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I am a huge fan of crafts. Simple craft to be exact. Simple and as close to free as possible. I also want to teach the girls about using available resources. One such resource that I have been using and showing them since becoming a mom is nature. We have a giant sycamore tree in our backyard and have been taking advantage of it’s leaf bounty this fall.

Sarah loves painting, and watercolors do really cool things on leaves and bark. We now have them displayed in different spots around the house and I’m hoping to make a leaf garland banner to hang for November and until Thanksgiving arrives.

The girls faces light up when they see their art and crafts displayed around the house, and I love the warmth it brings into our home :)

One Thought on “286 | 365

  1. Holy geeeez… This is from the beginning of November?! Am I THAT far behind on your blog?! Wow… Didn’t realize it… No wonder you haven’t been posting much, you don’t have my wonderful comments and wits pushing you along!

    Nice idea with using regular everyday nature. I need to take a page from your book.

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