For those of you who have been to our home, you probably have noticed, or possibly not noticed, that we are behind on the home decor/wall-art. Since we have only been married just over a year I feel that this is probably common, not having time to accumulate or decide on (agreed) wall decor yet. 
Now while we do have some wall occupying items; our diplomas, pictures of the wedding, a Harry Potter poster, and a very nice poster of Legolas from Lord of the Rings (I’ll let you guess who’s that was, lol), we don’t have anything on the artsy or classy side.
So, other than these ‘non-adultish’ items we are not really up and happening in the art scene.
This past Christmas season we were searching on one of our favorite webcomics,, to find a lovely piece to hang in our guest room/office. This piece was soo perfect that we were pretty sad to see it sold before we could even decide to purchase it: (click on pic to make larger)

So, while I was thinking our search for art was going to produce themed or cultured pieces, all it has done is made me realize just how alike Stephen and I think. We enjoy humor, we love to laugh, and we feel that art should incorporate those similar qualities.
So there ya have it, if you are ever thinking of getting us a piece of art for the pure purpose that you love us to pieces, now you know what we like … laughter and apparently cartoons!

technology 101

With this type of title for a post it would be normal that Stephen would be writing, however it is I, Cassie, the non-techy half of our marriage that is coming to you with information.

One thing I have noticed recently is just how impossible it is to stay on the top of the tehnology totem pole.  For Christmas I got Stephen a watch he wanted, more specifically this watch:






This watch is at the top of the list of things Stephen likes to show off, which makes me proud as the successful gift-giver. However, as of 2009 this new quirky technology (I use quirky to avoid saying nerdy) has become obsolete in a matter of two months.  Here is why:






While the watch I got Stephen was awesome with it’s 4GB USB Memory Storage hidden in the watchband, this new release has surpassed it with:
-8GB USB storage AND 
-a Mini video spy camera w/ built-in microphone

Yes, you read that correctly, a video camera w/ microphone hidden in a watch, available to anyone with the extra $99 to put towards a USB, Video Camera, AND Watch - all in one !!  You don’t have to be James Bond in a 007 flick to get your hands on this awesome spy-savy technology.  
Now while It saddens me that Stephen’s watch is now, so soon, not the coolest out there, I can’t help but think how cool it is that this thing is available to any and all to own.

Now while that info is pretty cool and you should be amazed that I know about it, this is much cooler:
we’re thinking about traning our fish ‘Fish’ … I mean we could probably sell tickets this is so cool

2009, so quick

To start I’ll say that this has been a very busy couple months, hence the delayed post.  I have, however, gone ahead and posted some pictures for viewing, so that should make up for it a wee bit :)

Stephen and I went on a weekend road trip recently, which was awesome.
Recently Stephen’s 2 best friends packed up and moved to Houston, so we decided to pack up and go take a visit before life got crazy again. On the trip we stopped off in New Orleans to visit our friends Matt and Elise, which was a blast!  We ate some delish Solomon-cooking and played some awesome fun mexican train dominoes. We are going to see them again in February and I can’t wait! Here’s a preview of some Ringl-Solomon time:  

  mexican train    

mexican train
  that was good coffee!    

that was good coffee!
  Ringls & Solomons    

Ringls & Solomons

So I’m sure you can see just how much fun we had and wish you could hang out with all of  us just from those previews :)  Give us a call, or shoot us an email, we’d love to hang!
Now for a brief show of  our trip to Houston. Well actually before I post those I’ll let you guys know that from Pensacola to Houston it is just over an 8-hour car ride. However, gas prices are decent right now so if you are thinking about taking a trip you should do it! So, Houston … I will start by letting you know that driving through Louisiana is loooong and oddly marshy, which I did not know before this trip. Houston, Houstin is Big. You know the phrase ‘Everything is bigger in Texas’? Well it proved itself true to me! The whole place is just enormous! We went to an IKEA store and it took us 2 hours to work our way out of there, apparently 25,000 people visit it each week – that one store alone! They did have some cool furniture, but I did make it a goal to never step foot in there again (online purchasing please). We ate some hearty tex-mex, which supplied some delicious fajitas for lunch AND dinner that night. Sunday we enjoyed some texas bbq, after all, that’s what texas is all about! We had a real good trip and a lot of fun driving through 4 states twice in less than 48 hours!  Here’s a preview of some JD/Shaw hangout time:


Welcome to Texas

Welcome to Texas


a texas breakfast

Breakfast in Texas


ringl, cas, shaw, jd

ringl, cas, shaw, jd


So now you are caught up, just briefly, on what has been going on with the ringls. There is a fun story, that I will let Stephen post about, mainly because he was a big part of the intricate details of an oh-so-fun surprise party. Hopefully that will be up soon!  I would like to note that our internet is off, so our posts will be coming from house-hopping and internet borrowing. I hope this post will sufice until Stephen can come on and add some fun add’ins of his own.
Drop us a comment, let us know if there’s anything we should be trying out: restauraunts, movies, books, music … we like to try new things!


360 days

Tonight as I was driving home from my parents I saw a house with chasing christmas lights and it made me think about how quick Christmas passes.  Just last week I was finishing up our last bit of wrapping and finalizing plans on whose house we were going to when, and now it’s all done and over. It always feels like a blink of an eye when the next week has rolled around and, as everyone always said, each year seems to go by quicker than ever. It’s crazy to see just how time flies … 

Alright, enough with the adult-look of how things have come to be, Christmas was totally awesome this year! It was my first Christmas with Stephen and I being married, waking up in our own place and all that. While It was crazy going from his parents to mine then back to his and back to mine again, it was still absolutely great!
We started the morning at our place, we broke my usual order and did the stocking first :)  We then swapped presents and had a grand fun time seeing what we hid from eachother over the past few months.  I love how much fun it is to see other people open presents, I really put a lot of thought into gifts, so seeing that they like what I choose is the best part! We went to my in-laws first and had the Ringl-famous Christmas breakfast casserole, followed by table-side laughter and gift swapping. A bit later we got to my parents and started the Wells 1-present-at-a-time Christmas tradition. Mom made her famous pigs-in-a-blanket and we had a ton of fun opening gifts in order from youngest to eldest. Matt and Helena were in St. Augustine and we were looking forward to hearing about Helena’s reaction when Matt surprised her with a christmas surprise, a puppy. My suspicions were right on target that she was ecstatic and very very pleased with his decision.
After a quick nap on the couch (a christmas tradition I am always in favor of) we ate some dinner, played 32-Races on MarioKart  with Mom and Dad Ringl, tested out Samba de Amigo with Jason, which was funny to watch, played our Traditional game of Christmas-Charades and then went back to our place where I soon after passed out in bed exhausted.

So there ya have it, our first married Christmas has come and gone, and I am counting down the next 360 days until the next one :)    I’m very fortunate to have a few days off this week. I actually caught up on laundry, gave the family dog Angel a bath, and soon enough updated our website for all of you! 
Below are a few ‘previews’ of our Christmas-Day fun … check out the pictures page for more 

time to bust out the Sega

time to bust out the Sega

! Samba de Amigo !

! Samba de Amigo !

Ahh, the Calendar

Ahh, the Calendar

a good year indeed

So the year of 2008 has been pretty awesome. Busy, yes. Exhausting, too many times to count. Worth it, without a doubt.  You may be asking yourself “Why was 2008 so awesome and busy Cassie?”  Well that is a great question, let me make a brief list of happenings/accomplishments from 2008 (thus far):

-Bro moved
-Stephen moved
-Got married
-Classes in the Spring
-Moved into our townhouse
-Job search
-papers, homework, tests, papers
-Became a substitute teacher (that was an experience)
-Classes in the summer
-Work, Work, School, Work
-Dad, Bro, Sis-in-law, Mom-R, Dad-R, Stephen, Mom Birthdays back to back
-School, more school, have I mentioned I don’t like school … ??
-Sister’s wedding/reception
-Attended 6 weddings for the year
-Got my mini from Stephen for Graduation (what I call my laptop)
-Thanksgiving trip to St. Augustine
-Term Papers Due Dec 2nd
-College Graduation
-Christmas Shopping, still in progress
-Rock Band (currently in progress)

so there you have it, the year of 2008 for Cassie Ringl, so far (sorry if I left something out).

So I bring this up for a few reasons, but one very main reason. Today I graduated with my Bachelors from college. A great and long-awaited accomplishment that I doubted would ever happen on many occasions. This morning we rushed to the Civic Center so I could wait in line with a lot of strangers to walk across the stage, receive a diploma book, shake some stranger’s hand and of course my favorite part of the day: hear my name pronounced incorrectly for the 738,000 time of my life. Yea, I don’t know why it’s so hard to tell the difference between Cassie and Casey, but for almost everyone in this world it is. So ya, Casey Ringl graduated today, congratulations to him/her!

I posted some pictures so take a look if you have a minute or two.  Enjoy! Oh, and happy shopping, only 11 days left til Christmas!!

27 Days

So today is saturday, november 29, which means there are 2 days until Dec 1 and 27 days until Dec 25th! For those of you who don’t know, Christmas is my absolute favorite day of the year :)  Not  only is it my favorite day, i love the christmas season as well. Now, what’s interesting and new about all of this is the fact that I am now married, which has changed my usual “christmas traditions” that I have gotten used to the [prior] 23 christmas’s of my life. My dad is the kinda guy that’s ready to pull out the Christmas movies, cd’s, lights and humming right around mid-October/early-November. Now Stephen on the other hand grew up differently than I did, Christmas wasn’t the center of exitment for him. So, with this new ‘life’ we are starting “our” Christmas traditions.

Tradition/(Rule #1 from Stephen) 
-Christmas paraphanelia does not come out until Dec 1 
  I feel I have done a great job at incorporating this new tradition in our home (which may change down the road…we will revote post-kids in a few years) ;)    The only Christmas item we have out is a Charlie Brown Christmas CD that Stephen himself purchased with an Amazon order to get free shipping. It’s definitely not trans-siberian orchestra, but I have enjoyed it the past few days.

Alright, now what is UBBER exciting for me right now is the fact that we are still at Matt and Helena’s so these rules do not apply at the moment.  Today we are going Christmas Tree shopping with them and after we get to decorate, eat chilli and watch ‘Fred Clause’. This is the day I have been waiting for since last years Christmas Tree purchase (okay, not literally, but I still looove it)!  Of course I can’t wait to get our own tree for our home, but being that we live in a townhouse w/ limited room our tree may be on the ‘smaller side’ this 1st Christmas. I feel I was lucky enough to talk Stephen out of a Christmas Tree-Poster to hang on the wall (of course I’m sure he was joking…I hope).

So 2 days from now I will be technically allowed (which means in the house, these rules of course don’t apply to when I’m in the car/at work) to pull out our Christmas movies, the 1 candle and schedule a tree-shopping day. We don’t really have that much that will change at the moment, but over the years I’ll get the decor to change that ::red and white to wrap on the stairs for giant ‘candy canes’, stockins for the fireplace, and my much desired nativty set (which stephen has begged we build out of lego’s – he’s one-of-a-kind).

Well alright folks, now you have it, my excitement for today typed out on the internet!  Pictures are being added from the trip as I empty my camera onto my lappy (which is another story I will share later!)  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and hopefully you have all your in-store Christmas shopping done becuase the craziness has officially begun!  

-Bye for now,
p.s. I need a signature ‘sign off’ phrase … If you have any clever, fun or awesome idea’s drop them my way through a comment, or even a telephone call  ;)


Well, we’re over in St. Augustine with Cassie’s older brother, Matt, and his wife Helena for this Thanksgiving weekend. It was a long-ish drive, so as soon as I got off of work we started the 6 hour trip, but it was absolutely worth it for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.

Matt and Jason got up early this morning to go to Walmart and returned around 7 o’clock with a brand new TV! So when Cassie and I got up, Jason and Matt had gone back to bed and we’ve hooked up the Wii and are now playing Mario Kart Wii on the 50″ screen.

Well l’m about to give up the laptop to Cassie (her laptop actually! but I’ll let her tell you all about that a little later), and Matt is up and about now so we’ll play some wii while waiting for Jason’s girl, Kelly, to get here.

Anyhow, hope everyone’s having a fantastic Thanksgiving!
If you check out the pictures page, you can see some of ours!


here we go

Well this is me, Cassie, the lovely and lucky wife of Stephen (aka Ringl). Funny story actually, I myself did not know that Stephen had another name other than “Ringl” until after we started dating … no joke! I never thought past Ringl because it was so unusual, and now I sit here today with that very last name.

Now, 3 1/2 years later, we are enjoying life as newlyweds, living in our own place and getting to know the nitty-gritty about one another. For instance, did you know Stephen Ringl likes to collect pieces of old computers, I had no idea, not until he told me I couldn’t get rid of all these boxes he has and we are currently storing. I myself am an anti-pack rat, If it isn’t being used than it should be given to someone who can use it, or dumped at goodwill. I meant honestly, who can use a 15 year-old laptop?  Only 1 person that I can think of … which is one of the many things I am learning to love ;-)

So let’s see, I have revealed a fun fact about our past and a new-found habit … I think that’s a good start for a Friday night.  Now, I will try to pay attention to our most recent acquired Netflix movie  ‘The Forbidden Kingdom’.  I’ll leave you to wonder “which of the 2 Ringl’s added this one to the queue?”    Have fun!