1 | 2016

Last night I was told by a sweet friend that lives far far away, across an ocean and 3 hours in the future (that’s how I like to imagine time zones), that updates without words or explanations or big life events are needed. “Just pictures will do. Even if they’re straight from your phone.” So I am going to start doing that, because I love her and when someone I care about asks to see pictures of our life I provide. 

To my Uruguay family.

        Christmas with the Wells: 2015   


4 Thoughts on “1 | 2016

  1. Again, I have 2 thoughts…

    1) this explains the PREVIOUS entry with just pictures that I chastised you for (although I stand by what I said, I still want teeny tiny photo explanations)


    b) I now realize, that for the first time that I can think of in recent history, when we were all together, I did NOT get a copy of the pictures that were taken… Heck, all I have from the whole trip is like 20-30 pictures that I got on my iphone… NONE of what you or mom or anyone else captured… And this is unacceptable… We all know I’m a photo klepto and keep detailed files on my computer with all the years of photos… Burn me a CD and mail that junk yo.

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