Out of the Mouth of Babes, and Moms

I was looking through old posts I started and never finished- this one was written 759 DAYS AGO, and then just sat in my drafts.

I am so glad I recorded these moments because, well, LOOK at Sarah! She was younger and smaller than what Elanor is now! She is still just as hilarious.

Here’s to the past, and how quickly time escapes us…


After picking Sarah up from Mothers Day Out and we discussed playing in the gym with sport balls.
Sarah: “I’m not a soccer ball. I’m a goofball.”

Mom: “Is that the broom?”
Sarah: “No, it’s the sweeper.”

Sarah: “Mommy, Whatcha eating?”
Mom: “Chicken soup. Do you want some?”
Sarah: “Sure… Mmm, that’s really yummy. You did a great job makin’ dinner.”

*Sarah helping me bake fresh bread*
“We don’t bake with our hands in our pants.”



[While in the bathtub Sarah likes to sit next to the drain]
Sarah: “Mommy, an alligator got my hiney.”
Mom: “Silly girl, alligators don’t live in drains.”



Mom: “Sarah, what’s your middle name?”
Sarah: “Smart”
(This happens almost every time I ask)

Mom: Sarah, what was that?
Sarah: “That wasn’t a toot.”
Mom: “It wasn’t?”
Sarah: “No, it was a monster!”

2 Thoughts on “Out of the Mouth of Babes, and Moms

  1. Matt on April 5, 2016 at 9:19 pm said:

    So you let this little gem sit on deck for literally over 2 years?! And all you had to do was hit ‘Submit’ or some such button? Shameless and unforgivable. Unlike the little blonde in the pictures dropping the wisdom, she’s shameless with awesomeness…

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