One Thought on “2 | 2016

  1. Well, I have two thoughts: 1) I love the pictures, and an update with just pictures (especially pictures of my awesome nieces) is better than no update at all… and B) You don’t have to type out a big long diatribe blog entry, but come on, how about your little 5-10 word picture synopses?! At least tell me 1) what Sarah is looking at, b) what Elanor is eating/drinking/coloring/painting/building/destroying/killing, 3) Why they’ve attached themselves to your legs like leeches, d) who the selfie is for, 5) Why Stephen (Ringl) has a gameface on for chess, with a board that has backwards alphabet, and f) where they are going with those bagpacks?!

    Just pictures is good… Pictures with a teeny tiny explanation is great… And you need a blog worthy of Tony the Tigers motto…

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