty much in Auntee heaven. Kelley is a huge animal lover so she knew all sorts of cool information. She also helped give Sarah the needed patience and encouragement to feed several different animals. The train ride was really awesome. It was only $3 per person and given that Sarah LOVES trains, and us adults appreciated the shade and wind, it was a fantastic deal! Elanor was a great baby the entire time. She is big enough now that we were able to just put her in the stroller and swap out kids when Sarah wanted a break from walking.

After we left the zoo we headed to my parents house. Dad fired up the grill and made his famous bbq chicken while mom whipped up a bunch of tasty sides. It was a delicious feast. Sarah played in the backyard and Stephen Elanor and I got to take a catnap. I actually think that is the first time the 3 of us have napped together… it was great!

There ya have it, a breakdown of our Memorial Weekend. It was a much needed time of relaxation. Tomorrow is Friday and I know this weekend, although pretty busy, can’t get here fast enough! We need a vacation. Or a vacation from vacation. Ya, you guys know what I’m talking about.

Baskets, Bunnies & BBQ

This past weekend Sarah had her first egg hunt. An egg hunt that then led to several more egg hunts, and probably many more in the coming days and weeks. It only took the first egg on a mound of pine straw and she was hooked. The girl likes to hunt eggs. Eggs, and especially candy-filled ones. Now every time she finds an egg the first thing she does, other than grinning ear to ear, is shake it to see if there’s something inside. Clever little girl.

On Saturday us gals went to a neighborhood party. Mom, Sarah, E, Miriah and I had a great time enjoying the beautiful weather while we watched a load of kids follow their parents pointing fingers (ours included) to colorful eggs .

Miriah at 18 weeks along


Between birthdays, holidays, work schedules and church events life has been crazy busy and honestly pretty chaotic. Most weekends have been used for squeezing in family naps and trying to get laundry done.

I used the past 3 evenings cleaning my computer and finally made room for all the photos that have been waiting on my camera card.
Until I get those loaded I figured I would share a few recent pictures from my phone.









Here’s to a great April!



Some Phone Photos

Life has been pretty busy with a sick toddler and a cuddly 2 month old, so here’s a peek at what we’ve been up to lately…


Mothers Day Out



Sister Time



Eating Yogurt



Sweet Cuddly Naps



Fun with Sarah


Car Rides


Time with Nana



Coloring with Gampa






Backseat Fun



Styling with Sunglasses








Sandbox Fun


Picnic (napping)


Car Decor



Passing time @ the Doctor
(playing with the trash bin)



Playing with Angel



January Blooms



Getting Sweet Smiles



Going on Walks


Color Time w/ Mommy






Enjoying the Outdoors